with Sonnyaa Siingh

Energy reading for 11th to 14th June, 2015

We have all experienced some intense energies in the past few days. This led me to ask the Angels about the energies we are currently experiencing and how to best deal with it. My question was more specific about the energies at play until this Sunday and how we can best deal with it.

We have the Hierophant, The High Priestess & oracle card ‘Protection’.


What is the Hierophant telling us all? Well, we definitely are seeking answers and advice during this time. You may seek out a mentor or a professional to guide you in the right direction. Some of you may be so fearful of taking a new path, that you will seek comfort in following tried and tested techniques. No wonder we received so many cards that were pointing us to take a leap of faith and move forward in a new direction. Worldly matters may concern you and you may be feeling out of touch with your inner life.


While you are busy looking for answers outside, it is interesting to see the High Priestess asking you to turn your focus inside. The key lies within. You already know what to do. You already have a strong intuition guiding you towards the right answers. Some of you may ask, how do we know what our intuition is saying? The most easy way to know this is to think of a choice that is presented to you. Take a moment to imagine how it feels to experience this choice in your present. Feel like you have already taken this step. Now notice your body’s response. Are you feel great? Are you feeling at peace? Are you comfortable? OR, are you feeling scared? Does it look too unreal? Is it creating a weird and uncomfortable sensation within you? Right there you have your answer. If it doesn’t feel right, then trust that feeling. Don’t do thing that don’t make you happy. Period.

In addition to the above, it is important to take note of your actions. I would say, contemplate on your choices. You may be missing important information at this point. Be careful who you trust. Taking your own time to decide what is right for you is definitely going to pay off. Be the observer. Avoid rash decisions and impulse-driven actions.


I love our oracle message! Protection. It is so important to shield ourselves from harsh energies, psychic attacks and negativity, especially if you are sensitive to energies. Some of you will instantly feel pain, sorrow, joy etc the moment you enter a room or an atmosphere. This simply indicates how sensitive you are towards picking up energy of your surroundings. You end up picking others energies, which drain you out. It is difficult to explain what happened all of sudden. Protection can come in several different ways and we all have access to it. The easiest and quickest way on the go is to call upon Archangel Michael. Trust me, it works. A simple request of asking for Michael’s protection from time to time will shield you against any negative energies. You can also meditate before the start of the day with the intention of bringing protection throughout the day or take several deep breaths anytime you are feeling weighed down, focusing on releasing all your stress and worries with each exhale and breathing in white, luminous light in every inhale. Try it now and see how great it feels to simply let go!

So, instead of looking for answers outside, trust yourself and look within. Shield yourself against any harmful energies and avoid negative people, situations and thoughts. Negativity feeds on your fears and weaknesses. It takes just one negative thought to suck you into an entire whirlpool of negative emotions. This short meditation below will help you protect against any negativity.

Love and Light, Namaste.

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