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September 2015 Taroscopes

Hello to all you wonderful folks who continue to pour your love and blessings in my life. I appreciate your support and kind words which keep me going. Here are your Taroscopes for the month of September. The intention I put across to God/Universe before I do these readings is to bring blessings and guidance to each of you through these guidance-based messages. This month, the messages are focused on three distinct parts – Blessing, Challenge and Advice along with an overall Angel message for each sign. I would love to hear your thoughts. These are generic in nature and often I get asked, is this a common message for all? Well, if you are being drawn to this message and if it resonates with you and your situation, then it very well is for you. The law of attraction will always bring you the right message at the right time. If you are interested in getting a more personalised one-on-one reading, please check out the services tab above for more information and e-mail me at [email protected] Stay positive and keep raising your vibrations so that the Universe can bring you its unlimited gifts which are rightfully yours.


Dear Aries,

Starting with your blessings, this month I see you achieving more stability in your life. If things have been shaky in the past, or if you have felt that security (financial, personal, or emotional) has been eluding you, then September brings a promising opportunity that will put you back on your throne. Even your relationships are likely to feel more grounded. Just don’t try to control each other too much. I see most of you in a responsible role, leading others. Being a leader also means having a lot on your plate and this is where your challenge kicks in. You may be way too busy handling work and other responsibilities. So much that this can wear you out. Delegate work and don’t take on tasks that you cannot handle or won’t be able to deliver. Some of you may also feel like you are hitting a dead end each time and there is just no end to your struggles. Don’t lose hope because I see you very close to the finish line. As advice, stay grounded and rely on facts. Don’t let emotion sway you into making decisions which you will regret later on. Your own ideas or those of an intelligent and mature individual will guide you. Cut through any confusion by using logic. Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help.

Your Angels recognise the busy energy of this month and are asking that you take frequent breaks and take care of your well-being. It is great that you are taking care of everyone else’s needs. But now it is time to pay attention to your own. Don’t feel guilty about making time for yourself. You need rest and rejuvenation in September which will allow you to manage your work better. Work hard, play harder.


Dear Taurus,

I see a self-sufficient and successful month ahead of you. It is time to look back on your achievements and savor your success. As blessing, I see an end to stagnation this month, as new, exciting and creative opportunities show up. You may be feeling too uninspired off-late to do anything. But this interesting offer will bring your mojo back. Singles, don’t judge a book by its cover. Be open to meeting new people. There are big movements and changes taking place in your life in September, but you may not be too comfortable with this shift. Don’t resist change as it is the only constant and instead of choosing to remain stuck wherever you are, go with the flow. Accept that some things are beyond your control and focus on enjoying these changes and not combating them. Tip: don’t get too reckless with your spendings and money. Focus on saving and only spend money where it is necessary. Gambling, impulsive shopping binge and investments are best avoided. As advice, your message is to be happy with what you have. Look back on how much you have accomplished and not what you lack. Be content and count your blessings. Pamper yourself and give a pat on your back for coming this far in life.

Archangel Uriel has showed up for you this month emphasising on the need to heal your emotions. You may be recovering from a past setback and Uriel is willing to assist you in letting go of any unforgiveness, hate, anger, or any form of toxic energy from your mind and heart. Be open to receiving this healing and believe that it is time to move on. You don’t need to carry these burdensome emotions anymore and you don’t have to do this alone either.


Dear Gemini,

You have a month of rest and recuperation in store for you. The one message that stands out for you is that you need to manage your personal energy properly. You get to take a break in September which will be beneficial for you. Now remember, if you have been over-exerting yourself lately, then it is time to make time for yourself. I also see that some of you may experience a minor illness which will be temporary in nature and will serve as a reminder for you to stop pushing yourself too hard. Stress levels need to be managed. You will also draw a wealth of insight from being an observer and thinking before you act. Take this break as a blessing to plan your future moves. Any movement further and success, in general, will be stalled briefly. You want to act, yet, circumstances may not allow you to. Don’t be disappointed. Whatever obstructions you encounter on your path this month is here to bring you more information and prepare you for something bigger in the coming days. As advice, enjoy each moment and go on a retreat, if you can. Get close to nature. Nurture yourself. You need time away from all the hustle and bustle, which will restore your energies and reinvigorate you so that you can give your 100% when you are back from this phase. Slow down a little and pamper yourself.

The Angels are so in tune with the message above and like Aries, you too are being asked to take a break and pay attention to your needs. Don’t worry or feel guilty about not doing your job and taking care of your responsibilities. Your Angels will be happy to help you manage your time and look after your priorities. For now, the focus is on you. Relax and love yourself more.


Dear Cancer,

September shows a change. A difficult period is coming to an end, closing any chapter that no longer serves any purpose in your life. This change could be difficult to go through, but I want you to think of the bigger picture and not lose sight. Remember, this is a blessing in disguise and from here on, I see a new dawn in your life. You can finally wave ‘good riddance to bad rubbish‘. Speaking of your challenge this month, you may have a tough time staying logical and viewing your situation objectively. It may also be hard for you to remain fair and balanced. Stick to the truth and don’t compromise. Defend your beliefs. I also want you to take extra caution when signing deals and going through the fine print. Read and re-read the terms and conditions to make sure you are aware of what you’re stepping into. Your advice this month is perfect because it is asking you to focus on moving forward from any unpleasant episode. Make new goals and boldly pursue them. It may not be obvious to you now, but you really have nothing to lose. As a matter of fact, these setbacks are preparing you for something better. When one door closes, another opens and it brings you a brighter road ahead with the promise of happier things. Don’t stay stuck on the past, just keep moving forward.

The Angels offer their comfort to you as you pass through changes and remind you that you can always bank on them to buoy your faith. Happiness awaits you! Don’t be caught into thinking that any roadblock you encounter is the end of the world. Better things are in store, so ask for guidance on your next steps and happily move forward, staying centered in faith.


Dear Leo,

September brings structure and stability in your life. As a lion, your thirst to lead will be fulfilled and you will find yourself in a responsible role, busy making decisions and creating strategies for others. Your business is likely to thrive and any financial worries will come to an end. Be careful not to abuse your power over others. Work life looks hectic, so make sure you also take frequent breaks to avoid a nervous breakdown. Your challenge may pose with placing trust in others. People may fail to live up to your expectations. Don’t be too trusting of others or any ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes are best avoided. It will help to think your actions through because haste will bring you losses. Remember, there is an air of deceptiveness around you. Think strategically. Your advice is to learn to let go of any disappointments. You can’t make everyone happy and it is okay if things don’t work out sometimes. The more you brood, the more time you lose. If you have recently witnessed the end of a relationship or association, make sure you have fully healed before jumping into the next. It will help to take time and recover.

The Angels send you peace and love. A tumultuous phase is ending. Your soul may be tired, craving for peace and quiet. Good for you, you don’t have to go looking for it anymore. Smoother roads are ahead of you and you can finally breathe and relax.


Dear Virgo

Happy Birthday! Your birthday month brings a major transformation into your life. You need to steer clear of negativity. An aspect of your life may abruptly come to an end, leading you towards a fresh start. Changes are painful but as a blessing, trust that this is for your own good. Don’t resist this change. Instead, go with it and it won’t seem like a challenge. Although September calls for celebrations and you may even throw a big birthday party, spend your money wisely. This is not the right time to get frivolous with your finances. Some of you may even end up feeling lost, not knowing which way to go. You may even question your purpose in life. I want you to remember that your answers will come to you in time. Be open towards accepting support from others. Allow time to heal your wounds. Any minor bumps you stumble upon in life at this time are only temporary obstacles and situations will improve with time. So don’t give up on hope. Lower your expectations from others and be willing to dive into the unfamiliar. There is a promise of conditions getting better very soon.

Consider this a wish-come-true month as you manifest your desires rapidly. You can’t be torn between making a choice, asking for one thing today and then changing it tomorrow. Clearly decide what you want to bring about in your life and then visualise it. Yes, your Angels are happy to help you manifest your goals, but first you need to be sure of what you truly want.


Dear Libra

You are laying the foundation of a successful future in September. Not only are you going to feel secure, but you will also find yourself in a position of authority. A promotion may come to you, your search for a better job might come to an end and/or your relationships will reach newer heights. Others may seek you out for advice because they love your balanced approach and unbiased opinions. But, this is where your challenge comes into play. Lack of patience and restlessness could rain on your parade. You need to take careful steps before coming to a conclusion and avoid any temptation to act impulsively. There may be situations where you will feel compelled to jump in without thinking twice. Watch out when this happens. Your symbol is the scale of balance and justice and September calls for the need to exercise this trademark quality. Strike a balance in your life and practice moderation. Be just because your fairness will be rewarded. No matter how hard it may be for you or others to handle the truth, stick to what you know is right. Sound judgement and rationality will get you through the day.

The Angels ask that you be patient and centered in faith because your desires are about to come to fruition. Don’t force anything to happen or be in a hurry to get the job done. Your relaxed energy acts like a magnet, drawing your desired outcome to you. But take it one step at a time.



Dear Scorpio,

You have an adventurous month ahead of you. I see travel, exciting news, and vivacious people entering your life. Things are moving quickly and you will notice a sudden burst of energy, waiting to be tapped into by you. September also opens new doors and opportunities for you. You may even meet someone passionate who will push you out of your comfort zone. But, your challenge lies in accepting this ticket to adventure and leaving your doubts behind. Something is stopping you from fully exploring new avenues. It may be fears or doubts in your own capabilities. You may even focus too much on the negative and will feel comfortable being depressed. Confusion may blind you and your emotions will pull you in different directions. Remember that this is a challenge and you will need to break out of this cycle and start taking things lightly. Go have fun! Your advice is to stay practical and grounded. You don’t have to rush into anything, but don’t wait for things to happen. Take it slow but make the decision to pursue new things. As you take your first step, you will notice how everything falls in place one by one. Time to leave your insecurities and doubts behind.

There are many who will benefit from your message of love and light. You will be called to be of service to others and will play an important role in offering guidance and shining the light on many darker paths. The Angels send you a message of love and bring you sweet reminders of how your mission in this world is benefitting others.


Dear Sagittarius

Lady luck is smiling at you in September. This is a positive month for you where you will taste fortune and fame. Life is moving in a new direction and you will learn new things. Any past delays or feeling of being stuck will also come to an end, as I see you leaving the old behind and embracing the new. Sometimes, a shift like this happens very quickly, and you may not have the time to breathe. Enjoy the changes, but also pay attention to your health. This is also because your challenge lies in balancing your energies well. Over-exertion and the energy of excess can leave you drained by the end of the day. Some of you may also undergo a minor illness and may spend time in bed, recuperating. Don’t burn too much energy and make sure you don’t push yourself beyond your limits. As advice, some of you may feel like you have received your calling. You will experience a moment of awakening. Don’t resist change. It may feel as though life is offering you a second chance at something. All your past blocks are lifted and now you have a brand new opportunity to do something. Grab this chance and don’t look back. Better things are in store.

The Angels are giving you a heads up that what you desire is within reach. You are at a crucial stage of manifestation. Be assured that your prayers are on the way to being answered. Don’t force anything to happen and be patient.


Dear Capricorn,

You will find yourself in a role this month that allows you to bask in the limelight. People are inspired by you and your ideas. And your ideas are ripe with the potential of success, so don’t doubt yourself. Some of you may also come across an individual who will sweep you off your feet with his/her charisma. This could be someone you will encounter in your personal or professional circle. Your challenge is ‘indecision’. You are quite unsure about what you want, which can impede any progress in your life. But, a choice has to be made. Don’t let confusion blind you. Clear guidance is available to you if you’re not afraid to look around and give others a chance. Even when it comes to work, don’t delay acting upon new ideas or embracing new opportunities. I also see that you are holding onto a lot of past hurt and failures which are making you sceptical about moving forward. Your message is guiding you to move on! The worst is already behind you. Instead of hanging onto a difficult situation, make a resolute decision to let go of what is already gone and get ready for your next exciting journey in life. September offers this chance to you.

The Angels are bringing you the message of much-needed peace and tranquillity. Like I was saying, the worst is behind you and the road ahead of you is smoother, filled with joyful experiences.


Dear Aquarius,

Like many other signs, this is a positive month for you too. Structure, stability and discipline will play an important role in helping you reach your goals. You may find yourself surrounded by responsibilities that require your 100% and being disciplined and focused on your goals will contribute to your success. You may end up hurting or disappointing a few because of your obligations, but don’t let this stagger you from your path. Think of the big picture and remind yourself that you are only doing your job. Prioritizing helps. Some of you Aquarians may be too intimidated to step out of your comfort zone. Your challenge is to overcome any insecurities and fears surrounding your possessions and loved ones. There is a change coming into your life, whether you like it or not, and your best bet is to let life take its course. Instead of worrying about how things will pan out in the future, do your work and let new beginnings make their way into your life.

The Angels are reminding you to bring love and light in all your work. You have a higher purpose, a mission on this earth and by being gentle and loving towards others, you bring blessings into both others and your own life.


Dear Pisces,

There is celebration and success in the air. I see happy times spent in the company of friends and loved ones. Your social calendar may be filled with important events and you are likely to end up adding more new friends into your kitty. Good times are rolling! Your challenge may present itself where rules are concerned. It may be difficult for you follow the routine and this may leave you feeling like a rebel. You want to break out of the norms and chart your own path. You no longer choose to follow the masses, because convention is boring you. Remember, when you choose to embrace something different, you may not always have the support or resources you need. Finances may pose an issue, so I advise you watch your bank balance and do not overspend, especially during the parties. Don’t be afraid if you find yourself losing your direction this month. There is help available. Just be open to accepting it. Tip: Pay special attention to your safety and avoid driving or traveling while intoxicated.

The Angels recognise that this is a month of indulgence and many social activities and bring you a reminder to focus on your wellbeing. You need to take good care of your physical body. Yoga, exercising and meditation will keep you balanced. You need peace of mind so take care to rejuvenate yourself from time to time.

Angel Blessings


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