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Daily Tarot Message for 1st September 2015

The starting of the month brings positive energy and amazing new ideas to us. You are brimming with enthusiasm and may also find yourself in a role, where you lead others. Believe in your vision. Others may look up to you for advice. The idea is to remember that you are on the right track and to follow your passion. Don’t worry about the details as of now.

You may also meet a visionary individual who knows how to take your business to new heights. Listen to this person and allow him/her to help you. Someone dashing may enter your life too. Be prepared to be swept off your feet.

Avoid being indecisive and reluctant to move forward. I sense that many of us will find ourselves in a confusing spot today, finding it hard to make a decision. You don’t know which direction to turn and may put off any decision making on the back burner. This is something you will need to work on today. Instead of postponing decisions and overlooking a problem, face it with courage and gather as much information as you need to tackle it. Your emotions could be leading you astray and so, it is important that you stay as logical as possible. Focus on embracing a new path and not being intimidated by change.

Angel Message

Ground yourself – Here’s why some of you may be feeling indecisive and spaced out. You need to ground yourself and stay connected to the present. A lot may be happening in your mind and you are likely to lose touch with reality. The Angels bring you an excellent solution to help stay more focused – Grounding. While grounding meditations are great, you can also introduce these simple ways in your everyday life to keep yourself grounded – Spend time in nature, walk with your bare feet touching the soil, engage in household chores such as cooking and cleaning, consume root vegetables such as potatoes, radish, carrots, onions, peanuts, etc or simply visualise a cord going down from the back of your spine all the way into the core of the earth, stabilising and connecting you to mother earth. It is good to  day-dream and float upwards, but we also have a mission here on earth. So pull yourself down gently and enjoy being in the here and now.

Angel Blessings

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