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Angel Tarot Message for the Day

The Magician + Health

Today’s guidance message is about using our skills and talents to concoct the recipe to success. It is about feeling empowered and trusting in our abilities to create what we want. In the past, you may have complained about not having all the necessary resources. However, right now, you have the necessary tools available with you in order to create what your mind has conceived. So, don’t procrastinate! Have confidence in yourself and take action! It is also a reminder to many of us that WE are in control of our destiny.

Associated with the intellectual sign of Mercury, your self-expression and knowledge may also play an important role today. You may be dealing directly with the media, address the public or a large gathering, or could even find yourself in the spotlight. Be sure to clear your throat chakra if you have been feeling blocked or less confident about your communication skills. Also, be sure to express your point of view clearly and precisely. How you convey a message could be the deciding factor behind an important situation. So, brush up your conversational skills.

The Angels have sent us the message of Health today, which is a reminder to pay attention to your well-being. This includes watching the food you eat, taking good care of your body through exercise and self-care treatments and possibly even going for a routine check up if one is overdue. Do not ignore any red flags associated with your health. Your body may have been sending you messages about addressing an important issue. Pay heed! For some of you, this message foretells recuperation from an illness. Remember the old adage – Health is Wealth!

Love, Light & Angel Blessings

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