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Angel Tarot Message for the Day

5 of Wands + Shanti

I smiled looking at these two cards because they blend in so beautifully in bringing us our message for today. It looks like the Angels and the Divine energies around us are helping us resolve any conflict in our lives, internally and externally. We may be fighting a battle within ourselves or with others in our immediate surroundings which needs a peaceful resolution. And so, Angel Shanti (your own team of guardian Angels, guides, masters and spiritual beings) is/are with you today, urging you to choose peace over strife. They wish to help you restore your inner harmony and with your permission, will help smooth out any differences and rough patches.

Angel Shanti from the Messages from your Angels oracle deck by Doreen Virtue

It is also important that we learn to work as a team and respect the differences that may come up today. You don’t have to agree with the other person if it’s not what you truly believe or want. However, choosing to drop a defensive and aggressive attitude and peacefully delivering your point of view will not only help you stay true to your beliefs but will also help you maintain your inner peace and uplift your energies, cutting away any discord and arguments. Those of you who are sensitive to energies already know how these situations can sap the energy out of you. Don’t forget to clear and shield yourself when dealing with a difficult person or situation while maintaining your compassion.

Many of you are undergoing a positive shift right now from a difficult phase and today’s message is assuring you of this smooth path ahead, reminding you to keep your thoughts positive, as you make this transition.

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

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