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Angel Tarot Message for 2nd March 2016

King of Wands & Fairness

It’s time for some adventure! The passionate, fiery and visionary King of wands is here to help you get in touch with your inner passion and leadership qualities, urging you to move forward with your plans. You need confidence, courage and a bold attitude today in order to get the job done. Our message in the past has been about taking charge of a situation and paying attention to our ideas. Today, we are being guided to follow what we strongly believe in and do what is right. Don’t play it safe. You may even work closely with or meet someone who is a visionary, adventurous and daring in nature.

Goddess Maat has appeared today with the message of fairness. This beautiful message is a reassurance to all of you who are engaged in the middle of a legal battle or a dispute that resolution is in sight and the outcome will be fair.

Together with the King of wands, you are being guided to stand up for your rights and believe in your vision. Do not worry about others’ reaction. Be a leader and be willing to take risks. Today may also mark the end of a situation where you have felt like a victim.

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings


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