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Hello everyone! Here are your Taroscopes and Spiritual messages for the month of March. Hope these bring you blessings and guidance.

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This could be a mentally challenging month for you, Aries. Decisions have to be made and you better be quick and cut to the chase. Thinking from your head and not your heart, will help you. You will also need to take responsibility for your own actions and be careful who you trust. Others may not understand where you’re coming from but it is not your job to please everyone. Also, I don’t suggest you go with procrastinating matters that are important, anymore. Do your research, find a solution or simply be honest with yourself about what path you want to take and go ahead with the choice. Faith is an important quality to embrace this month. In the face of challenge, it can be hard to stay optimistic, but our divine friends want you to know that your prayers are manifesting even if it doesn’t appear that way on the surface. You may be giving too much of yourself to others and this month, you are guided to switch roles and get into the shoes of the receiver. Take care of yourself and your needs first. Have the attitude of receptivity. Only then can the Universe bestow you with the rewards you deserve.


You need to take things as they come in March, Taurus. There is no need to force things to happen or hurry into decision-making, especially if you are feeling a sense of urgency to achieve something. Easy does it! Our divine friends want you to know that there is a perfect time for everything and you need to trust that divine timing is at play in your life at this time. You may feel the need to push into new territory and may be trying too hard to accomplish something. Slow down. This is not the time to rush into impulsive decisions. Biding your time will fetch you good results. Minor challenges may come up, but nothing that you can’t overcome with your persistence and patience. As I was saying before, the more you try to control the outcome of a situation and get stubborn with having things you way, the more events will backfire. Once you accept what is and move along, you will notice how things will naturally start falling in place. You may also discover a new passion or interest which can lead on a new path.


Gemini, this is going to be a month of par-tay-ing. The energy of March is brimming with celebration, parties, get-togethers, events, etc. Your social calendar may be full and friends, both old and new, are likely to play an important role. Do not hold back from indulging yourself. You may have some concerns related to your loved ones or your possessions that could create a sense of insecurity. Our divine friends want you to feel safe and know that you are protected. Archangel Michael is a thought away should you need courage and protection. Do not forget to invoke his assistance. Avoid acting on impulse and rushing into action without carefully planning, first. There is so much energy at your disposal that if not carefully watched can lead to unpleasant consequences. Break out of the cycle of worries and fear-based thinking. This could be the result of an overly-active mind and you may be blowing things out of proportion. Once you soothe your frazzled nerves, you will find solutions more easily. Do not undermine any creative ideas and urges. Your creativity can open many doors for you.


Cancerians, lots of messages coming through for you this month. The energy of March has a vibe of fun and good times. You are likely to experience a sense of security and success. Celebrations, vacations, parties and news of joy and happiness surrounds you. You will, however, need to be extra careful when it comes to others’ motives, as someone could leave you feeling betrayed. Deception is in the air. So, careful who and what you trust. You also have a lot of opportunities, options, and ideas to pick and choose from. Allow yourself to daydream a little so that you can fully explore your potential. Weigh all the pros and cons before you settle for something. To some of you, March could mark the end of a chapter in life and the beginning of a new one. Changes can be hard to cope with at times, but trust that there is a silver lining to this end. Some of you are also being guided to put your skills to practice. This could be a new hobby, task, or a skill that you are developing which needs fine tuning. Do not be disheartened if at first you don’t get it right. Practice and be self-confident.


Dear Leo, emotionally, all may not be well in March. Certain things failed to meet your expectations and have created disappointments and even a mild sense of depression. This could have a hold on you and you may not find the strength to look at the positive side to things. There is also a message of retreat and holiday in your cards. Take this time to reflect on your true desires and feelings. This break will help you recuperate and revitalise your energy. Destiny is pushing you in a new direction, opening new doors for you, but you may be resisting change. Word of advice: don’t fear it. Go with the flow instead. Change is inevitable. Emotionally, a lot may come up to the surface, but take this as an opportunity to face you ‘demons’. Make peace with your past and heal from any issues that need liberation. This confusing time brings hidden blessings and with it, you will discover something important about yourself. Music can be a great healer. Choose positive and uplifting music to set the tone for the day.


Dear Virgo, the energy of March is pretty heavy for most of you. You may find yourself in a confusing situation which could lead to restlessness and lack of peace. Some difficult emotions may rise to the surface and if you let negative emotions control you, you may even end up feeling depressed. Inspiration may seem elusive. You may be desperately seeking a new start, but, failing to find a way. Pay attention to your health, too. New projects could be delayed or may not have the right start. You may also have important decisions to make this month. The one that is bound to have a big impact on your life. For the single Virgo, this month could bring you face to face with a soul mate or a potential love interest. Again, pay attention! This relationship could turn out to be a serious one. Some of you Virgo folks could even move to a different place geographically or shift to a new home. This is a positive step for you. Be open to receiving. You don’t have to be the giver each time. Your inner knowledge will find its way to touch others lives. So be open to sharing your wisdom with those in need. You are a natural counselor. Your spiritual life is also elevating to newer heights.


Dear Libra, it may seem as though the Sun is finally shining in your life. March brings plenty of news to uplift you. Opportunities may show up and success is likely to find its way towards you. This is a month of joy and happiness. You still need to be careful where your finances are concerned. Hold onto your money and avoid the temptation to splurge. Save for a rainy day. You will be happy you did. Your intuition and instincts are heightened this month and by listening to your own inner voice, you will find solution to problems. There is no need to rush into anything right now. Bide your time and do your research thoroughly, before fully committing yourself to a cause. Old guilt and self-criticism is holding you back in many ways, Libra. You need to practice self-forgiveness and see yourself as a perfect child of God because that’s who you are in spiritual truth. Let go of old blame and toxic thoughts about yourself. The nature angels are urging you to go out and get some exercise. This is not only a great way to stay fit but will also allow you to shed toxic energy from your system. No more procrastination. Join the gym, take up yoga classes, go cycling or engage in any physical activity that has long-term health benefits.


Dear Scorpio, this is a highly intuitive month for you. Which is to say that the Universe will be working extra time and throwing many signs and synchronicities your way to guide you. So, a co-incidence may simply not be a co-incidence. This is also a very busy month for you guys and many of you could feel stressed because of a hectic schedule. Beat workaholism by taking frequent breaks to rejuvenate yourself. Some of you may feel bogged down by responsibilities. Again, don’t let things get to a point where you experience a burn out. New business venture or a career opportunity is also in store for many of you. But, you will need to play your cards right. Sometimes, having a strategy in place can help you go a long way. Keep your plans to yourself and execute your moves carefully and after thinking things through. If you are planning to move away from something which is no longer beneficial for you, do not act on impulse. Plan your every move. Being open and loud about your future plans can work against you. The nature Angels bring you the message of forgiveness. It is time to dissolve old hurt, anger and pain in exchange for peace and a new beginning. Whom do you need to forgive? You know deep within your heart who or what this is. By doing so, you will make way for new things come your way and lift away many blocks.


Dear Sagittarius, March calls for some balance in your life. It is about not going to the extremes and paying attention to those areas of life which need balancing. Some of you could be recovering from some form of illness or may be undergoing a healing. It is important to watch your diet and health. Your creative energy may be begging for an outlet, but it is advisable to not rush into anything. You may want to lead and go after your vision, but chances are, not everyone will be on the same page with you. Don’t let this dishearten you. Be patient and remain true to yourself. A major event could bring change in an unexpected manner. This is a blessed change. So don’t be overwhelmed if you suddenly wake up and find it’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Our divine friends want you to embrace your individuality and know that you are awesome. And this is why it is important that you stay true to yourself and express yourself in your own unique way. Don’t try to copy others or follow the masses, when your heart is guiding you in a different direction. You will receive help unexpectedly in strange but miraculous ways. Heaven wants you to know that you are being helped, even if you can’t quite see the outcome yet.


Dear Capricorn, March brings you some amazing prospects in business and career. If you have been wanting to expand your business, the energies are favourable, bringing you new opportunities. A new career direction or job is also on the horizon. I also see some of you traveling mainly for work this month. Keep your focus on what you wish to achieve and be a little patient. Your dreams are finding a way to come true. Emotionally, you will need to be a little mature when dealing with situations as your emotions can turn topsy-turvy and throw you off-balance. Someone could emotionally have on hold on you, as well. Our divine friends want you to know that it is time to move on from an old aspect of your life towards a new one. It is time to say goodbye to something. So if a particular aspect of your life is changing, do not resist. Remember that you are making way for something new to come in. The nature Angels want you to go out and get some exercise. This message is important as it relates to your physical well-being. Spend more time outdoors, close to nature, if possible, and take good care of your body.


Dear Aquarius, financially, March brings good news. You are making slow but steady progress in a positive direction. Do not worry too much if things are moving slowly. Trust that you are on the right track. There could be some trouble on the home front but despite any minor setback, the energy of March is blessing you with plenty of joy, happiness, and success. You will be able to overcome any minor issues. It also looks like you will needing plenty of solo time to recharge your batteries this month. This means disconnecting from the crowd, shutting off the noise, turning off technology, even if for a bit, and taking time off frequently to indulge in self-care activities. Make yourself the center of your world this month. You may be feeling weary energetically and will benefit a lot by spending time close to nature. This will also bring you more inspiration and rejuvenate you on a soul-level.


Dear Pisces, worries and anxiety could be creating a lot of tension this month. But, this is mostly originating from your thoughts and luckily, you can still control what you think and try to relax. Someone’s words or a news could hurt you and it is best to disconnect from the energy of anger, pain and sorrow. Our divine friends have some good news for you and they say that your wishes are coming true (the one’s which serve for your highest good). However, guilt or even ignorance could prevent you from receiving help. Many of you are also undergoing a major shift this month. So, if you have been feeling stuck or clueless, don’t worry. Life will push you in a positive direction. Financially, many of you have a blessed month in store. Remember, life can throw opportunities and bring you help, but you need to be willing to let yourself receive and break out of the negative rut. As I was saying, most of the things you are worrying about are only a fraction of your mind. You can do it! You can leave the negativity behind and move towards the good things that the energy of March wants to bless you with.

Wishing you all a healthy, blessed and prosperous month ahead. Love, Light, and Angel Blessings to you all.


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    Thanks for your review for the month of march … Its mostly going to happen with me whatever u predicted . I am a Leo .