with Sonnyaa Siingh

Angel Tarot Message for 12th March 2016

Beautiful souls, all may not be well in our emotional world today. There is grief, sadness and a feeling of having lost something. Past disappointments could come back to haunt you, preventing you from seeing the positive side to things right now. It is important that we gain a positive perspective today by counting our blessings. Sometimes, what is lost cannot be replaced, but by having the willingness to heal from pain, we welcome new beginnings and opportunities into our life.

The loving, joyful and beautiful mermaids are asking you to have faith. They say that it is crucial to remain positive right now because your prayers ARE manifesting. Like the beautiful mermaid in the card above, you need to push yourself out of hopelessness and negativity and develop a positive outlook. BELIEVE that divine timing is at work and very soon, you will witness the goodness that God has planned for you if you keep the faith.

Goddess Isolt also brings you the message of healing from a breakup or hurt. If a relationship has run its course, it may be time to acknowledge this truth and move on. Time will heal your wounds.

Don’t let minor disappointments throw you off. Instead, make the best of the situation by gaining a positive perspective and swim in the energy of faith. Nothing can come out of dwelling in past loss. But you can change your tomorrow by shifting your attitude and energy towards a more positive one, today. All will be well.

Sending everyone loads of Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

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