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Angel-Tarot Weekly Messages for all zodiac signs (14th to 20th March)

Greetings to all you wonderful souls out there reading this post. This week, I was guided to prepare short messages for each zodiac sign, to bring you a small nugget of wisdom from the Universe for the week ahead. I hope these messages bring you guidance, clarity, motivation, hope, and insight.

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Dear Aries, patience is a virtue which will pay off this week. Carefully weigh your options before committing to a cause. Your past efforts are bearing fruits. Do not lose hope. Your current efforts will determine the future results so pick carefully and nurture your projects. If you are expecting important news to come through, you may have to wait a little longer. Archangel Raphael is guiding you this week to pay attention to your health. Make healthy changes by incorporating a healthy lifestyle, getting adequate sleep, watching your diet, taking good care of your body and getting some exercise.


Dear Taurus, the Universe is pouring abundance your way, this week. Help is available and financial situations will improve. When was the last time you shared your gifts with others, especially the ones in need? Let your humanitarian side guide you towards making donations, doing charitable deeds, or offering help to the less fortunate. Balance your give and take. Archangel Ariel brings you courage in the face of fear and doubts this week. Stand up for your beliefs and bravely go after what you seek. Ask Ariel to help you with any earthly matters that are of concern this week.


Dear Gemini, you’ve got the power this week to bring your thoughts and ideas to fruition. You are ready and have the right resources to bring you success. So, believe in yourself and take action. Communication, your strongest forte, will play a vital role this week. So careful how you present yourself and convey your messages. Archangel Metatron is guiding you to get organized and prioritize your activities. By letting go of distractions and less meaningful tasks from your schedule, your efficiency will naturally increase, helping you meet deadlines and complete all important work.


Dear Cancer, this is a week of rest and recuperation. It’s time to turn off the television, put the phone aside, take a break from any demanding activities and recharge your batteries. If an important decision lies ahead of you, take some time to contemplate and explore your options. You may feel moodier than you normally do this week and Archangel Haniel, the ruler of Moon (which is also the ruler of your sign), brings you guidance to pay attention to your energy levels and notice how the moon phases affect you. This full moon will open a new portal of manifestation for you. But it is important to listen to your body and intuition now.


Dear Leo, this is a fast-moving and a busy week for you guys. Events may occur suddenly and you will need to be on your toes to keep up with the energy of your surroundings. New opportunities are coming your way. Communication will get smoother and you may even have to travel on short notice. Take care of your energy. You are a born leader and Archangel Gabriel is guiding you this week to be bold and assume your leadership role. You may be called to lead people, an idea, or a decision. Believe in yourself and your abilities.


Dear Virgo, this could be a stressful week for you and the levels of stress mainly depend on how you handle your thoughts and emotions. Unnecessary worries and anxieties could make it difficult for you to focus. Some of you may have trouble with your sleep patterns, too. It is important to relax and not let your imagination run wild. Situations are not as bad you are imagining them to be. Find healthy ways to de-stress and get help, if needed. Archangel Jeremiel is showing you that some aspect of your life needs balancing. Something is not working right for you. Look back at  your life and see what area or situation from your past and present needs healing and change.


Dear Libra, this is a week to put your leadership qualities to test and act on your ideas and anything that you feel strongly about. Your vision of the future can set a new path for many. You may also meet a very influential, charismatic and go-getter personality who will bring inspiration and guidance to you. Passion rules this week and it is solely up to you when it comes to putting this energy to good use. Archangel Metatron appears again bringing you the guidance to prioritize. Cut away all trivial tasks and distractions which are taking up too much of your time and focus on what needs your attention the most this week.


Dear Scorpio, this week, you need extra strength, courage, and protection as all may not be well, emotionally. Certain things can put you off if they fail to meet your expectations, causing sadness, disinterest, disconnect, and perhaps, even grief. There may be losses or too much focus on past failure. Archangel Michael has made a strong presence known in your cards this week and this mighty and loving Archangel brings you the message of protection, safety, and unconditional love. Raise your vibrations and frequently clear and shield yourself from lower energies this week. Do not forget the eternal truth that you are a powerful and loving child of God and you have heaven’s full support to overcome any difficult situation.


Dear Sagittarius, a disappointing situation or hurt from your past could be keeping you grief-stricken or upset. But this week, things are turning around. Opportunities are being made available along with the promise of something better on the horizon. However, YOU own the key to your success. Will you focus on what is gone or what is available now? Archangel Ariel brings you the message of prosperity and abundance. Your financial situation is improving and all your material needs are being met. Stay optimistic and stop crying over spilled milk.


 Dear Capricorn, this week brings respite and relief from a challenging situation. A period of transition may be taking place in your life. The good news is, you are making progress, even if it may not seem that way, from difficult times towards happier and peaceful times. Leave all old baggage behind, taking only the lessons, experiences, and what is important for you. Travel is also on the cards. To some, there is an advice to leave a difficult situation or relationship behind, for good. You have Archangel Chamuel is working closely with you this week, helping you find peace and serenity.


Dear Aquarius, this is a week of hard work and learning. You are being guided to polish your skills, expand your knowledge and learn new topics that can serve you professionally. Your business is thriving and you may receive more work and clients. Dedication and focus is very important at this time. Keep any distractions at bay. Archangel Raziel has appeared for you this week, highlighting a period of spiritual growth and new intuitive experiences. Pay attention to synchronicities and be open to receiving intuitive insights that will help you on your path. Make some time to connect to your inner self through meditation and spending alone time.


Dear Pisces, this is a creative and highly productive week for you folks. Your new ideas are worth considering and need nurturing right now. Self-care is important during this week, so make time for yourself and take care of your own needs before others. Many of you Pisceans can expect to enjoy an emotionally fulfilling and passionate time in your personal life. This week is also positive for news related to pregnancy, which also includes conception of ideas, projects, and new goals. Archangel Raphael is urging you to be more open to asking the Angels to help you with your worries and prayers. Do not carry your burdens alone. The Angels are here to help and heal.

Thank you for your time and for visiting the page. Sending you all loads of Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

Sonnya Siingh

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