with Sonnyaa Siingh

Angel Tarot Message for 14th March 2016

Our guidance message today comes from the 10 of swords card, the message of Clairaudience from Archangel Zadkiel and from the message, Become the true you from the Flower Therapy deck.

You may notice endings and new beginnings taking place in your life, today. These endings could land a bitter blow to your ego and emotions. But what is important to note is that you have closure now. You can move on. Wipe the slate clean and start a new chapter. So, if you experience a situation which brings abrupt endings, shock, or pain, I want you to stay strong and remember that you now have the power to choose what your life is going to be like. That you are finally liberated from a mentally enervating situation.

And what beautiful message to remind us of our power – Become the True You. You need to remind yourself today of who you truly are and what you are capable of. Whatever situations you encounter, be authentic. My favorite lines that describe this card are: You were born with the perfect emotions, sensitivities, sexuality, beliefs, and passion.  Please don’t judge yourself for who you are. You’re a very important and beautiful person.

Follow your passion and the true calling of your heart. You don’t have to change and try to be like someone else just to please others. You also don’t have to follow a path that is not in  alignment with your true passion and purpose. Avoid negative self-talk and see yourself in a positive light. Know that the situation you encounter today will benefit from you being honest and true to yourself.

We are also going to receive some special guidance today through what we hear. Archangel Zadkiel says that you will receive a lot of important information, ideas, and guidance in your mind and also from other people. So, if you hear someone suggesting something, or coming up with a solution, that seems to make sense, trust this knowledge. Simultaneously, if you have been praying for guidance and your next move and you start receiving ideas that push you on a new path or guide you to take action, please pay heed and take action. This is your Angel whispering guidance into your ears. You will know that the information is trustworthy when it feels empowering, safe, and gentle and not fearful and confusing.

Sending you all loads of Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

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