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Angel Tarot Message for 13th April 2016

Our cards for today are the 9 of Pentacles and Coming to life (this card reminds me of Pink Floyd’s number – Coming back to life). For your material wealth and finances, this is a positive day. Because it signifies that a struggle is coming to an end. Your past efforts are bringing you favorable results. A long cherished dream/goal is beginning to show signs. You can now take a sigh of relief and bask in the glory of your success. Take a break to celebrate or treat yourself, today.

You may be in need of some ‘Me-time‘. Have you been working real hard, lately? Have you given yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate? If no, then this is the time to do so.

Look back on your achievements; See how far you’ve come and matured in the process. Have gratitude for what you have and reward yourself.

If you are going through a struggling phase right now, have faith that things will soon work out in your favor. Do not give up. You may be close to completing a cycle and starting a new one.

This message also brings news of improving health. Some of you may have sustained a long-term illness or physical challenge where healing has occurred or is occurring. Trust in the process and invoke God’s healing Angels to work closely with you at this time.

Your independence is your power and it now attracts new opportunities into your life. Embrace them and give yourself a pat on the back for coming this far.

Angel Blessings


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