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Angel Tarot Message for 15th April 2016

Our messages today are from the 8 of pentacles and the Rock Bottom cards. You have heard of the famous saying – When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Well, some of you may be feeling like you hit rock bottom at this time. Or, perhaps its time you admitted to yourself that something has stopped working for you and now, you need to carve out a new path.

Think of all the things which are no longer bringing you joy, meaning and positive results. This could mean that you have hit a dead-end in your career or relationships. It could also mean that a new approach is needed at this time, especially if the old one has stopped manifesting results. It can be hard to admit this truth to ourselves when we are so used to a particular thing, person, or method. But, today’s message is a wake-up call for us to choose a different direction. Change is not only inevitable, but is needed if growth has to continue.

It’s interesting to see the 8 of pentacles (one of the most repeated guidance cards) alongside. This is a sign of new growth, new path, getting into the role of an apprentice again and learning everything from scratch. Education is important right now. Knowledge can come from various sources, so be open to learning new stuff.

Another thing to keep in mind today is paying attention to details. Avoid doing choppy work with half-hearted efforts. If you are entrusted with an important task that requires research or a thorough approach, pay careful attention.

Sometimes, we need to accept that nothing more can be done about a situation and the only way out is to surrender and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid to let go of control and let life take you in a new direction.

Angel Blessings

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