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Full Moon in Aries – October 2016


Full Moon cycles are about culminations. This is a time when matters are likely to reach a conclusive point and tensions are their peak. Many people get restless around this phase of the moon because energy has been building up since the New Moon and now is the time of release. And therefore, Full Moon phases are excellent to let go of anything you no longer need in life (both internally and externally).

Forgiveness and gratitude are two important things to practice during this cycle. Think of it this way. If you are holding onto anger and hostility towards anything (yourself, included), the Universe is picking up on this energy and sending you more reasons to feel angry. However, when you decide to accept things for what they are and no longer are captive to negative emotions, your energy is much purer and clearer, which helps you get clear about what you want to create in your life.

Take a moment during these two days to think of what you no longer need and who you need to forgive. Make a list, spend some time in meditation, and think of every person and situation that you want to release, one by one in your mind’s eye. Imagine a cord connecting you to this person. You may also want to put this person in a pink or white bubble of light and then say – I forgive you. I forgive myself. Thank you for the B’lessons. Imagine the cord now cut and allow this person/situation to float away from you. You can also safely burn the list (if written in a piece of paper) and allow the energy to dissipate.

Also, focus on all the things that you are grateful for today. Bless and Thank the house you live in, the food you eat, the material possessions you own, the money in your bank, your loved ones, your pets, your vehicle, your job, and anything you hold sacred and dear to you. Do not complain about what you don’t have because that energetically you are focusing on the lack of something. Work with visualization techniques.

Every Full Moon is also affected by the sign it occupies during its transit. This time, the moon is going to be stationed in the sign of Aries (16th morning in the Eastern hemisphere and 15th evening in the Western hemisphere). Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is associated with energy, aggression, passion, and action. This is an intense moon. On the positive side, this Full Moon’s energy can fill you up with plenty of energy to go get what you want. You may feel more driven and be willing to take action about matters that you deem important. This is where procrastination ends and something within you pushes you forward to take the first step. On the flip side, Mars energy can also be argumentative, hot-headed, and impatient. So watch out for anger outbursts and poorly executed actions. Avoid conflict and watch your words. Do not get sucked into drama and stay clear of people who instigate it. With power-packed Aries and the influence of the planet Uranus, which is very close to the Moon right now (conjunction), we are all likely to experience a big shift and undergo an awakening process during this Full Moon. You may notice that certain things no longer appeal to you and may even decide to end something that has stopped contributing to your growth process (relationships, jobs, addictions, etc).


I drew two cards for us asking for a Global message that can give us some guidance at this time and received the Knight of Wands (how apt!) and Goddess Freyja’s message to be bold. I smell hot, fiery, progressive energies in these cards.

The Knight of wands is a fiery, intense, and passionate dude who is bringing us all the message to allow our inspirations to take us forward. If you want to get something done, now is the time. Get going before that fire within you start to dim. But, also remember to see all your projects and goals through the end.

Goddess Freyja is a Nordic earth goddess of fertility, ceebration, and passion. She embodies the energy of being bold, courageous, sexually expressive, and independent. She is here to let us all know that sometimes, it is necessary for us to take risks and do stop playing it safe. Rebel for a good cause. Break free of limitations and find your own path. Do not count on others to fix your problems but rely upon your own inner strength. Unleash your passionate side and allow your self-expression to flow. This is also an ideal phase to work on releasing sexual inhibitions and bring out your inner vixen!

I am sending you all lots of love and Angel Blessings. Make the best of this Full Moon!

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