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New Moon in Libra Guidance Messages for October 29th 2016


Hello beautiful people! It is that time of the month when we start focusing on what we wish to create and release all the unwanted gunk out of our lives. New Moon is here and it is stationed in the peace-loving, harmonious, and balanced sign of Libra. I follow the transits as per sidereal astrology which is also known as Vedic/Hindu astrology.

What does this mean for us? Let me start by talking about the Libran New Moon and then we will take a look at the message that is coming through for us all as a collective at this time.

Libra is about partnerships, beauty, and harmony. The focus during this New Moon will be mainly upon our partnerships in both business and personal lives. How are your partnerships doing? Is there an equal give and take? Are you giving enough to all your relationships? These are some of the questions that you may want to ask at this time. If there is discord and disharmony in your relationships with others, this is an excellent time to work on bringing a resolution. Also be sure of the partnerships you are about to enter. Is this really what you want? How well do you connect with the other person? What are your values and beliefs and how is it going to impact the relationship?

In Tarot, Justice card is ruled by Libra. The theme of balance and fairness is important at this time. But Libra is also diplomatic in nature. So yes, it is important that you speak you truth and express your true intentions to others but in a way that doesn’t upset anyone or the situation. Be smart in how you deliver your message.

Libra is also associated with beauty. Have you been thinking of getting a makeover done? This moon phase is a perfect energetic time to re-invent yourself and to beautify your environment. Pay attention to your self-image. How do other perceive you? What impression do you make on others. This phase is all about striking a balance, harmonizing your relationships, and working on bringing peace in your environment and life.

Let us now take a look at the messages that have come up for us through the cards. This is a general reading but everyone will have something to take away from it. If you absolutely don’t resonate with it, it is alright. Perhaps, there is no message for you here at this time, in which case, you can still read up on the Libran Moon effects and see how that applies to the different areas of your life. If you wish to receive a personal reading from me, the contact information is mentioned at the end of the post.

I pulled three cards for us focusing on a message for everyone reading this post and drew the 8 of cups, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Rainbow card with the message of Blessings


The 8 of cups is the answer for what we need to let go of. The message I get from this card’s image is walking away from empty connections and relationships. This tells me that many of us are holding the fear of leaving the known and venturing out into the unknown. You may very well be hearing a calling right now. You may feel drawn to a new path. But, is it a good decision to walk away from something you have known and held onto for a while now? Is it okay to leave that secure job to pursue a dream? Is it okay to leave that unfulfilling relationship in search of a new one? Is it okay to leave the familiarity of something and embrace the unpredictable nature of a new path?

The 8 of cups is asking you to Go! It is true that you don’t know what lies ahead and may even go through some ups and downs along your path if you ventured out. But, isn’t it better to have lived and learned? Who knows what you may end up discovering on your way? I also feel that there is a message for us to examine our connections to all those things which are coming in the way of our growth. All those things that have outgrown and have nothing much to offer to us.  This is a time to release all unfulfilling attachments to people, places, and things. Go on brave souls!

The second card we have is the Wheel of the Fortune, which turned up in answer for the question, what should we focus on creating. Now, the Wheel of Fortune is a major card which brings massive changes into our lives. I get this feeling that many of us are experiencing a deep shift inside. Our lives are turning in a completely new direction. Some of us have no choice but to move on. But another message that is coming through here is that fortune favors the brave. You have to create your own luck. You have to write your own destiny at this time. This is also a card of movement.

The theme for this New Moon is really about moving forward from the old. Break out of old beliefs, patterns, habits, negative stuff and decide to turn your life around. Don’t wait for life to bring you opportunities and change. Go out there and do it yourself. You may be on the verge of completing a major life lesson and are now ready to embrace a new life filled with blessings.

Talk of blessing and we have the Rainbow card with the message – Blessings. Spirit is reminding us that something that will really help us during this time of shift and change is to look back on all the things we feel blessed for. Gratitude is big stuff, folks! It is a high vibrational attitude and this New Moon, don’t just focus on releasing and asking for spiritual help. Also remember the good things that have come up as blessings in your life. The beautiful lessons that have taught you some really invaluable lessons not only through difficult times but also through miraculous interventions. Many a times, we feel life is being unkind and that we are being subjected to heartbreak, loss, disappointments and a bad run of luck. But there is always a hidden blessing and a divine reasons behind such trials in life. What hidden blessings are you thankful for? Make sure you include this in your New Moon meditation, rituals, and prayers and offer a big Thank You to the Universe/God/Cosmos.

I would like to conclude by saying, prepare for massive changes but also be brave enough to let go of all those clingy and familiar connections, which have nothing to offer you. Have the courage to take risks and find your own path, especially if your heart is craving for a new adventure. Spirit will support you. But you have to take the first step. And while you go off on this journey, do not forget to be thankful for every blessing that crosses your path.

I hope this reading brings you guidance, insight, blessings, and motivation.

I am sending you lots of Love, Light, and Angel Blessings. Blessed New Moon.

Sonnyaa Siingh

Cards used for the reading are from Rider Waite Tarot and Earth Magic Oracle cards by Steven D. Farmer.

I offer guidance based readings for every life situation. If you wish to purchase a reading from me, please write to [email protected].

Want to understand what is your personal message for this New Moon cycle? New Moon readings are on offer at the moment. To purchase, write to [email protected]


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