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Full Moon Guidance Messages for November 14th


The Full Moon this month is happening on the 14th of November in the sign of Taurus (according to Vedic/Sidereal astrology). Full Moon phases are good for carrying out a forgiveness ritual and to express your gratitude to the Universe/God/Spirit. Your forgiveness ritual may involve writing a list of all the people you are ready to forgive and cut negative cords with. It may also involve you forgiving and releasing harsh judgments against yourself. Couple that with a gratitude list for all the things that you feel blessed for in this moment. This list, after a brief or lengthy Full Moon meditation, can be burnt, as a symbolic representation of releasing your intentions to the magic of the Full Moon.

Taurus, an obstinate, tenacious, ambitious and practical sign, hosts the Full Moon this month. Keeping these positive traits aside for a moment, Taurus is also a self-indulgent sign that can grow lazy, at times. This phase is about giving your dreams and ambitions a reality check and getting a move on in life. It is an opportunity for us to observe what area of life needs kickstarting and identify what is hindering our progress. We have to overcome our laziness in order to make progress.


The first card I drew for this Full Moon is from the Keepers of the Light Oracle cards. Lord Shiva brings us the message of Transcendence. We have been through an intense energy phase recently with the US Presidential elections which not only impacted the mass American population but also countless people around the world. The energy of fear, anger, hatred, and uncertainty has built up in the air and we are all feeling the impact of world events on different levels. At a time like this comes a message from Lord Shiva, a powerful and revered Hindu Deity, known as the destroyer and restorer. Lord Shiva is one of the mighty God trinities in Hinduism but religion kept aside, his message to us all is to transcend our fears. This is a time for us to summon our inner strength and take action. To know that we are capable of overcoming challenges and breaking the barriers that others have set for us. To go beyond the ordinary. To take note of the action steps that are already presented to us but await execution from our end. One thing is clear – This is no time for taking things easy. You hold the key and are standing in front of the lock. Go ahead and open the door that will unlock your future. Don’t let fear and doubt stand in your way. Work with Shiva’s energies to destroy your limitations, disbeliefs, and fears. Like the card says, ”Rise up and dance with the Universe”.

Lors Shiva’s mantra is Om Namah Shivaya. You may choose to use this mantra during your meditation or simply chant OM, as well.

Another important message that has come up for us all is from The Three Fates Card from the Oracle of Shadows and Light.

My eyes were drawn to the string and the scissor in the card’s image. What I am picking up from this card is the importance of cutting negative cords and breaking unhealthy repetitive patterns. Patterns that hold us back from reaching our potential and keep bringing the same upsetting experiences over and over again in our lives.

If you are tired of dealing with the same fate and are wondering why bad things keep happening to you, take note of the repetitive theme that creates this situation for you. There is a cord that you must cut to rid yourself of negativity. There is an important lesson that you need to acknowledge. Once you have done this, this repetitive theme will stop recurring in your life and you will be free.

Since this Taurean Full Moon is all about being proactive and getting over procrastination, take control of your life and put a full stop to all those habits that are making life difficult for you. The Three Fates are here to remind you that whatever is coming around now is a result of your own choosing. Make wiser choices, get to the root level of the problem and release yourself from negative attachments and you will surely experience a positive change and will stop encountering the same unhealthy patterns in life.

May this Full Moon bring Blessings into your life and help you release all that you don’t need.

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Love, Light, and Angel Blessings

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