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Weekly Guidance Messages for 21st November to 27th November 2016


Dear Beautiful Souls reading this post,

Here are the messages for the week ahead based on the number you are drawn to intuitively. I hope these messages serve to inspire and bring insight into the week ahead.

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If you chose card 1, your messages are the 5 of Wands and Trust Yourself. Okay, so it looks like you may have a few challenges to face this week. You may witness a conflict of interest with others and your environment could present competition. You may even start feeling uncertain about your own inner power. But hold on! This is where you need to start trusting yourself. Whatever you need is already within your grasp. The skills, talent, ideas, techniques… it’s all there. Yes, it will take some efforts to bring that strength out, but you can do it. Don’t let others intimidate you. Don’t let temporary obstacles dim your light.

This week’s message is also about overcoming issues surrounding your confidence levels. You are receiving the right ideas and guidance but may be brushing it off as mere thoughts. Or, you may not be confident enough to show others what you’ve got! Time to change all of that. Start seeing yourself as worthy, capable, and divine.

You may also face tough competition from others as they may want a piece of the same pie that you have your eyes on. Don’t let this dissuade or threaten you. Bring out your best and put it on the table for others to see.

Also, bear in mind that aggression is not the only way of dealing with opposition and disagreements. Sometimes, we should pay attention to others’ point of views as well. We benefit from coming together and working as a team. If you have an opportunity to be a team player, drop your ego and take it.


If you chose card 2, you have the Knight of Swords for this week and the message of Receiving. This looks like a busy week for you guys with lots of movement and change. You may feel as though you are caught up in a hurricane that is twirling you from one situation to the next. Your mind may go into overdrive and ideas may come pouring at lightning speeds. But, pause a little and take a deep breath before you jump the gun. The Knight of Swords loves taking action, but at times can end up overlooking the minute details and lose patience when it is most needed. In short, your guidance is about taking action, but first, you are advised to look before you leap.

Sometimes, in the busy-ness of life, we forget to stop and catch a breath. We endlessly work hard and overlook our own needs in order to fulfill the duty that we feel obliged to. This week, make time for yourself. Relax and recharge from time to time. This will increase your efficiency levels and will keep you going, without feeling burnt. Take every opportunity to get to rest and restore. Don’t forget to pay attention to your well-being.

Another thing to keep in mind is to remain open to receiving. The Universe is always responding to your prayers and most times, help comes in unexpected ways. But, we all have at some point have questioned our deserving-ness to receive this help. This week, say ”NO” to doubts and ”YES” to opportunities. If someone offers to help, graciously accept it. If you have asked for something, don’t dictate to yourself how qualified you should be to receive. Surrender to the power of the Universe and walk the path that is paved in front of you. Open your arms and say – I am ready to receive.


If you chose card 3, your card is the Page of Cups and the message is ”The word wants to be written”. The Page of Cups is a messenger, a bearer of pleasant news. The ones that give you the warm fuzzies and serve to inspire. But this week is not only about receiving inspiration and ideas. It is also about bringing them to form and giving them an identity. Don’t just dream your dream. Find an outlet to channel your dreams into reality by taking that first step towards it and making things happen. Now is the time to make the rubber meet the road.

The Page of Cups also encourages you to let your creative and artistic side come to play. If life seems like a humdrum existence, make it interesting this week. Do something that will help you break free from monotony. Engage yourself in activities that liven you up. Be open to meeting new friends or surround yourself with like-minded people. Your emotional and intuitive side is activated this week. Do things that resonate with your heart.

Speaking of intuition, your connection to the Divine will feel stronger at this time and synchronicities will surprise you. Listen to that sweet and gentle voice within and go with your hunches.

I hope these messages serve to inspire and bring guidance, insights, and blessings into your life. Thank you for participating. Wishing each and every one of you beautiful souls a Wonderful and Blessed week ahead.

Sonnyaa Siingh

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