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Taroscopes for December 2016


Greetings Everyone,

Here are the Zodiac guidance messages for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for December, a festive and busy month for most of us. Like I always say, nothing is written in stone and these messages are here as guidance, only. Take what resonates and leave out what doesn’t.

I am still offering New Year Readings and more information can be found at the end of this post. If you would like to receive a private reading from me, please write to [email protected] and book your readings. Your thoughts, feedback and queries are also welcomed.

I hope these messages bring guidance and blessings into your life. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.


This is a month to go out and make things happen, Aries. The King of swords brings you a reminder to stick to logic over emotions. This way, you will gain the clarity needed to make sound decisions. In your work life, you seem to possess a magical way of making things happen. Communicate your ideas clearly and confidently. Your convincing skills will put you on top of the game. You may be at the start of something new. Know that you have all the resources, skills, and talent to make things happen. So, have a more action-oriented approach toward work. New beginnings are also likely to occur in your personal life. You may find yourself being drawn to someone new. The Romance Angels guide you to be more expressive when dealing with those you love. Remember that communication plays a key role this month. If you like to ask someone out, don’t hold back. Existing relationships are also going to encounter a fresh wave of energy. Staying positive is a must for your well-being right now, Aries, so keep your thoughts positive and your attitude, that of an optimist. Women, be more aware of ”female” health issues. This may not be the right time to focus on matters related to fertility. Trust your intuition when it comes to your health. If something doesn’t seem right, then it isn’t. Notice what your body and mind are trying to communicate. Your financial situation will benefit from making choices from the heart.


A powerful month awaits, Taureans. Your energy card is The Chariot for December and the Charioteer brings movement and the promise of victory, as long as you keep your eyes fixed on your goals and take charge of your life. December brings a big shift, where you are leaving something behind and preparing for an exciting and empowering new journey. This could also manifest as travel for some of you. Your work-life looks busy in December and you appear to be learning and perfecting something. Your attention to detail is what people appreciate the most along with your tireless dedication put into everything you undertake. Focus more on these traits. Your love life is filled with celebratory events, Taureans. The Romance Angels are bringing the message of Wedding for some of you. This could refer to an actual wedding, an engagement, or may even mean that some of you are likely to meet the ”right one”, who knows, at a wedding, perhaps. You may have many events and get-togethers to attend. Perhaps, a reunion with friends as well. If you are single and looking for love, social gatherings may be an apt place to look out for. Your health never looked better. December’s energy favors your health and recovery is foreseen. Your vitality levels look high. Stress is the root cause of most illnesses and so, Archangel Raphael is guiding you this month to keep your stress levels in check. Financially, December marks the end of a prolonged difficult time. A matter related to finances may come to an end. Now is the time to let go of old attitudes surrounding money and embrace new and positive beliefs.


Your energy card for the month is the Page of wands, Gemini. This Page loves adventure and exploration. You may find yourself fueled with ideas, passion, and enthusiasm. You may also develop a keen interest about a topic this month. Inspiration is all around you. You just need to know how to channel this inspiration and creative energy into something worthwhile. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, though. Fickle-mindedness is something to watch out for. Short trips are also likely. You may feel more settled in your personal life. There is a sense of security and support that will come from your family. Financial help may also come to you through loved ones. You may even have more of celebrations, gatherings, and reunions with your family members in December. There could be some confusions and delays concerning work. You may feel lost and uncertain about the path you have chosen. Stress and even a mild sense of depression could make it hard for you to gain clarity about your career. Avoid making hasty decisions, Gemini, until you have the facts right. Don’t allow your emotions to overwhelm you when it comes to work. You are also advised to guard your finances this month. This a time to protect your assets and belongings and all that you have worked hard for. Archangel Raphael is guiding you to watch your diet and eat more of healthy and nutritious food. Consult a nutritionist, if you have to. Rapid recovery is on your cards from any temporary ailment. You will feel more energized if you eat the right food.


Your energy card of the month dear Cancer is The Fool. The Fool brings brand new beginnings and a chance for you to start all over again. But, before you jump into conclusions and are ready to pack your bags and start afresh, it will help to do some research and be prepared. Take risks but not the kinds that can lead to severe consequences later on. December appears to be a very fortunate month for you Cancerians. There are new beginnings seen on a personal level in the form of a new partner, a new love interest, or a new start that though exciting, also promises security and good returns. Act on your inspirations and do not hold back from having some fun. This is a successful month for you both work-wise and also financially. If you have wished to take on a leadership role or wanted to turn into an entrepreneur, December’s energies will favor you. Know that in order to succeed at work, you have to be confident and willing to share your ideas. Take on new responsibilities. If finances have been tight and you have struggled with money issues in the past, December brings a sigh of relief and news of victory. Through your sheer persistence and hard work, you will be able to come out as the winner and gain recognition from others. Don’t give up! A lot depends on your self-confidence and willingness to make things happen. If you are dealing with a hard time with your health and well-being, know that healing is occurring. You will receive support from someone caring and nurturing. At the same time, you will need to rely on your inner strength to overcome challenges. Your own intuition will play a key role in your healing this month. This is because you already know what will help you. So, trust your own wisdom and make any necessary healthy changes and diligently keep at it.


Your energy card for December is the Queen of wands, Leo. Your life may be influenced by someone like the Queen of wands this month. An individual who is independent, self-assured, confident, and social. Or, you may need to bring out these qualities from within you. Optimism is important during this month as there could be a few setbacks that you may face in both personal and professional life. The Romance Angels are saying that there could be a separation involved this month with a loved one. This could be a temporary or a permanent one. Relationships may appear strained and one person will need to compromise and make adjustments in order to work things out. If you are struggling on a personal level, then this is a time when you will need to reach out to your inner reserves of strength in order to keep it going. You may have to face some disappointing news at work, as well. This could emotionally shake you up a little, but remember, crying over spilled milk is not going to help. Look around and see the opportunities that are still available to you. Contemplate on alternatives or new options. There is still something you can salvage. Good news concerning money is on the cards. Your past efforts may bring you some happy news and rewards. New doors may also open that will allow you to improve your financial situation. Children will play a central role when it comes to your health and well-being. News of pregnancy may be on the cards for some of you. Also, the health of your children may need attention. Holding onto stuff from the past and having a stubborn attitude could negatively impact your health and well-being, Leo. Don’t harbor resentments, old pain and grudges. Let it go! Don’t allow stress from work and workaholism to affect your well-being.


The 9 of wands is your energy card for the month of December dear Virgo. You may feel tired and overwhelmed with all that is taking place in your life. You may have even fought a long and hard battle and may now be wondering, how much longer you need to keep going? This may not be an easy month for you but your message is to keep going even when it seems tough because you are very close to the finish line. The bad times are nearing an end and you have just one last test to pass through. There could be a sense of loss in your personal life and relationships. You could be grieving the loss of something you once held precious. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on your losses as there are some beautiful things to cherish in your life as well. The Romance Angels are guiding you to make the effort to improve your love life. Don’t wait for others to take note of you. Instead, be the first to initiate the conversation or perhaps even apologize if there has been a disagreement. It is possible that your emotional state could lead to unwanted expenditure that can impact your finances in December. So watch out for ”emotional spendings”. Don’t be carried away by emotions where money is concerned and make wise and practical decisions. You may face a few challenges at work as well but with your sheer inner strength and confidence, you can overcome them all. Don’t let issues grow bigger. Tackle them while they are emerging. Archangel Raphael’s healing message for you is to remain positive and feed your mind with only positive and healing thoughts. Pay attention to your body and the message it is sending you. Your past is somehow linked to your health, Virgo. It would help to trace the roots of any health issues (emotional or physical) in past or childhood memories. A medical history of your family may also shed some light on any current health situation.


The King of swords is your energy card for December dear Libra and his presence asks you to make decisions that are well-thought of, practical, clever, and involve as little emotional influence as possible. This is an important month for personal relationships. The Romance Angels are showing reconciliation taking place in your life. This could occur with a friend, a lover, or a family member as well. Someone from your past may pop back into your life. You are likely to experience a sense of completion. This completion could mean the coming together of something (or someone) or may even mean that something has served its purpose, teaching you some valuable lessons and it is now time to move forward. Many generous offers may come your way where work and career are involved. You will receive help and guidance from others. If you have applied for a loan to start your own business or need someone’s backing, December is your month. You may even come across a helpful mentor at work. With your finances, you may feel the temptation to make new purchases in December. It is important to tread carefully and make wise decisions with your money. You may even be in the spirit of entrepreneurship, where you are very much likely to receive support from the Universe. But again, don’t make any big investments without doing thorough research and knowing what you are getting yourself into. Exercise caution and common sense with your money. Your health will benefit from exercising. Watch out for heat problems, though. Some of you may have to deal with boils, rashes, inflammatory issues, etc. Also, you may feel more susceptible to minor injuries so take caution, especially when you are traveling. Archangel Raphael reminds you of the power of prayer and encourages you to spend quiet moments communicating your needs to the Universe and your Angels. Ask and you will receive the support and healing that you seek for you and your loved ones.


Scorpio, your energy card of the month is the Magician. You have some extra magic on the tips of your finger this month and the Universe is sending you a message that you can make anything that you put your mind to, happen. You are in possession of the necessary skills, talents, and resources. It is important to acknowledge this and then take action towads manifesting your goals. Don’t doubt yourself and be willing to act without further delays. This is truly a very positive month for you in all areas, Scorpions. Partnerships look harmonious. Singles, this could be your lucky month as fate may bring you face to face with a soul-mate. Your relationships are entering a deeper level of commitment. Reconciliation is also on the cards. If you have been through a lot in your love life, December’s energies bring you the opportunity to heal and start afresh. You may be presented with some big choices at work. These choices will bring to you the chance to follow your heart and go after your dreams. Important, life-changing decisions await. Allow your heart to lead you at work. Your finances look positive in December. Help will arrive unexpectedly. You will find yourself lucky in financial matters and hope and optimism will fill your heart. Even your health shows improvements, Scorpions. December really is a positive month for you guys. Archangel Raphael’s guidance to you is to stop forcing things to happen. Easy does it. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Do what is needed and then get out of the way. Let go of the need to control situations and the results will show up smoothly. For those of you planning to start a family, December is a highly fertile month.


Your energy card of the month is the Knight of Cups, Sagittarians. This knight is emotional, moody, sensitive, and romantic. He follows his heart and his message to you is to do the same. However, don’t allow your emotions to disillusion you. Know when to stop giving and be aware of how your decisions can impact others. If there is one zodiac sign that is going to paint the town red in December, it is you, Sagittarians. Social events, parties, gatherings, celebrations are very likely to keep you busy. Friends will form your pillar of strength and support. You may even get a little overindulgent, so watch out for doing excess of anything. The Romance Angels are pointing at an imbalanced relationship in your life at this time. This relationship lacks the necessary spark, chemistry, and mutual attraction in order to work. Remember, the Knight of cups is a die-hard romantic as I was saying earlier. You will need to exercise your judgment and avoid being taken granted for. Know what relationships are healthy and those that are toxic for you and don’t be afraid to walk away if it is the latter. Work brings success, recognition, and joy. Count your blessings Sagittarians and take note of how far you have come. Don’t undermine your accomplishments and instead of complaining, simply stay put and relish all that you have achieved. New projects and outlets will be made available to you which will positively impact your financial situation. Some of you may even decide to go back to school or take up a learning endeavor. The efforts you have put in the past towards your health and well-being will start paying off, now. If you are starting a new program, diet plan, or treatment, you will have to remain patient to see the results. Make better choices when it comes to your well-being. Archangel Raphael is asking you to surrender your cares and concerns surrounding your health so that they can be healed. Let go of worries of the future and stop accumulating stress.


Your energy card of month dear Capricorn is The Lovers. While the Lovers card brings news of love, attraction, and romance, it also offers you a chance to follow your heart and dreams by making some important choices. You may find yourself wondering what path to take. Well, what does your heart say? Where do your feelings truly lie? The Romance Angels are saying that many of you Capricorns are manifesting a new love relationship at this time. You may meet someone new this month or your existing relationship could use some fresh ideas to rekindle romance. If you have been holding a candle for someone for a while now, it may be time to move on and embrace a new beginning in the form of a new romance. There is a cautionary message for you to also choose your battles wisely, Capricorn. In your need to be right or to be on top, you may end up isolating others. Don’t let your actions hurt your loved ones. Don’t let your ego seclude you from others. Be fair and square. At work, a practical and methodical approach will benefit you. Be patient with the results and even if it doesn’t appear as if progress is being made, continue to work towards your goals. If you are at the onset of a new project, hard work will be required at this stage. When it comes to your finances, take caution. There could be untrustworthy people and backstabbers around. Avoid taking big risks with your money. A difficult period is nearing an end. So even if it seems like you are enduring a tumultuous time financially, know that this is the last straw and things will start looking better soon. Archangel Raphael’s message to you this month is ”Forgiveness Heals”. It is time to let go of all old grudges, pain, suffering and allow wounds to heal. Whom do you need to forgive? Allow your heart to heal and close all old chapters so that you can make a fresh start. You may feel more prone to injury in December, so take precaution and go slow. While you may feel excited about starting a new health regime or find yourself more energized, be conscious of your outer limits.


The 5 of swords is your energy card for December, Aquarius. Winning is important to you this month and you will stop at nothing. There are times when being a little selfish is a must and then there are times when it may cost you the trust and support of others. Know where to draw the lines. Don’t be too willing to put your complete faith in others. Everyone will not share your best interests. Emotional maturity will be needed in your personal life. Know how to handle your feelings better. You may find yourself romantically attracted to someone new. Your message is also to know that you attract more love by enjoying the present moment fully. Don’t let your past or even worries of the future ruin your present. Remember, a better grip on your emotions is advised this month. New opportunities may come up on the work front for you. You have the necessary qualifications needed to make things happen. Don’t question your abilities. The way you communicate will have a heavy bearing on your success at work. Your persuasiveness, marketing, and convincing skills will come in handy. Your finances look more than good in December, Aquarius. Abundance flows to you the more you learn to relax and enjoy life. Any previous challenges will be overcome and you will meet success. Archangel Raphael’s guidance to you is to expect miraculous interventions. Healing energy surround you. Like Capricorn, you will also need to guard against fast-paced, intense activities which could result in minor injuries. Too much enthusiasm and impulsiveness can end up draining you out.


Your energy card of the month is The World, Pisces. The world augurs completion, endings and new beginnings, and tying up all loose ends. You are on the verge of successfully concluding an important chapter of your life. This is a cause to celebrate but also a time to learn from your experiences and get ready to write a new chapter. Some of you may also have the opportunity to travel to new and exotic places this month. Global connections and interactions may also play a big role. An important truth may reveal itself in your personal life this month. Truth is like a double edged sword sometimes so this may surprise you at first, but with truth comes new information and a chance to do and view things differently. In love, the Romance Angels bring you the message of forgiveness and learning. An old pain is in need of release, Pisces. This is a month of learning and completion. So, extract this lesson from a painful past relationship and then forgive and heal from any trauma or pain. This way, you will open yourself up to new energy and more love in your life. Your past may play a significant role in your work life. You may return to a familiar work surrounding, receive business opportunity from a familiar place, or may even return to an old place of work. Give room for your creativity to flow. Do something inspiring or artistic to combat work pressure. Financially, some well-deserved rewards are on their way. This could be the month to cash in on that bonus or financial gifts for a job well-done. You will also successfully surmount any previous challenges in this area. Your health will benefit from spending more time in natural settings, Pisces. Put your needs before others and pay more attention to your well-being. It is easy to forget about ourselves when we are constantly catering to others but this month, your focus is needed on yourself. Archangel Raphael is encouraging you to do some research on the best healing practices and treatments that can benefit you the most at this time.

Angel Blessings


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  1. NovaLune NovaLune
    December 4, 2016    

    Thank you for this! I love it so much. I feel that it resonates with my current life and energies so much.
    I’m a Gemini Moon, Cancer Sun and Leo Rising. The Page of Wands, The Fool, and the Nine of Wands combined is totally accurate.
    I’m excited for what these energies will bring me and you just confirmed that they are very possible and real!