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Weekly Angel-Tarot Guidance for 11th to 18th Dec 2016


Blessings to all!

Before we look at the guidance messages, let us have a quick glance at the Moon phases and how this could affect our emotions in the coming week. I am working with the sidereal moon phases which are one sign behind from the tropical moon phases.

Today, the Moon is stationed in the sign of Aries, preparing to enter the world of Taurus tomorrow (Monday). From feeling energized and even a little hot-headed, you will soon be entering a phase marked by the need to slow down and cater to your senses. Taurean Moon phase can make you appreciate your physicality and everything that appeals to your senses. After all, this is a sign ruled by the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus. It is said that people tend to gain more weight and turn lazy during this moon cycle. If you are trying not to be too indulgent, you will have to work hard at it now. Taurean Moon phases are also good for matters related to home, security, and finances.

We have a Full Moon on the 14th of December in chatty Gemini. Geminian Moon phases are good for communication and intellectual pursuits. This will be the right time to exchange ideas, express your thoughts, and clear out misunderstandings with others. Also because on the 19th, Mercury is going retrograde. Mercury retrogrades brings drama into the picture by mainly causing miscommunication and gadget breakdowns. Gemini Moon phases can also make you flippant , so try to relax your mind and be sure of what you want (I will write a Full Moon post, soon).

Around the 16th, Moon will move into the sensitive, caring, and nurturing sign of Cancer. If suddenly you feel like a homebody and want to spend more time cozying on the couch, this influence is mainly brought on by the Cancerian Moon. An excellent time to bond with your loved ones and nurture yourself. You may also feel more sensitive during this phase, so take good care of your energy. And on the 18th, Moon will enter the sign of Leo. Leo Moon phases can make you want to be the center of attention and bask in the limelight. This will be an ideal time to come out of your Cancerian shell and shine.

So now that you have a feel of what this week could be like, energy-wise, let us turn to the guidance messages. Have you picked a number ? If yes, then dive straight in.


If you chose number 1, your cards are Death & Oceana. This is going to be a significant week for you guys as you are in the middle of a transformational phase. The Death card heralds the end of something that has served its purpose and time. While this ending may seem painful, it is inevitable. But on the brighter side, now that the old energy is leaving your life, you have the chance to start afresh.

Take a look at the message from Angel Oceana. Notice how she is focusing on the light and moving upward. Like they say, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Angel Oceana is asking you to not lose faith and trust your instincts. What is your intuition telling you? What steps are you naturally feeling drawn to take? While in the midst of a challenging time, we hope and pray for help. We wish for our troubles to disappear. The Angels are here to comfort you. But they also ask that you recognize and act upon your guidance, proactively. Don’t wait for anything or anyone to come rescue you. Instead, trust yourself and keep going knowing that the Universe and your Angels have got your back.


If you chose number 2, your cards are the Queen of Pentacles and Archangel Raphael. As many of you may know, Archangel Raphael’s specialty is healing and his presence this week for you brings healing in miraculous ways. The Queen of pentacles is someone who knows how to take good care of herself and she is asking that you do the same. You may be a busy person who often takes on the role of a caretaker and nurturer for others. Your giving nature may be wearing you thin at this time and it will help for you to turn your attention towards your own well-being for a change.

Nature is a great healer. Sometimes, all we need is some fresh breeze, the chirping of birds, the swaying of plants and trees and a natural setting to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. This week, you will benefit from strengthening and/or re-establishing your connection with mother earth. Allow Archangel Raphael to assist you in healing from physical and emotional challenges. You may even choose to wear hues of green and include natural and fresh produce in your diet. If you are feeling drawn toward the path of healing and wish to become a healer, this is your confirmation.

The Queen of pentacles also brings security and stability in matters related to home and career. This is a week to stay practical and grounded.


If you chose number 3, your cards are the Ace of Pentacles & Mystique. Who doesn’t love seeing the Ace of Pentacles in a reading? This is a card that makes way for new material beginnings. Notice the big and shiny gold coin in the picture? This could manifest as a new job, project, or means of income. Sometimes, a committed and long-lasting relationship too. A new offer that carries the potential of growth and eventually success is coming your way. Be mindful of the offers that you receive this week.

You may have been through some difficult times in the recent past. The good news is that the challenging phase is nearing an end and this week, you will notice some miraculous changes occurring in your life. Don’t lose confidence in yourself. Keep moving forward and don’t let negative situations and people bring your spirit down. You are a winner and good things are coming to you now.

I hope these messages have been helpful!

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Angel Blessings


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