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Full Moon in Gemini Guidance Messages for December 14th 2016


Blessings to all,

This month, we have a Full Moon in the chatty sign of Gemini on the 14th. Gemini in the zodiac is depicted as the twins and represents the dual nature that exists amongst all of us and partnerships. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which in turn rules communication, self-expression, intellectual pursuits, logic, and reasoning. It is also a fast-paced planet and hence brings about restlessness and the need to do things quickly.

So what do we have when we combine that with the culminating energy of the Full Moon? A phase where our focus is best directed towards self-expression and speaking our inner truth. A time to be clear about what you want and unabashedly go out and get it. To pay attention to your communication style and how you can best interact with the world on a day-to-day basis. So many of us are deeply involved in work that revolves around communication. Writers – cash in on this moon phase.

During this Lunar cycle, Archangel Chamuel has made his presence felt and is helping us with our relationships and love life. If you are single and have been wanting to manifest a spiritual soul-mate relationship, this will be an ideal time to set your intentions and work on releasing your attachments to the past. Now, this means gaining closure from your past relationships, forgiving those you have shared difficult relationships with (Full Moon cycle is mainly about practicing gratitude and forgiveness), and closing all old chapters of your life so that you can invite new energy into your life. If you want something new, you have to make space for it in your life and you cannot do that while holding onto stuff from the past, which is taking up your time, energy, and attention without yielding anything productive. If you are mending a broken heart and the flame within your heart is still burning, now will be an excellent time to make peace and work on transmuting pain.

Archangel Chamuel a.k.a Kamael is an Angel of Peace and one of his missions is to help us find what we are missing. If you are missing true love, are seeking that spiritually fulfilling soul-mate relationship or simply want to bring more understanding and peace within your existing relationships, ask this humble and down-to-earth Angel to help you. It is possible that your relationships may be in need of peaceful and clear communication at this time and Archangel Chamuel can help you with that, too. Notice the ideas you receive, a sudden burst of courage to speak up, or even people who enter your life right now and offer solutions. Sometimes, in order to manifest a loving relationship, you may be guided to do a lot of work on yourself. The first step may involve repairing and reinstating your relationship with yourself. Do not back down. This will be an excellent time to heal from any painful memory or conditioning that has and is affecting your self-image.

Speaking of Healing, I felt drawn to work with Archangel Raphael for this Full Moon cycle. Archangel Raphael is bringing our attention to our diet. Are we paying attention to the food we are consuming, lately? How are your energy levels doing? Do you feel refreshed after eating food or do you feel more lethargic? Archangel Raphael’s message to us is to switch to eating healthy and preferably, organic food. It is about including more fresh, pesticide and chemical-free produce in our daily diet. To reduce the amount of meat you are consuming (if it is reaching an unhealthy level) and to also make room for fresh leafy vegetables and fruits. During the holiday season, it is common to get indulgent. Therefore, take extra care around this time when it comes to what you feed your body. Like it is said – You are what you eat. Make some serious changes to your diet and notice how this makes you feel. Reduce the intake of processed, fatty and junk food and note how your energy levels are. You don’t have to go cold-turkey if it seems like a monumental task at first. Do it slowly but steadily. Take the first step.

We also have a message that concerns animals and our Pets, this Full Moon. Have you been thinking of bringing home a pet? Yoohoo! Here’s a confirmation. Your own pets may be in need of some extra TLC right now. Deepen your relationship and bonding with your pets. If you have lost a pet lately, the message I am receiving is that your pets love you and they are in a safe and happy place. Hold the happy memories in your heart and know the in spirit, your lovely babies will always be with you. We are also being encouraged to play an active role in being of help to the animal kingdom at this time. Doing some volunteering work in helping animals, working with a rescue group, supporting a non-profit foundation that helps animals, are some examples of how you can be of help to the animal kingdom. Most importantly, speak up against animal cruelty. You have to be the change that you wish to see. After all, this is a phase that mainly supports communication, awareness, and self-expression.

Finally, I would like to conclude this post by sharing with you all our Tarot card for this Full Moon cycle. I am thrilled to see the 8 of wands card come up for us. Because astrologically, 8 of wands card is linked to Mercury in Sagittarius and we are very much entering a mercurial phase.  I feel that most of us may end up feeling more restless and impulsive around this Full Moon. Relax and take deep breaths to calm yourself down and bring your focus to the present. Stay more grounded. Since the 8 of wands energy brings lots of progress, this phase will support you in getting things going. Any matter that has been eating dust or sitting on the desk for a while may now hold a strong possibility of development. But remember to give matters a second thought, too. Don’t get carried away. So many of us may even have to travel on short notice. Mercury rules short trips and 8 of wands often indicates travel.

That’s all for this Full Moon folks! I Thank You for taking the time to read this post, for following my posts, and giving me and my page your support and love.

A quick reminder that I am offering personalized Full Moon readings at this time and if you are interested in purchasing one, you can write to me at [email protected].

Much Love and Angel Blessings to all

Sonnyaa Siingh

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