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New Moon/Dark Moon and the Annual Solar Eclipse Guidance Message

Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for being here! We are at yet another interesting energetic phases at the moment – The Solar eclipse-New Moon phase also known as the Annular Solar eclipse taking place in the sensitive and intuitive sign of Pisces. Furthermore, this alignment is in conjunction with the planet Neptune, which is also the ruler of Pisces, therefore amplifying the Piscean energy. Many of us are likely to feel more psychic during this time.

Neptune is known as the planet of dreams and illusions and with the watery energies of Pisces combined, we may be susceptible to feeling more emotional at this time. We may seek to escape reality through drugs, alcohol, fantasies, and our thoughts may be marked by illusory thinking. It will be easy to slip into negativity and ignore the tell-tale signs and red flags a situation may be presenting, as well. This is also a great time to overcome addictions of all kinds.

At a time like this, one of the main Archangels who’s energy is coming through strongly is Archangel Uriel who’s name means ”God is my light”. Isn’t it ironic how during the solar eclipse, we have Archangel Uriel casting light on all the hidden issues in our life? His message to us all is to turn our attention inward to find what we are looking for. Eclipses are a time to turn our energies inward and sometimes there is a very thin line between intuition and illusion. Therefore, you will need to learn to identify the difference between the two.

Archangel Uriel is also very helpful with healing emotional traumas. If this phase brings to surface some of your most dreaded fears or unhealthy emotional patterns that you want to break out of, now will be an excellent phase to work with Uriel and set your intentions to release these patterns and heal all emotional wounds. Some areas of your life will be highlighted strongly at this time. These are areas and topics that you may feel most uncomfortable with. However, Archangel Uriel is encouraging you to dig in deeper and get to the core of the matter. Remember to trust your inner knowing because all the answers that you seek are right within you and Archangel Uriel can shed light on all those shadowy areas which need your attention.

I would also like to view the current phase as the Dark Moon phase and not the New Moon phase for the simple fact that during the next two days, the Moon will be totally invisible in the night sky. It is only on the 28th that you will start noticing a faint shimmer of moonlight, as the moon begins its waxing cycle. This is where I see the birth of new things. The Dark Moon could be likened to the period of gestation, where much is hidden, and you need to go within and find out what you want to keep and what you want to discard. This is where you get to decide what you would like to give birth to and work towards bringing that idea and thought to fruition.

Angel Blessings and Blessed New Moon/Dark Moon cycle to all. 

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