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Full Moon (Storm/Worm) Guidance for March 12th 2017

Blessed Storm/Worm Moon to All!

On this energetic day, I drew a few cards for us all with the intention of channeling guidance. The first two cards that I have are the ”Ear Chakras” and “Choices”.

Are you aware that you also have chakras around your ears? We mostly don’t hear or read about them but these energy centers located around your ears and sometimes considered to be a single chakra extending up till your forehead, govern your ability to hear things. We are not only talking about sound, music, and audible messages but also that voice in your head.

Our Divine team are saying that many of us are receiving and will continue to receive accurate guidance through what we hear. Stay alert and pick up on the messages that you are receiving from others and your own inner voice. Pay heed to the guidance that you are likely to receive from others who may take the form of a mentor, guide, advisor, friend, or even a random stranger. Sometimes, a familiar song may carry a message for you. Also notice what you have been hearing in your own mind. Psychic abilities don’t always refer to clarivoyance. While Clairvoyance is one of the forms, many of us (including myself) receive messages through sounds (Clairaudience) and how we feel (Clairsentience).

Couple this with the card of ”Choices” and it seems like many of us at this time may be presented with a choice of some kind. It is time to make discerning choices in your life and perhaps, someone may show you the way or your own inner voice may be guiding you towards the best option for you at this time.

Also, remember that the quality of our life is more often than not is determined by the choices we make. You always have an option to choose what you want to do, how you want to react, and which way you want to steer your life. Now is a time to make conscious choices and to also learn to have fun while doing this. You may want to consider a situation you feel stuck in and either choose to worry, feel anxious and depressed or embrace a more positive and optimsitic approach towards life. You may choose to describe your life and situations with positive words or complain about what is always missing or wrong. Whatever you do, at the end of the day, YOUR choices will create your environment.

Have the courage to go where your heart leads you. Often, the easier thing to do is to simply go with a familiar choice because we don’t want to take risks. But taking risks, as frightening as it may appear, can open the door to many blessings, lessons, and experiences for your own growth. During this Full Moon, listen to the sound of your intuition and be prepared to boldly move forward. Do not be afraid to make changes and do not fear change.

And finally, I drew for us all a crystal card for this Full Moon and received the powerful and magnificent, Moldavite. This beautiful high vibrational crystal was formed during a meteorite impact on earth, millions of years ago. Therefore, it is said to contain within it both earthly and cosmic vibrations. This is a stone of transformation and metamorphosis. Going with the theme of ”change through conscious choosing” that I was discussing above, Moldavite may serve to be the best stone for many of us at this time to work with. This powerful stone’s vibrations are said to be felt readily and if you are on a healing and transformational journey, allow it’s energy to support you at this time.

I hope this article is of help and offers you some insight during this Full Moon. Sending everyone loads of Love, Light, and Angel Blessings.

Sonnyaa Siingh

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