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Your New Moon in Aries Guidance Message


Hey Folks! It’s New Moon time! The time of the month where we can safely discard the old and prepare to start afresh. In addition to that, this New Moon is happening in the sign of Aries, which is the first sign of the Zodiac. The sign of Aries is known to be the initiator and the pioneer, which makes this time phase an ideal one to make fresh starts. Think of this as the zodiacal New Year.

For this New Moon guidance, I would like you to pick a number between 1, 2 and 3 and look up the corresponding messages. Just set the intention that the most helpful message(s) may reach you through this post and go with the number that you intuitively feel drawn to.


Let’s go!

If you chose the number 1, your cards are ”Making a choice” and the Fool card in reverse.

These cards are saying that an important decision awaits and you have the free will to pick and choose your path. But, you may be resisting change due to the fear of the unknown or, perhaps, because you have become too comfortable with the familiar. Whether you like it or not, soon you will be pushed to choose between a few options. Choose wisely. Allow the energy of this New Moon to guide you towards making healthy changes which are good for you. Do not be afraid of taking that leap of faith. Step boldly in the direction that is calling you out.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the situations in your life are a result of the choices you have made in the past. There is no good or bad and there is no need to blame yourself or anyone else if you are not happy being where you are. Decide to forgive everyone involved, including yourself, and know that you still have the freedom to change the course you are on. You are the conscious creator of your life and right now, you are being guided to spend time contemplating on the choices in front of you. You create your own heaven and hell depending on what you choose to do and how you choose to react. Ask yourself – What path brings me peace and joy? Once you know which way to go, stop procrastinating and dive in.

If you chose the number 2, your cards are ”Fields of Dreams” and the Ace of Pentacles in reverse.

Indeed, this is a perfect time for you to sow new seeds and set new goals and intentions. You are in the perfect place in life to create something new. You have all the power and universal support needed to bring your dreams to fruition. But, but, but, the Ace of pentacles in reverse is asking you to first check back on what it is that you are trying to manifest. If you have been struggling to manifest something and it just isn’t happening, it may be time to look into what exactly it is that you want. Are your thoughts conflicted? Do you often keep going back and forth between two or more choices? Is it possible that you are being slightly unrealistic with your desires? Get clear and realistic.

For instance, if you are trying to lose weight, instead of setting the intention to lose 10 to 20 pounds in a week, maybe you can start with 5 pounds. This is not unrealistic and it will motivate you to keep going and reach your desired goals, in time. Setting the intention alone is not enough. You must also back up your intentions with action steps such as (in the example above) starting to work out, making the necessary dietary changes, motivating yourself to stick to a regime and so on.

Also, remember that some intentions may take time to come true. Be patient and trust in divine timing. Don’t give up. Always add the statement – this or something better – to your intentions and wishes.

If you chose the number 3, your cards are ”Rock Bottom” and the card 4 of swords.

The one word that strongly came to my mind when I looked at these cards is ”Surrender”. You may have reached the dead-end of a situation and may even find yourself hitting rock bottom. What now? The first thing that these cards are suggesting that you do is stop trying too hard. Let it go!

Surrendering is the most beautiful thing there is. It is when you decide to no longer try or push hard for something to happen, and you make space for divine intervention to occur in your life. Now is a time when you are being urged to practice acceptance. Humbly accept what is and allow your higher power to take charge of your situation. When you stop struggling, something beautiful happens. Doors open where none appeared before. Synchronistic events start showing up. Somehow, a way is always presented. Now is the time to let go of control issues.

It is also possible that something that you have been chasing after is not right for you. If you have tried hard to make things happen and still ended up in this place, then know that what you are seeking may not be the right thing for you (at least at this time). However, don’t lose heart. Your treasures lie elsewhere and this new path will soon show up. New Moon meditation will really help you at this time. Take a break for now and allow your higher power to take charge of your situation.

Let me know how these go and if the messages were helpful through your comments. Wishing you all a Blessed New Moon.

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