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The Dark Night of the Soul Reading

I want to start today’s reading by reintroducing Moon discussions. After experiencing an ebb and flow of emotions from Venus Retrograde which ended recently, some of us may be working on getting our life back in order. Many of us went through shifts in our personal relationships and home lives. There is a lot we may have learned during this phase which we may now be trying to process. This seems like a perfect day to do that because Moon is currently in the industrious sign of Capricorn, as we speak. Now is the time to pull yourself together and sort your life out. Capricornian energy favors goal-settings and working hard to reach those goals. What goals do you want to set for yourself for this month? What tasks do you want to accomplish by the end of this week? Think smart but take care to see that you don’t leave ”fun” out of the picture. Simmer down, take it easy and do the hakuna matata, if you feel like. The idea is to not overwork your body and mind while you are busy organizing your life.

The Moon is also waning in the night sky as days pass. This also energetically is a time to work on releasing resistance towards all the stuff that wants to get out of your life. It is normal to witness trapped emotions and an old habit come back to bite you at this time. If this is happening to you, relax and note that there is no better time to face your fears than now. Some of us may experience this process through a profound transformational shift while others may receive those ‘a-ha’ moments, guiding you to let the small stuff go. Holding the space for the Divine cosmic energy in my heart and mind, I drew three cards for us all from the Oracles of Shadows and Lights to help us gain some insight at this time. But wait up! That’s not all. You will also find a small intuitive post after this where you can pick a number and read the corresponding message for some more insight.

Below are the three cards that came up for us and here are my intuitive thoughts and insights on them. Please trust your own inner wisdom, too, if it is bringing up something different for you.

I feel that many of us as a collective may be going through a ‘dark night of the soul’ moment in our lives in varying degrees. The pitfalls that you recently faced may have brought a lot of information and revelations to the surface. You may be trying to hold onto to what is left and even working on rewriting the script of your life. Hold onto this knowledge, this revelation, and don’t worry if you find yourself in the midst of testing waters. Chances are, a lot of trapped emotions are coming up from your subconscious minds and many of you may be feeling as though you are drowning in thoughts and negative feelings. Perhaps, years of stuffed emotions are finding their way out and are asking for your approval and acknowledgment. If you didn’t feel what you should have felt during a past traumatic event, those feelings may now show up. The guidance lies in remaining calm in the midst of the storm. Yes, it can be challenging, but is it impossible? No. The Lantern fairy shows us that a clear solution is in the works. If you feel you have hit a brick wall, wait. Something important is going to come to light soon. A new idea, a way out, a solution, or even an important advice may come up, bringing you clarity on your next steps. Where you previously found no hope or solution, things begin shifting. All that is required of you at this time is to be calm and patient. Do not run from those pesky emotions. Invite them to overwhelm you. Feel them so that you can acknowledge their presence. The upcoming New Moon on April 26th will provide you with the perfect space to let everything undesirable, go and begin a new cycle. But you don’t have to wait until New Moon. When you are made aware of the problem and you know the solution that will best work for you, do it. Help is on the way! Submerge yourself in stillness (for now).

Now, pick a number between 1, 2 and 3 when you are calm and centered and see if the message below resonates.

If you picked the number 1, your cards speak of an important end and a new beginning occurring in your life. But it could be that you are stuck somewhere in between letting the old go and starting the new. It may seem as though nothing is changing despite all your efforts and you are caught in a limbo. Do not fret! Slowly, things are beginning to clear. You are receiving information, ideas, and insights. Your need to uncover the truth and get to the bottom of something will help you gain information. Give yourself time and know that you are very soon going to adopt a new way of doing things, which will work well for you. Some of you may have already felt a shift in the way you think and do things. This is good progress. Keep going! New learnings are in store.

If you picked the number 2, you may be having a tough time battling your raw emotions. Something may have recently changed in your life and your challenge now lies in finding your way out of the mess you feel you are in. You may also find a lot of anger and aggression coming to the fore. Know that you are being supported and guided by a higher power. You have access to spiritual help – help from the Universe/Divine power. Your guides and guardian angels are working very closely with you at this time, motivating you to not give up and helping you unmask your hidden strengths. Feel like you don’t have any strength left? Look again. Look within. You can do it and soon, this phase will be over. Your current lesson is to find that inner strength to help you make an important transition.

If you picked number 3, you guys are the intuitive lots. You may be seeing, feeling, and experiencing things which are beyond human explanation. This is how you derive your guidance. our sensitivity levels are high which could make you feel things deeply with a lot of intensity. This is a time for you to trust your inner truth. People around you may have different opinions and some may not even seem supportive of your beliefs and ideas. That’s alright. Your truth is yours alone and your guidance is taking you where your soul needs to go. Trust your feelings for this.

It will help to keep your emotions under check at this time. Detachment may seem a difficult practice for you but it is a great lesson that will benefit you on your journey. Watch out though! Any addictions could make it hard for you to navigate through your current path. Choose your company and actions, wisely. Give yourself plenty of TLC (tender loving care) and be truthful to yourself. Notice the patterns that areoccurringg in your life right now and know that if you keep repeating the same choices, you will end up with the same results.

I hope this helps. Sending you lots of Love.

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