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Tarot-Oracle Message for April 27th 2017

The Hermit, Judgment, & Soaring into Joy

The New Moon energy is still alive and kicking and today, the Hermit is showing us that something is about to be revealed. We gain this insight by stilling our mind and shifting our awareness inward. In quiet moments of contemplation, we gain wisdom and guidance. Offer yourself this gift of momentary solitude. A rejuvenating walk outside, meditation, solo activities, reading a book while sipping from a delicious cup of tea, temporarily disconnecting from worldly chatter and social media, are some ways in which you can get in touch with your Hermit-side, today.

By tapping into this wisdom, guidance, and awareness, we free ourselves from the prison of the past and invite new energy into our life. This is a time of deep transformation. It is almost like a second birth for many of us. Do not be afraid to face those fears and blind spots where light is being shone at this time. Judgment card encourages you to let go of past burdens and prepare for a new and exhilarating life.

Our Oracle card today is ‘Soaring into Joy’. Don’t think this is a day of serious introspection just because the Hermit has popped up in our reading. You can be hermit-like and still have fun. What makes you happy? What brings you pleasure? Happiness is a state of mind and you don’t have to struggle to get into this state. Find joy in the simplest of things in life and let the child within you come out to play. Find joy in the small things you do and it will return to you in bigger ways.

Angel Blessings

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