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Tarot-Oracle Message for April 28th 2017

Ace of cups, King of cups & Fiona

Today, we are greeted by the Ace of Cups. A new emotional beginning or experience awaits us. Creativity and inspiration flow effortlessly. The emptiness you felt within your soul is replaced with feelings of joy and fulfillment. But remember that these feelings are fleeting in nature. So make the best of it.

The King of cups shows us how. Your day may involve coming in contact with a compassionate, jovial, and emotionally balanced person. This is the type of person who can warm your soul on a cold night and give you plenty of TLC.

Our guidance is to focus on the abundance and goodness in our lives. Engage in artistic activities. Attend that art exhibition, watch a play, tantalize your taste buds with a scrumptious meal, or spend some quality time with your loved ones. Exude love and compassion towards every soul you encounter. Spread the good vibes.

Angel Fiona congratulates us for a job well done with the recent New Moon in Taurus. Your prayers and intentions have been heard and your Angels are already busy with the manifestation work. By opening your heart and arms to the Universe/God and asking for help, you have instantaneously made room for your desire to find it’s way to you. Sit back and relax, now. Enjoy a glass of wine or whatever tickles your fancy, knowing that you will receive clear guidance on what you need to do next. From here on its pure magic. Believe and don’t let your faith waver.

Angel Blessings

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