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Angel-Tarot Guidance for April 30th 2017

Ace of Cups, Ace of Pentacles, & Rochelle

Happy Sunday, folks! Our Angel card of the day sums up today’s guidance message very well. Follow the guidance of your heart and prosperity will make its way into your life. Don’t delay. Do it now. 

What is prosperity to you? To many of us, it is money. Let’s face it! We need money to survive. Those bills are not going to be paid through positive vibes or hugs and kisses. God and the Angels understand this and are more than happy to help you achieve your financial goals. Their help often comes in the form of guidance of your heart. When you pray, set an intention, or ask for help, notice the ideas and messages that you start receiving. This is not your imagination. This is your Angels showing you the way and inspiring you to take action.

Many of you have already received some brilliant ideas that are propelling you to take action. Many of you will start receiving these ideas soon. Take these inspiring and creative ideas and channel them into your physical world by taking action steps. If you feel like applying for a new job, take action. If you are being guided to reach out to someone who can help you, do it. If you feel a strong urge to do something that doesn’t make sense at this point, go ahead and do it anyway. You will be amazed at the connection and synchronicity later on. 

While prosperity can most times translate to money, to some of us, it could also mean having more peace, joy, love, or good health. Whatever prosperity means to you, Angel Rochelle is gently asking us to pay heed to the stirring in our hearts and without delay, take action. Use your gifts, inspiration, and talents to open new doors and sources of income. Don’t worry about the big picture at this time. Just focus on the next step and the rest will unravel effortlessly.

Angel Blessing 

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