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Dear Aquarians,

This is a month of new beginnings for you. The new beginning I speak of is not the birth of a project or idea. This new beginning carries a huge shift in your life. It is about embracing a completely new path without even knowing where it is going to take you. Your advice – go with the flow and trust the process of life. A brand new chapter awaits to be written. You are likely to feel more casual, carefree, and liberated on some levels this month, Aquarians. There is a childlike quality to you. While taking risks are sometimes important in life, make sure you don’t end up taking too many uncalculated ones. Your strength is likely to be tested this month when it comes to dealing with the outside environment. You may even find yourself in a competitive environment. Use your natural skills and gifts to empower you. Steer clear of arguments and conflict.

Your magical message this month speaks of raising your vibration. You may need to undergo a cleansing of sorts to help increase your energy. On a physical level, this could mean eating clean and healthy and possibly even going on a detox. On an emotional and mental level, this could mean purging through old beliefs and hidden feelings. Engage yourself in activities that help you feel good and energized. Keep your energy bright and shiny by focusing on those things that support and uplift you.

Your lucky color this month is Peach. This color invigorates you and fills you up with new life and energy. Incorporate it into your life and allow it to work its magic. You can even consume the delicious fruit.

WORK & FINANCES: The theme of ‘new beginning’ is also making its way into your work life, Aquarians. A new opportunity or idea is likely to sweep you off your feet this month. This new energy brings a breath of positivity and hope in your work life. It could be the birth of a project or it could even mean starting a new job. The law of attraction is seen working strongly in your career path this month. So if you feel hopeful and visualize success, lo and behold, you will see doors of opportunity opening up for you. However, do the opposite and you may be met with delays and disappointments. Careful what you put out into the cosmos. This is also it is important to raise your vibration so that you become a magnet that attracts only high vibrational and positive things.

You may be met with some unfortunate circumstances or situations this month which can affect your finances, Aquarians. Partnerships don’t show promising signs as well and a reality check may be dished out your way regarding some investment choices you made earlier. If you have saved for a rainy day, you will find the strength to start afresh and learn from your past mistakes. If not, then this month could be a bit challenging.

LOVE: The single Aquarians are likely to enjoy peaceful, solitary moments in June. You may have a bunch of admirers waiting and wanting to woo you, however, you may be more inclined towards enjoying your single status than going on dates and hooking up. This month is about showing yourself some love. Do things that make you feel good. This is a good time to go on a retreat and connect with nature. Even if you feel tempted to jump into a relationship, it is best to delay taking this plunge and observe things at first.

In established relationships, you and your partner may prefer taking a practical approach to overcoming any misunderstandings and issues. If you are going through a difficult time in your partnership, the best thing to do would be to detach and step back a little. Give each other some space. Gain perspective and come back to the issue at hand later.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Your health and the general state of wellbeing may need some attention this month, Aquarians. There could be a lot going on in the hidden recesses of your mind which could lead to moodiness, substance abuse, and even a mild sense of depression. Do not hesitate to seek help if you are finding it hard to cope with any issue. Hidden fears could rise to the surface, as well. Archangel Raphael is guiding you to look into alternative medicine to treat some of the issues you may be facing healthwise. In any case, take good care of yourself and seek qualified medical support where necessary.

Angel Blessings

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