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Dear Capricorns,

This month is about sowing the right seeds and patiently waiting for them to bloom. If you are tired of waiting for things to take off the ground, June may bring in slightly more delays. Use this time to nurture yourself, your dreams, and pay attention to areas that need your attention. Rest assured that soon you will start noticing your hard work paying off. Consider this a time of the year where what you focus your energy and attention on will pay off huge dividends in the days and months to come. Some of you may have important choices to make this month. Go slow. Take in all the information and do your research well.

Something new is in the works for you, Capricorn and your magical message this month is showing that you are about to receive new ideas and inspirations that will push you forward on a new path. Act on these ideas. You are on the right path and these new inspirational ideas are divinely directed. Also, the Universe and your Angels bring you a gentle reminder to smile more often. A smile is contagious. Smile heals, both you and those around you.

Your lucky color this month is Indigo – a color mainly associated with the third eye chakra. This color is helping you improve your vision, Capricorns. It will help you gain clarity and a higher sense of understanding. It will help you birth those new ideas which are so strongly coming forth this month. Work on clearing and balancing this chakra point and include Indigo more often in your everyday life.

WORK & FINANCES: This is a positive and action-oriented month for work and finances, dear Capricorn. As I was saying earlier, the birth of something new is on your cards and this could take the form of a project, a new business idea, or even a new job for some of you. You are likely to notice a new shift in your work life. People admire you for your strength, charisma, and self-confidence. Speaking of confidence, it will be the key that will open many doors for you and win you more admirers. Use your networking skills wisely and do more business interactions by stepping out of your comfort zone. Accept invites to social gatherings and parties. You never know who you meet and how it can open doors for your business and career.

Financially too, you are in a powerful and secure position this month. Your finances give you the liberty to take new risks and invest in ventures. If you are the owner of a business, your business is surrounded by many wonderful opportunities. A small word of caution though – in your eagerness and enthusiasm, be sure to dig deeper and look beyond the surface when making important financial deals.

LOVE: There could be some conflict and tension in your personal life this month, Single Capricorns. You may feel as if everyone is out to get you. Pick your battles wisely and where possible, avoid arguments. This may not be the best of months to find love, Capricorns. Time alone is indicated on your cards and there could be a sense of loneliness that could accompany you. You may feel as though no one understands you. Some of you may voluntarily detach yourself from the need to date or find love while others may have no choice. Take this time to get to know yourself better and don’t let your emotions take you on a roller coaster ride.

Those of you in an established relationships will also need to watch your back and not come across as being mean and selfish. Some moments of conflict and hurt are seen on your cards this month. Often, the need to be right and prove you are right can cause more harm than good. Make your interactions gentler and let go of control issues. Find peaceful ways of communicating and remember that it takes two to tango. Work on your partnerships.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: This is a positive month for your health and well-being. Improvements are underway. This month, your guidance is to make sure you have a second opinion on anything related to your health and wellbeing. Do not be too ready to trust everything you see and hear. If you are undergoing a treatment, take a second opinion from another qualified medical practitioner. If you are about to kick start a new routine or regime, make sure you get more info. Don’t put your blind faith on a single source of information.

Angel Blessings

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