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Dear Leo,

June may present challenges in your life but know that you are equipped to deal with them, as long as you believe in yourself and muster the inner strength to persevere. Prepare yourself to face any obstacles and strengthen your boundaries. A proactive approach is needed this month. You will also need to respect authority and play it by the rules, Leo. Sticking to traditional practices and tried and tested methods will work in your favor as opposed to taking the unconventional route. Take the guidance of a trusted and qualified guide or advisor when making big decisions. This is not the time to question the status quo and take uncalculated risks. Some of you may find a teacher or guide who will show you the way forward out of a current conundrum.

Your Magical message for June is to use the power of music to help you manifest your goals. Music carries vibrations that can help you align your own vibrations to attract your desires. Choose to listen to uplifting and positive music. You may even choose to play an instrument or chant a mantra to help you get focused and bring in good chi into your life. At the same time, avoid listening to music with a harsh and negative tune and lyrics, simultaneously.

Your lucky color for June is the shade of Plum. Plum helps you overcome challenges by acquainting you with the guidance of your heart. It offers you the courage to deal with challenges and come out a winner. Include this color in your daily life in June. You may even choose to include the fruit in your diet.

WORK & FINANCES: If things were moving slowly at work, expect movement and fast-paced action in June, Leos. You are likely to receive a happy news this month. Archangel Gabriel is indicating that this month marks a new beginning for you. This could take the form of a new job, a project, a profitable idea, etc. Stay positive. If you have been waiting to hear from an organization or are awaiting news concerning your business, June is your month.

Financially, this is a positive month to start your own business and make personal investments. You may come across a charismatic figure who will offer you sound financial advice. You are likely to feel powerful and in control. Take risks but calculated ones, Leo.

LOVE: The Single Leos may face some disappointments in their personal life. Nevertheless, the Angels are guiding you to allow your youthful side to shine as this will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. What is the point of dwelling in losses, anyway?! Singles, if you want to attract romance, then you must let go of your focus on past romantic failures. Move on and explore new possibilities that await you.

Leos in existing partnerships may have to deal with a legal situation this month. If you have been awaiting the results of a legal proceeding, June will bring you answers and results. It is also important to keep your relationship balanced and know that what you give to your relationships now will pay off in the months to come. Your goals, as a couple, are about to be realized soon. Get focused on what you really want and your Angels will help you achieve it.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: You may encounter a few challenges when it comes to your health in June, Leo, but you also possess the strength to overcome them. Focus on strengthening your body. Do exercises and workouts that help strengthen your muscles. Archangel Raphael is guiding you to pay special importance to your intuitive feelings this month when it comes to your wellbeing.

Angel Blessings 

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