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Dear Sagittarians,

June’s energy brings major transformations in your life. On some level, you will begin to experience a shift, an ending of sorts. Endings often are scary and unpleasant, but don’t you worry. Remember that what appears scary and disappointing now will actually lead to something brilliant and worthwhile soon. This end is liberating and will energize you to go on new adventures and chase new passion. Just leave the past where it belongs.

Your magical message for this month is to be positive; a simple message which is often hard to execute. The Angels are reminding you of the power of your words and thoughts and are saying that this month, they will rapidly manifest. So, if you are witnessing negative experiences, it’s time to take note of your thoughts and the words you are using in your everyday speech. Instead of worrying, pray and meditate. Surrender to the divine.

Your lucky color this month is Gold and guess what Gold indicates? Abundance, of course. Use the color gold during your meditations or however you wish to (get creative) allow abundance on all levels to flow into your life.

WORK & FINANCES: The ending that we earlier spoke of (and some unpleasant experiences) may occur at work or on your career path this month. While you cannot avoid certain things and go back and undo what is already done, you can still make the best of what you have. Count your blessings and focus your attention on what remains. Opportunities are available to you. But you may be fixating on losses, which can prevent you from making the best of what you have, Archers. Pay heed. You may also find yourself giving speeches and partaking in teaching, guiding, and mentorship roles.

Financially, things look bright, Archers. This is the time of the year where your past efforts and investments may show signs of return. Your rewards will depend on the decisions you made earlier. If you are thinking of investing your money, try to do so in more than one place. If you run a business that has a global outreach, this month brings positive news for you. Money is likely to come from various sources. You can also keep a golden colored or a gold object at your workspace to attract more abundance.

LOVE: The single Archers hold the power to manifest loving relationships this month. Your positive approach toward your love life will bring you romance (or at least set the wheels in motion). Some of you single men and women are about to get hitched. While some of you are likely to meet an interesting person who will give you the butterflies in your stomach. The most important thing to remember this month when it comes to attracting a relationship Archers is that the Universe is listening and you have the power to attract the partner you desire. Remember, as I was saying earlier, focus on being positive.

For the committed Archers also, this is a positive month. News of pregnancy is on your cards. A quick getaway with your beloved will be beneficial. Even if you can’t take off somewhere quiet, create those quiet moments in your personal space. Indulge and focus on pampering your senses. Think of partaking in relaxation activities together. If your relationship has been sailing through testing waters, your efforts to make it work are likely to pay off now.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Archers, it is important to pay attention to your sleep cycle this month and make sure you are not burning the midnight oil too often. If you are a nocturnal person, your body may be craving for the early morning rays of the sun. Weakness in bones and lethargy could be a result of the lack of vitamin D. Sunlight is going to benefit you in many ways right now. Work with your solar plexus and sacral chakra more this month. If your health has been under the weather for some time, June brings healing and restoration.

Angel Blessings

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