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Dear Scorpio,

June is quite an important month of the year for you. The energy of this month is about taking charge of your life and moving forward. It is about knowing that you are in the driver’s seat and can steer your life in whatever direction you choose to. Discipline will be needed to achieve your goals this month. Don’t let distractions meddle with your focus. Important travels are likely to take place as well, possibly overseas. An aspect of your life is nearing completion or has already come to an end. Tie up all loose ends and get excited about the next adventure that awaits. Get done with what no longer resonates with you. This month also favors global affairs.

Your magical message this month is guiding you to develop an abundance state of mind. Financial healing is on its way into your life. Take note of the guidance you receive. If money has been a concern lately, June will usher in prosperity. Keep a positive mindset and let the Universe know what you wish to attract through affirmations, visualizations, and prayers. If you focus on lack, you will make way for more of it. Choose your thoughts, carefully.

Your lucky color this month is Cyan which is a shade of blue. The message of this color for you is to build your confidence. Don’t question of capabilities. Instead, focus on your strengths. Believe that you can do better and you will.

WORK & FINANCE: Important communication is taking place at work, Scorpio, and engaging with the media in any form (video, audio, print, and online) will be highly beneficial for you. Network. Advertise. Reach more people. Spread more awareness about your business. Some of you may also be in the spotlight this month and may reach a wider network of the audience because of the work you do.

Your finances look good this month and as we already saw earlier, financial healing is on your cards. This month will put you back in the place of power. If you have been wanting to invest in your own business or a project, you will find the necessary resources to make that happen.

LOVE: Things are looking up for the single Scorpios this month. If you have been through a difficult phase off-late, June brings hope, restoration and good tidings in matters of the heart. This is also a good time to focus on nurturing your body, mind, and soul. Take good care of yourself. Do things that help you grow and get better. This will make you deliciously attractive to potential dates, as well.

Scorpios in an established relationship have a lot to look out for from the cosmos. This month is about experiencing divine love. It is about connecting to your higher self and nourishing your spiritual connection. Youthful energy surrounds your love life and you may decide to go on a quick retreat or travel to spice things up. Do it. Bring the energy of fun and playfulness into your life.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Expect miracles this month when it comes to health and well-being, Scorpios. Your health is likely to be on an upswing. You may feel more youthful and radiant and might I add, slightly accident prone, too. Avoid engaging in high-risk activities. You are also being reminded of the power to let go and allow things to happen. Easy does it.

Angel Blessings

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