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Dear Virgo,

The energy of June is that of accomplishments, celebrations, and success. A goal or dream is very likely to be realized leading to joy. Did I say celebrations? It looks like you may find yourself invited to take part in social gatherings, parties, get-togethers, etc. which adds a playful theme to this month. Matters related to home will be important. Thinking of investing in real estate, purchasing a home, or relocating? This is your month. Your guidance this month is to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t hold back from pampering yourself. You have earned it. While you are in a position to offer help, be of service to the masses. Do something for someone in need.

Your magical message for June speaks of trusting and going with your true feelings. Don’t let others choose or decide for you. Be open to suggestions but listen to what your heart is saying. What do you want?

Your lucky color this month is Violet and it is guiding you to create balance in your life. While security and stability are the theme of the month for you, pay attention to those areas of your life which are ignored or out of balance. Include the color violet in your everyday life to help you achieve this.

WORK & FINANCES: This may not be an eventful month as far as work goes, Virgo. You may experience the feeling of being stuck. But to be frank, you hold the key to finding your way out of this limbo. Be willing to change your perspective and try to do things differently than you are used to. Archangel Gabriel is reminding you of the saying – practice makes perfect – this month. A task related to work will require you to practice enough to achieve perfection. This could be a new assignment, project, or responsibility. Whatever it is that you feel you lack or are bad at, know that with daily practice and your willingness to learn, you will get better at it in time.

Partnerships will bode well this month for your finances. A joint venture is likely to pay off. Most of your money is likely to be spent in activities that will make you feel good.

LOVE: The single Virgo needs to watch out for deception in their love life this month. You may find that the people you meet have this air of falseness around them. Don’t be too ready to dive into something just going by the appearances. You may not be seeing the real side of a person and only time will tell how genuine someone is. But otherwise, this looks like a busy month for you, Virgo. Other responsibilities may keep your schedule tight, making it difficult for you make time for love and dating. If you want to find love, you will have to make the effort and make time to find love.

The committed Virgos have a rejuvenating month in store. If your relationship has seen some rocky times in the recent past, June brings hope and restoration. Your relationship is likely to show signs of improvement. One tip though – enjoy each moment of your life and fall in love with yourself. Self-love and being centered in the present moment will make you deliciously attractive.

HEALTH & WELL-BEING: If your health has been of concern lately, Virgo, improvement is underway in June. But this will require a lot of strength on your part. We’re talking about inner strength and a never-give-up attitude. Archangel Raphael is guiding you to make time for meditation this month. If you already meditate, be prepared to receive insights and guidance during those serene moments. If you don’t, then explore the topic of meditation. There are different types of meditations you can do. Find the one that works for you. Make a start.

Angel Blessings

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