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Weekly Zodiac Guidance – 5th to 11th June 2017

Hello, all You Awesome people!

Here are some guidance messages for us all for the upcoming week. I hope these serve you well. Like I always say, please take what resonates with you and leave the rest out. If there is something here that you don’t like or connect with, don’t let it disturb you.

These are general readings meant for us all as a collective. If you have more personalized questions for me, please feel free to book a reading with me by writing to [email protected] I look forward to serving you.

With that little note, let’s take a look at the signs


This week is about giving birth to new things in your life, Aries. The Empress brings you divine opportunities and creative ideas that you can put to use at this time. These creative nudges will flow to you more easily when you are close to nature. So spend time in your garden, talk a walk in the park, absorb the cleansing energy of a beach or river if you have access to one. And don’t forget to take excellent care of your body and mind. Nurturing and self-love is needed this week for you guys. As for advice, this week is about allowing changes to happen. That which is making an exit out of your life is going away for a reason. Let it go. Move on.


This week for you is about getting in touch with your passionate side, fiery, go-getter side, Taureans. Pursue your dreams and visions. Do not hold back from taking the reigns and leading others. Your leadership qualities will really come in handy. As for advice, you need to pay attention to your thoughts at this time. You may be prone to overthinking this week. You may even find yourself questioning your self-worth, doubting your abilities, and imagining the worse possible outcome. Remember that this week asks for your leadership and charismatic side to come to the fore. Believe in yourself. You can do it.


Two of Pentacles. This week can be a handful for you, Gemstars. You may find yourself juggling between several things and trying to maintain a balance in your life. Time management will be important now. Don’t take on more than you can handle. You will also need to pay attention to how you manage your finances. Money is coming your way but may also be spent as quickly. Your advice this week is to get in touch with your compassionate, gentle, and emotionally mature side. In the midst of all the humdrum, don’t forget to give and receive love. Do not isolate yourself from others. Stay connected.


This week’s energy is focused on your personal relationships. This could be your relationship with others or even yourself. You may have the chance to start a realistic partnership at this time. While we are encouraged to follow our hearts and listen to our true feelings, this week also requires you to be practical and mature with your decisions. Listen to your heart but do not overlook the consequences and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Do not be swayed by words and emotions alone. Let action guide you forward.


Good times await you this week, Leo. A project or venture that you started or are a part of holds a good chance of reaching completion, leading to a sense of security, accomplishment, and celebration. You are likely to lay a successful foundation for the future at this time and may even sign new contracts. Congratulations on a good job! Since celebration is a theme of the week, your social calendar may be pretty occupied, as well. Keeping the fun bit aside, do not ignore your priorities and pay special attention to any legal situation this week. Make sure you check and re-check all the documents and the fine print.


Felt like you were stuck in a loop of unfortunate events lately, Virgo? Take a sigh of relief as this week things will begin to move upward and look brighter for you. One phase comes to an end leading to the next. It would be best to go with the flow and embrace change, Virgo. This week is also great for partnerships and dates. You may even reunite and reconnect with an old friend. Your love life could be taking a positive turn and you are likely to meet someone new and interesting. Or if you are already in a partnership, you and your partner are about to experience some joyous moments together. Partnerships look good at this time whether personal or professional.


Librans, watch out as you may be about to receive some important epiphanies this week. Got a new idea? Explore and act on it. Expand your vision and dream big. Communication of all kinds is going to play an important role. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. A truth of a matter may also be revealed this week which could lead to a greater understanding of a situation. Sometimes though, truth can act like a double-edged sword and hurt, too. Nevertheless, you are likely to receive clarity this week which will allow you to weigh your options and explore new horizons.


The energy of the week ahead looks brilliant for you, Scorpions. A new opportunity is seen knocking on your door that brings with it the promise of stability and growth. More commitment and dedication will be required now. Your advice this week is to tie up all loose ends from the past. Finish any pending tasks so that you don’t get overwhelmed while handling new ones. Some of you may receive the chance to be part of a global network. Your business may also reach a wider audience which may go beyond your current location. If you are planning on applying for a job outside your country or are awaiting results for an overseas job, this week may turn all cards in your favor.


This week, you may begin a new journey that involves learning new things, Archers. You may have to assume the role of a student once again and be open to accumulating knowledge. Your organization skills may be also be put to test. Don’t make it all about work this week. Appreciate the non-tangible things in your life as well such as the people who care for you and the wonderful things that life has blessed you with. Some of you may even receive a gift or a pleasant surprise this week.


This week is about slowing down and making time for rejuvenation, rest, and relaxation dear Capricorn. Being the hard workers of the zodiac, workaholism is something you need to watch out. Make room for self-care activities and don’t be in a rush. Lady justice is smiling at you this week. She is about to reward you for your past efforts. This week may also give you a reality check in case you have not been focusing on areas where you should be. The consequences of past deeds will make itself felt more strongly this week.


This week’s energy is about evaluating where you are and exploring new possibilities, Aquarians. To some of you, this may be the time to plant new seeds and watch them develop patiently. While for some of you, this may be harvest time from past efforts. You may also find that several options are available to you now and you can explore new possibilities and avenues. Take your time in making your decision. Go over each option carefully and see what resonates with you. Your advice this week is to expand your vision and plan for the future, Aquarians. A new path is calling you out.


Balance is what you should be aiming to achieve this week, Pisces and should totally avoid going to the extremes with anything. A well-balanced life gives you fewer things to complain of. Pay attention to all those areas and situations in your life that need attention. Learn to work with what you have instead of complaining about what is missing. This week bodes well for business and all practical matters. You may find that work-related matters may keep you on the move. Do not ignore the needs of your family and loved ones, while being busy. Financially, stability prevails.

Angel Blessings

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