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Weekly Zodiac Guidance for June 12th to 18th 2017


Ariens, you may encounter some challenges this week which could lead to disappointment. Handle your relationships with others carefully. While ups and downs are a part and parcel of life, Spirit is reminding you that you are not alone and even in the midst of seeming upsets, if you ask for guidance, you will receive the support and help you need. Don’t let your faith waver. This week’s message is also reminding you to not waste any more of your precious time focusing on past failures. A new story is waiting to be written. Only when you shift your focus from what is gone to what remains.


Patience is the virtue to embody this week, Taureans. In case you are waiting to see the results of a past effort pay off, you may experience some delays. Don’t let this disappoint you. Trust in divine timing. Your hard work will not go unnoticed. You may have some choices to make this week in which case, spirit suggests you take a good look at your options before zeroing in on something. Your guidance this week is to stick to your beliefs no matter how badly you are being challenged from the outside. Do not lower your standards. If something or someone offends you and your beliefs, it is time to let them go.


This week is favoring partnerships and spirit is guiding you to work with others, Geminians. Allow the barriers you have built around your heart to dissolve and welcome outside help. You have a greater chance at success by joining hands with others. In relationships, be more expressive and share your feelings with others instead of bottling things up. A prudent attitude is necessary when dealing with your resources. Hold onto to your pennies. This may not be the right time to make expensive investments.


Your compassionate and caring nature earns your respect and puts you on top of your game, Cancerians. You know by now to not get carried away by emotions and have learned to deal with emotional issues more maturely. This week, you may serve as a guide to others dealing with emotional situations. Inspire and uplift dear Cancerians. Shine your light as brightly as you can as it is needed in this world now more than ever. If you have experienced challenging times off-late, this week may feel a lot more stable. Let your heart decide for you this week, Cancerians. Focus more on things that make you feel good and remember, if it doesn’t feel good, then it’s not worth it.


Reflect on your dreams and acknowledge the progress you have made so far, dear Leo. The Universe is about to grant your wishes so careful what you wish for. Count your blessings and take a break from the rat race to gather your strength and energy. This week carries positive energy into your life. You may even witness the fulfillment of a dream. Spirit is guiding you to work closely with others at this time. By joining hands with friends and good souls who are willing to help you, you will accomplish so much more. Know who your allies are.


Time to be brave and confident in your approach, Virgo. This week brings you blessed opportunities and favorable results if you are willing to take the necessary action steps and do what needs to be done without procrastination. Do not be paralyzed by fear, doubts, and laziness. You are required to take certain steps which will lead you in the right direction and you know what these steps are. Put on your conversational and charismatic cloak and be open to socializing this week. A magnetic aura surrounds you and you have a vibe that will draw the right people close to you. Be willing to put yourself out there and ask what you need.


You may feel more at peace in solitude this week, Libra. A sense of detachment may engulf you. Honor this need to disconnect and take the time out to engage in self-reflection. The answers you seek, the solutions you are after, and the inspiration you are looking for are all within you already. You just need to still your mind so that you can access this knowledge. Do not force yourself to do anything that you don’t feel like. Your concentration power appears to be high this week and you will uncover a lot from whatever you focus your attention on. Feel like learning something new? Go for it! This week’s energy favors all learning endeavors. This is a good time to set your intentions and connect with the Universe to guide you on your path.


Spirit wants to let you know that you are not alone and the moment you are open for guidance and assistance from the cosmos, it will be presented to you. Keep the faith, Scorpios. Trust in divine intelligence to take care of you and your needs. This week, you may walk down memory lane and feel more nostalgic. You may even reunite or hear from someone from your past. Past efforts are likely to pay off. If you are seeking help or answers, looking back on past events and situations may serve you well. Some pleasant surprises are also in store for you this week, Scorpios.


This is a positive week for relationships, Archers. Your chances of meeting someone special are high and some of you may even drop the single status and enter a new relationship. Partnership is the keyword for this week and both personal and professional unions are favored. If you have had a row with a close one, you will have the chance this week to work on solving your differences. Spirit is guiding you to evaluate your relationships with others this week. be a better judge of who really love you and care for you. There are those who bring out the best in you and then there are those who’s presence may be doing more damage to you than good. Keep the former and let go of the latter.


A situation may test your limits this week, Capricorns. But instead of trying to fix the un-fixable, you are better off moving on. Don’t try to excuse yourself into staying put in situations that are negative and have nothing to offer you. Your time and energy can be used in other fruitful pursuits. Be open to embarking on this new journey of exploration. Spirit is guiding you to spend more time in nature. Nature not only heals but also refreshes and rejuvenate your soul. A breath of fresh air is all you may need this week to pump back inspiration into your body and help you tap into new insights.


Some of the changes that you are experiencing are part of your metamorphosis, Aquarians. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. This week’s energy is likely to reward you for your past efforts. You will begin noticing the results for past decisions and investments that you have made. If you are about to make an important choice, I suggest you explore your options really well. Do not rush into decision-making.


This week’s energy will open up the channels of prosperity and abundance for you, Pisces. Keep your mind and heart open to receiving help as this help may come through an influential person or friend who will be willing to help you achieve heights of success. There is a sense of accomplishment and stability in the air this week. Savor your success and don’t forget to treat yourself and your loved ones for the good work you have done. This is also a favorable week to work on setting new goals for yourself and getting focused.


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