with Sonnyaa Siingh


If you haven’t already, pick a number between 1, 2 and 3 for your Faery guidance message and scroll down to read the corresponding message.

If you chose card 1, your message is ”Be Yourself”. A very important reminder that we all need from time to time. Probably because we doubt ourselves so much and often, try to change who we are to please others or to simply fit in.

The Faeries are guiding you to ‘Be yourself’. To trust your plans, your intuition, your heart and what you really want. Your situation demands authenticity. Instead of following or copying others, let your own inspiration guide you.

Have you been doubting yourself, lately? Time to put your faith in YOU. You are capable of achieving the dream you are after by simply trusting your inner guidance and not being swayed by what others have to say. Listen to all suggestions, but go with the choice or guidance that resonates with your heart. You are enough dear one.

If you chose card 2, your card is ‘Healing, Healed, Healer’. Healing energy surrounds you at this time. You have asked for help concerning a situation and now Spirit is bringing this help to you by first healing the situation. Whether you need help healing a wounded heart, an unstable bank account, relationship issues, childhood trauma or any aspect of your life that has caused much pain, know that divine energy surrounds you now.

Often, the process of healing can be stormy and may seem painful, too. Do not be afraid of this pain. Feel it, know it, and then release it. This pain has a lesson for you and when you acknowledge this lesson, you speed up your healing process. Do not overlook or hide from the discomfort for this very feeling holds the key to your healing. Invite the healing Faeries and Angels to support you at this time or to lead you to a qualified healing practitioner who can assist you now.

Things will start looking up soon. Keep the faith and keep it going knowing in your heart that the current phase you are in is working for you and not against you.

If you chose card 3, your card is ”Winter”. One obvious message this card brings to you is that what you are working on or have asked for will fully materialize in the winter season/months. This card also brings you the message of patience. Your vision will come to pass, your prayers will be answereded. But you may have to wait a little longer. Divine timing is at play in your life.

Winter isn’t really a month where a lot gets done. We tend to become lazy. And so, this card is also bringing you the message to overcome procrastination and start working towards your dreams and goals. Your hard work now will result in wonderful rewards in the days and months to come. Make plans for the future, set goals, and get started at fulfilling them. It is a step by step process but you will get to your destination in time as long as you are working towards it now.

If your life feels Winter-y at the moment where very little is taking place and everything seems stuck, then know that this is just a phase and like passing seasons, you will soon be greeted with Spring and Summer. Take this time to do some self-evaluation by noting how far you have come, what worked and what didn’t and what you can set out to do in the coming days that can help you on your path. It’s time to contemplate.

Angel and Faery Blessings

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