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Weekly Tarot-scopes for June 19th to 25th 2017


This week’s energy brings fun, celebration, and good tidings for you, Ariens.  Financial assistance is also seen coming from a third party. If you have been single-handedly dealing with a problem, take a sigh of relief as the Universe will send you help this week. You are likely to receive help in unexpected ways. But in order to attract this help, you should learn to let go and have fun. Do not let worry and stress get the best of you. The Universe works faster when you are having fun (in the words of Gabby Bernstein). You may also want to consider how to give back to the world for the abundance and good things that have come your way. Engage in charitable deeds this week. It is in giving that we receive more. Keep your relationships balanced.

Your ability to initiate plans is called for this week, Taureans. This week demands action and encourages you to go after your passion. Let your inspiration guide you forward. Be bold and have faith in yourself and your vision. This week’s energy is also favorable for those of you who are ready to take risks and also to those who own a business. Be sure to act on those creative nudges you have been receiving. The Angels are also showing that a miracle is about to unfold in your life, Taureans. No matter how hard life may seem at this point, don’t lose hope. Things always have a way of working out and the Angels of miracles are by your side, waiting to bring miraculous solutions to your problems. Let them into your heart.


Were you about to give up on some of your dreams, Gemstars? Well, hold on! This week’s energy may turn the tables and bring you news you can use. Past projects that you have invested in are likely to show signs of success. You are likely to hear back from people and places you were tired of waiting for. This week brings the energy of growth and new beginnings into your life. The message the Angels have for you is – Begin your new life. Don’t hold onto past failures now, Gemstars. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you too are about to overcome your challenges and start afresh. Make wise choices this time.


Cancerians, this week could bring in some ups and downs especially where your finances are concerned. Be more judicious when it comes to your spendings. Your intuition is heightened and it can help you make the right decisions this week. If you are in two minds about something, trust your intuition to guide you in choosing the best option. Do not ignore any tell-tale signs and the voice within when it comes to placing your trust on others. You will also need to manage your time well this week if you are to get any work done. Cut back on distractions and put your multi-tasking skills to test.


Some fears have been holding you back from making progress, Leo, and this week, you have the opportunity to face and release them. Your mind could be telling you things that aren’t true. Illusions may block your clarity. A practical approach will be needed to navigate through this week. Keep yourself firmly rooted in the reality. ground yourself from time to time or connect to the earth’s energy by walking barefoot on the grass whenever you feel stressed and confused. This week’s energy bodes well for business and practical matters, though. You may also receive help and guidance from a practical, successful, and grounded person. Hard work is needed to accomplish all small and big goals now. The fruits of your labor will be rich, sweet, and rewarding.


You may be getting tired of facing challenges back to back, Virgo, and may even be on the verge of giving up on something that you have worked hard at. But your guidance this week is to hang in there. Don’t throw in the towel now when you are close to accomplishing your goals. A resilient attitude is needed this week along with some time to rejuvenate your energy. In matters of the heart, you may be blocking out love by raising too many walls around you, Virgos. Time to lower these walls and let love in. The only thing that you may want to seriously think of raising this week are your standards. Do not settle for less. Think of yourself as deserving of good things and good things you shall receive.


This week asks for your focus and discipline in order to accomplish your goals, Librans. You may find yourself in a responsible role, perhaps, even acting as a leader. Or, you may be working closely with someone who demands this discipline from you. Keep your vision high and your decisions free of emotions. Do what is best for your long-term wellbeing than settle for short-term gains. You have the power and energy to create a secure future for yourself. This week will help you bring more security and stability into your life if things have been unpredictable off-late. The Universe will help you achieve your dreams the moment you get clear about what you want, Librans. Identify your true desires first.


This week, you possess the magic to make things happen, Scorpios. You are ready to start new things. You have the ideas, plans, and resources at your disposal. All that is required is that you take action and put these gifts and tools to use. There is a difference between saying and doing things. This week’s energy is pushing you to take that first step even if you are feeling unprepared (You are ready!). Communication plays an important role in our lives and this week, your conversational skills will serve you well depending on how you use it. Communicate your needs, vision, and ideas clearly. On a spiritual note, you have the opportunity this week to work on releasing old guilt, shame, anger, and blame. It is time to stop feeling like a victim and embrace your God-given power.


The theme of balance will play a key role for you this week, Archers. Especially watch out your give and take ratio. Always being the giver or receiver creates an imbalance and blocks abundance from flowing freely into your life. Make sure your interactions are peaceful. Should you encounter disagreements with others, try to see their point of view and meet others halfway, if you can. You benefit by combining ideas and incorporating teamwork at this time. You may even be starting out on something new this week. There is a long road ahead to this dream fully manifesting. Be patient and keep taking one step at a time. Exercise moderation too, Archers. Do not overdo anything this week no matter how confident you are feeling or tempting the offer seems.


This week brings steady progress and growth for you Capricorn. Things are moving at their own pace. There may not be too much excitement in the air, but Spirit wants you to know that you are on the right path and with each step, you are contributing toward something greater. This week brings you a steady flow of income as well. One advice to bear in mind is to not rush into decision-making. Review your plans. Take time to understand and prepare for your next move. In case you are at the onset of a new project, know that through discipline, hard work, and steady work, you will accomplish success in this path. Things may not happen overnight. But you have the needed patience and where others give up, a Capricornian is seen to sustain and reach the top. Keep it going, Capricorns.


All may not seem well this week, Aquarians. The week ahead has fallen under the influence of the Moon which brings an increased activity from your subconscious to the surface. Moodiness, lack of clarity, anxiety, and illusions could be heightened during the week. It is best to avoid taking actions with limited information in hand or when feeling emotionally charged. Some of your sleep patterns may also seem disturbed. You are advised to take extra good care of yourself this week and face your fears. Be gentle with yourself. Spirit is also bringing you the message of forgiveness. This is the time for you to make peace with a situation from your past. It is time to detach from the energy of revenge, sorrow, and pain and move forward with your life. Whom do you need to forgive? Could it be yourself?


There is a lot of movement taking place this week for you, Pisces. A shift is taking place and this could lead to increased activity. Important messages are likely to be exchanged and helpful news is seen reaching you. Were you getting tired of waiting for things to take off? This week has the right mix of energy to set things in motion. Some wonderful options may also be presented to you at this time, Pisces. Do not take too long to decide as you risk losing the offer. Think and act swiftly. Many clients are also likely to reach out to you thereby increasing your business prospects this week. Like Aquarians, Spirit is guiding you to practice forgiveness this week. This is a great time to get going with your life leaving negative emotions out. Allow yourself to heal and grow.

Many Thanks to the God and the Wonderful Angelic realm for helping channel these messages.

Love, Light, and Angel Blessings to All. 

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