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Thank you for tuning into the Goddess Friday messages, beautiful soul! Below are the corresponding message(s) for the number(s) you chose. I hope these resonate and bring you what you need the most at this time.

If you chose card 1, the Roman Moon Goddess of the wild and the hunt brings to you the message of ”Focused Intention”. Focus is the key to achieving whatever you are after at this time. But before that, do you have a crystal clear vision of what you truly desire? If you are unsure or haven’t made up your mind yet, you will need to spend some time figuring out what you truly need. The more clear you are on your goals, the easier and faster you will manifest them.

Take a look at Diana in the card. She is holding a bow and an arrow. She knows her target and that will allow for her to make her mark (along with her exceptional skills at archery which she mastered through practice). Likewise, you need to know your goal or target first. Once you are clear on that, don’t let anything distract you from going after your dreams. The skills you have acquired thus far along with your inherent talents will put you on the path of success.

Sometimes, distractions can come in the form of doubts and worries. Don’t let these keep you from exploring your options and taking the chance at something.

Oh and one more thing! Goddess Diana is also associated with fertility. Should you need any assistance in this area right now, she will be pleased to offer her blessings and help. Invite her energy into your life.

Blessed Be

If you chose card 2, The Greek Goddess of Peace, Eireen, greets you at this time. Is your life surrounded by worries and stress, off-late? Eireen is here to calm your mind and reassure you that happy and peaceful times are ahead. It is safe for you to feel safe. Trust divine intelligence of God/higher power and know that although certain events didn’t exactly go as you expected, you are being led to something better. The Divine knows what is best and right for you. Just Trust and go with the flow, filled with peace.

In this card, Eireen is seen holding Plutus, the Greek God of wealth and plenty. If money and physical necessities have been a concern for you lately, peaceful times are on the horizon. Stay alert and aware as new doors will soon open for you and miraculous solutions will be presented. Abundance is making its way into your life. Just don’t expect a bag of money to fall off of a tree. Instead, pray for guidance and take action when the solution appears. Whatever battle you are fighting at this time, know that this too shall pass and things will get better soon.

It is also important that you embody peace in all your actions. Let your interactions with others be peaceful. Don’t let arguments and aggression get the best of you. Maintain your calm and clarity will find it’s way to you.

Blessed Be

If you chose 3, the Ancient Egyptian deity, Bastet (Bast), brings to you the message of Independence. This card’s message is about embracing your personal power and breaking out of the shackles of limitations and negative influences in your life at this time.

So many of us don’t even know how capable and powerful we are. We doubt ourselves, underestimate ourselves, and give our power away to someone or something else. We are too afraid or reluctant to trust the wisdom of our heart and keep looking for confirmation from others to validate our choices. It’s time to stop doing this. Wisdom is already present within you. Your instincts are sharp and on point. Trust!

If you are waiting for someone to come save you or lead you forward, you may be disappointed. Goddess Bast’s energy is urging you to take action and figure out your path. You can do it! Don’t wait for things to happen. Instead, make it happen.

This is also a time to break out of limiting beliefs, especially if you grew up as someone who was constantly fed the ”you are not enough” BS. Know that you are enough and have what it takes to achieve greatness and fulfill your desires. It may be time to examine your thoughts and beliefs. It may also be time to cut people lose, who are negatively influencing you or bringing you down.

This card is also supporting the dream of becoming self-employed for those of you who are venturing out on this path.

Now, just because you are being encouraged to embrace your independence also doesn’t mean you isolate yourself and ignore those who genuinely love and care for you. Do appreciate those beautiful souls in your life without becoming too dependent on them or allowing others to make your decisions for you. Stay balanced.

Blessed Be

I hope these messages serve you well for now. Should you need a personal Tarot Consultation, please feel free to drop me a message at [email protected] and book a reading. I will be happy to be of service to you.


Sonnyaa Siingh

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