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Awesome August’s Guidance Messages

Hello to All the beautiful souls reading this post!

It’s August! Yay! It’s a brand new day (and month) and I thought of dedicating today’s reading to you (Yes, You whos reading this post) and asking our Spiritual helpers to brings us guidance for this month.

Some lovely cards have come up for us – Ace of Wands, Page of Pentacles, Unexpected Visitors (in reverse) and Archangel Ariel with the message to Spread your wings.

This reading as a whole is pointing at new beginnings, new possibilities, wonderful opportunities and the need to believe in yourself and soar higher this month.

Each day gives you the opportunity to begin anew. What has happened so far is no longer in your control and never will be. So why not let the past go past so that you can start afresh? No matter what has taken place in July or the days, months, and years that have gone by, today is a brand new day and you can set the tone for the month by addressing and setting in motion all those things that you have been procrastinating.

August brings you lots and lots of inspiration. Take those inspirational ideas and turn them into a practical, tangible, and workable action step. You are likely to receive some wonderful new projects as well that will need dedication, effort, and time. Be ready to pay attention to the details and work hard to turn these projects into gold. You have the Midas Touch this month, homies.

Whatever you have wanted to start for a while – a hobby, an important action step, a course or study program, this is your month to convert the Airy energy of thought into the action based energy of Earth.

Now, there is also a message for us that many things may not go according to the plan. There could be twists and turns that you may have to take and some doors may even be closed. But remember, when one door closes, another opens. You may not get what you wanted and receive something else instead, that you did not expect. It sucks when that happens, right? But don’t forget that your higher power knows best. Your destiny may often bring you disappointments and there could be no one reason to explain the ”Why”. Trust when this happens! Trust in what shows up. Accept what shows up. Know that whatever shows up is meant for a reason that you may not readily decipher at the time but time will reveal the reasons and also the blessings. So here’s a tip for y’all – Expect the Unexpected and do not be afraid of embracing the unexpected. That is where hidden blessings lie.

Archangel Ariel is said to have a strong connection with the material realm and also the animals. She is here to encourage you to not waste even one more second of your precious time thinking and waiting. There is no other best time than now to act on your dreams, goals, and ideas. Only when you take action will you see the results. We often encounter road blocks, criticism, and discouragement that holds us back from doing what needs to be done. Sometimes it comes from the outside world and sometimes from our own thoughts. This is not the time to fall prey to these limiting ideas and beliefs. Believe in yourself and allow your ideas to flourish. As long as you believe you can, you will.

So there we go! We have a message to convert our ideas into action steps and to dedicate ourselves to our goals. To not allow limited thinking of others and our own to hold us back and to know the importance of taking action at the right time. And August seems to be the right and ripe time for many of you to bring a dream or goal to fruition by taking the first crucial steps. Keep at it, soldier! Do not be thrown off by the changes that life may throw at you once in a while. Instead, choose to work with the change and the change will work for you.

Do something helpful for the Animal realm as well.

I am sending all of you loads of Love and Gratitude for all your support and love. Wishing you an Awesome August 2017.

Sonnyaa Siingh


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