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Blessings, Beautiful Souls,

The Lunar Eclipse is here! August is packing a punch with so many cosmic shifts (we still have Mercury Retrograde to welcome in a few days). Lunar Eclipses are a time of ending and new beginnings just like the Full Moon only the energy is amplified and there is something that you really need to change, shift, and let go because going back to it or sticking to this ‘something’ is no longer beneficial for you. We also have a Sturgeon Full Moon (Native Americans are credited for this name as Sturgeon fish was readily caught during this season).

The Lunar Eclipse is occurring in the sign of Aquarius and Aquarius loves a good rebellion, breaking out of the old to pursue and make way for the new. Because Aquarius is also a sign associated with friendships, it is possible that some of your friendships and social interactions may undergo a shift as well (earlier last week I drew a card that spoke of detoxing friendships).

Now, the cards today are very much in tune with the theme of letting go. However, I feel The High Priest (The Hierophant) in today’s card is giving you the access to knowledge and insight. The High Priest generally represents respecting traditional, tried and tested beliefs but today, he says – You have the key to all the answers. You have the key that will set you free. You have knowledge of what needs to be done. Are you going to?

Luna affects us all differently. Some of us may feel energized and inspired while some of us may feel a strong energy pull that asks us to slow down and engage in self-care practices. The ‘Vacation’ card is asking you to make time for relaxation. You don’t have to pack your bags and go on a literal vacay (while it is okay if you do) but just make some space today to listen and honor your feelings. Rest. Rejuvenated. Don’t look at this phase with fear. Instead, view it as a time of change that is going to help your life get better.

I love consulting the Les Vampire deck during times like these because this deck speaks the truth without mincing words and gives you what you most need to know. No sugar-coating (I, personally, am not a fan of sugar-coated ways of delivering messages). And the message the Les Vampires bring us is one that speaks of the struggle to let go. You know that something is not good for you. Your past has become a prison, they say, and you are finding it hard to release something that, like the cobwebbed, three-tiered cake in the background of the image, is rotting away and cannot be consumed or applied anymore. Yet, you are not ready to make peace with it. Can you identify what this is?

You may have a thousand reasons to not let this negative aspect of your life go. You may complain that it is too hard, too tempting, too seductive. But, come what may, this aspect needs to change and needs to change now. Let it go! Whatever it may be – from an attitude to a person, to a quality, to even a craving. You know deep down that it will be for the best.

The World card from the Major Arcana speaks of a phase of completion. You cannot go back from here and you need to bring things to completion. This old self has to die but on the hand other, it will also lead to the birth of something new.

Our Rune for this Lunar eclipse/Full Moon is Thurisaz which translates to a Thorn. A Thorn, though a sharp, harmful, prickly thing, can also be viewed as a protection mechanism. Energetic protection is a must for all you sensitive and empathic souls out there, today. Shield your energy. We cannot always control what happens to us but we can do our best by guarding our energy and making wise choices – whether to engage or not to engage in battles that are not our own or lead to nothing.

On the other hand, a thorn can also represent a situation in your life that is acting like a thorn. Something you have had to endure and that which is hurting you like hell. Acknowledge and learn from this pain. Make this pain your teacher and become humbled by the lesson it is here to teach you. Once this lesson is mastered, the pain will ease and gradually will become non-existent. What lessons are you willing to learn from your pain, today? Now that you realize what you need to learn, are you ready to release it’s control over you?

I hope these insights help. Love, Light, and Blessed Full Moon.

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