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Insights and Guidance Messages to cope with the current cosmic phase

Hello Spiritual Warriors!

How’s it going? From what I am reading, hearing, and experiencing myself, this current cosmic phase is anything but easy on many of us. From clients to friends to acquaintances to random people on social media, everyone’s having a slightly harder time coping with situations in their life. I have been feeling very tired lately, and my body is craving for rest beyond 8 hours of sleep.

I wrote this post to help us find some guidance during a phase like this by asking our Divine friends to bring us some insights. Here are my thoughts:

No doubt the energies flying in the cosmos are chaotic and we are all individually experiencing a rough sail at the moment in our lives. But, there is also a repeated theme of prosperity and abundance that is coming through. I wonder if it’s because of the recent 8-8 effect. It may seem like a challenging time, but the guidance that is coming through right now is for us to make room for abundance and prosperity by first paying attention to how we perceive abundance in our own life. May sound contradicting given how most of us are feeling right now but hey, this is a good time to set intentions related to your business, money and any area of your life where you are seeking abundance. Focus on the positive. Give gratitude for what you have.

I remember when I created my Tarot page, I barely had 100 some folks who liked it (most of them were my facebook friends) and I felt lucky if one person liked my post on a random day. But things changed within a few months and the page got 1000 likes. The Universe and the Angels did respond in kind because I never gave up writing posts even though I could clearly see that no one was interested in reading the card of the day messages I posted. I still wrote as though I am writing for a larger audience. And today, I am grateful to all YOU readers for taking the time out to read these posts and give it a thumbs up and love. This is ALWAYS on my gratitude list. I’m sharing this experience with you because Gratitude is the magic wand that can turn things around. It is easy to complain and feel depressed about what is not there. We all do it. But right now, you are being guided to shift this attitude and count your blessings. No matter how big or small your success, your business, your products, be thankful for where you are. Someone else at some part of the world is dreaming, hoping, and praying to be where you are.

If prosperity is a major concern in your life at this time, do some simple rituals and offer gestures to the Universe to send you help. I would typically anoint a green candle with some of my favorite essential oils (cinnamon being one of them) and burn it on my altar with the intention to receive help. I also like using Yellow lilies (when available) to clear money blocks from my space.

Moving on, this is a time to explore your options as well. Time to stop relying too much on the familiar and start looking at other alternatives. Change is a very big theme at the moment but how will you invite this change? Only when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and do some research.

Also, bear in mind that Mercury is going retrograde on the 12th and we are already in the pre-retrograde phase and this too can be a bit of a challenging time to navigate through. Hence, the message to explore your options makes sense. You can still sign contracts and make decisions if you cannot postpone it at the moment, but whatever you do, do it after a careful review and only when you have exhausted all your options and possibilities.

Archangel Raphael brings us guidance to pay attention to our relationships at this time. Protect those that matter and release those that are negatively influencing you. Many have been complaining of feeling irritated, angry, and even going through sudden changes in their relationships. Misunderstandings are likely to occur but it will hugely pay off to be kind, considerate, and compassionate towards others right now. Most importantly, hold off the urge to react impulsively. Know that everyone is doing the best they can and during a phase like this, others are also being affected by this cosmic upheaval and eclipse season. The person having an argument with you may have their own battles to fight in their life which you may not even be aware of. While you cannot control others actions, you can control yours and focus on healing your relationships.

This brings us to another important topic – finding a healthy outlet to release all that pent up energy. From the Les Vampire deck, the Maenad card brings us the guidance to engage in an energetic ritual. You don’t have to go to such great lengths as dancing around a bonfire to release trapped energy (although you can certainly do that if your creativity leads you to it). But movement of any kind which involves activities such as dancing, yoga, and stretching can be really helpful. This will help you shift your energy and gradually release it instead of holding it all in and waiting for the time bomb to go off at some point. Plus, it will also help you stay fit.

Last but not the least, many of us are sensitive souls and yes, energy protection is important right now but so is engaging in self-care practice. A little attention will go a long way. Learn to say ”No” when you don’t feel like saying a ”Yes”. I had to cancel out on lunch for the second time with a dear friend simply because I wasn’t feeling up for it. My friend may or may not bummed about it and we can always plan another lunch meeting, but what matters is that I listened to what my body communicated to me and rested.

Similarly, you may have to make some tough calls and may even be torn between pleasing yourself vs pleasing others. What is the right thing to do? I believe the right thing to do is, to be honest about how you feel and listen to yourself, first. Eat healthy, stay fit, rest as much as you have to without feeling guilty and stay positive. We won’t always feel our 100% and sometimes it is okay to allow our body to slow down and recharge. Choose your company carefully and in the event of not having control over choosing your company, choose your reactions, wisely.

I hope this post helps you feel positive and gain some insights. Remember, this too shall pass. Sending all loads of Love and Light.

Sonnyaa Siingh


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