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Weekly Tarotscopes for August 21st to 27th, 2017

Hey, Beautiful People!

After your votes and suggestions, here are the weekly Tarot messages for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. I recommend reading up the messages for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. We start off the week with a powerful Solar eclipse and a New Moon on the 21st. This is going to be a significant week for many of us. Let’s see what the cards and the Angels have to share with us for this week.


Ariens, this week is about tapping into your creativity and putting out your creations for others to see and benefit from. Do not stop learning and getting better at what interests you. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed and may even bring more business and opportunities of growth, your way. But a word of caution – don’t let overconfidence and ego get to you. Some serious matters will also beg your attention this week and it is best to not ignore them. Draw your boundaries where necessary. An event or situation may bring sudden and unexpected changes. But since we are talking about building and creating, take this as a chance to rebuild and reset your foundations.

Divine Reminder: You have the opportunity to forgive someone or a situation this week. Do not hold onto anger and negative emotions. Forgive, release, and be free.


Taureans, you are THE BOSS this week and you get to decide what you want and what you don’t. Plenty of energy and creative power is at your disposal. Make use of this energy to propel your visions and ideas. But something that can dampen this energy is the lack of activity and slothfulness. If you don’t take action now, sadly some of those dreams you’ve been dreaming of may remain just… dreams. You may find yourself at crossroads with a decision. Or, you may find yourself torn between your heart and mind. This is where you are advised to follow your inner voice. Notice what path brings you more joy and freedom and go for it. Carefully review all your choices before you do. Remember, this week – You’ve got the power!

Divine reminder: Your heart is longing to engage in creative pursuits. Whether you decide to start a new creative project or engage in creative activities, make time to disconnect from the mundane. Play, dance, sing, paint, or do anything that allows your soul to leap with joy.


This is a mentally stimulating week for you, Gemstars. New ideas can come to you through daydreaming and curiosity. Communication on all levels will be important so pay attention to what and how you say and deliver your message. It is best to avoid arguments and go all-in on a matter you have little/no information about without doing a thorough research first. Gemstars, you also need to reflect on your attitude this week. Have you been blocking away new situations and opportunities in any way? If fear driving your life? Are the boundaries that you have created lead to self-imprisonment? Take note and make changes. Work will keep you occupied this week. If you are self-employed and business has been moving slowly, expect a positive change this week. Oh, but do pay attention to the details.

Divine Reminder: When you are relaxed and allow your mind to wander a little, your imagination opens the door to new ideas. This week, do not feel guilty about daydreaming a little. It is in those moments of quiet, relaxed contemplation that you will receive insightful messages.


Cancerians, you may have some traveling to do this week. Either on a physical or on a mental level. Movement is the theme and if you feel stuck in life, this week’s energy is motivating you to get away from whatever is giving you a headache. Your resources need to be managed wisely as well, Cancerians, especially if you are traveling. If care is not taken, you may end up burning a hole in your pockets. You may also receive some positive help or news from someone who is confident and full of energy. Use this help as it may turn out to be the boat that will rescue you. A stressful situation is on the verge of conclusion (yay). So hang in there as you may be in the middle of a transitory phase and will soon reach a place of peace and renewal.

Divine reminder: Spirit asks, What do you desire? Get clear about your goals and dreams, Cancerians. Once you know what you want, know that the Universe will help you get to it. Right now is where you get to decide what you want to go after. So be very clear as you get to write the script of your life.


With a Solar eclipse occurring in your sign this 21st, this week is going to be a significant one for you, Leos. The area that will draw most of your attention, time, and energy is your relationship with others. You may be letting anxiety overtake your thoughts and this can lead to tension and eventually, self-fulfilled prophecies. Work on bettering your relationships this week instead of worrying about them. Avoid self-sabotaging behavior. Clear any misunderstandings with loved ones. Do not allow your imagination to work too hard. Use it for creative and constructive purposes, instead of imagining the worst possible outcome.

Divine Reminder: The Angels are guiding you to see only love in every experience and person, Leos. Instead of focusing on the shortcomings of others and even yourself, focus on the positive aspects and qualities, instead. This will not only bring healing to your life but will also attract positive outcomes.


All your hard work is paying off, Virgos, and this week you are likely to reap the rewards of past efforts. There is security, comfort, and bliss. Of course, getting to this place wasn’t easy peasy, was it? This week, spirit is guiding you to strengthen your sense of security and draw healthy boundaries. Protect what you have created. Friendships and relationships are likely to play an important role too. You may have the chance to mend or heal a troubled relationship. You will have the opportunity to rekindle an existing relationship or begin a new one (who knows, even invite romance).

Divine Reminder: So now that you have accomplished some success, it’s important to dedicate some time for fun activities. All work and no play can make you dull, Virgos. Set aside work for a while and have some fun. This will help you recharge your energy and you will come back to your work and duties with renewed enthusiasm.


Librans, you possess much charm and power than you know of and this week is about getting in touch with that inner power. Sadly, some of you may not be using your gifts and skills to its full potential. Well, time to change that. Much has been said and written about the power of giving. When you give, the Universe gives you back. Make this week about giving. Share your resources and gifts with others through charitable deeds. Help someone in need. And don’t worry! This giving will not go to waste. Something new is also about to make its way into your life. Stay open to inspirational ideas and opportunities.

Divine Reminder: With all the talk about giving, the Angels remind you that the most important person to reward in your life in yourself. When was the last time you did something for yourself? Have you been too busy taking care of others needs? Have you been too focused on working hard to the point that you have ignored your own needs and wants? Make this week about rewarding yourself.


Scorpions, just like Libra, this week for you is also about getting in touch with your inner power. Your confidence will take you places and gain your respect and recognition. However, a negative situation in your life could be holding you a prisoner this week. This could be a toxic relationship, a wrong partner, or even fears and doubts. Free yourself from this negative situation, Scorpions. Don’t get drawn towards unhealthy temptations. A situation involving your family and loved ones may also call your attention. Find time for your loved ones. Also pay attention to matters of real estate, investments, family inheritance, and insurance.

Divine Reminder: The Angels are saying that a new person is about to come into your life. This could be a romantic or a business partner. It could even be a new ally who will offer support. Pay attention to those chance meetings and be open to exploring new connections.


Archers, this may not be the best of weeks for partnerships and finances as you are likely to feel a sense of lack in these areas. A situation could be making you feel hopeless and helpless. But, we are never without help. There is always a way out and the problem to your dilemma may be right in front of you, being overlooked. Check out the resources available to you at this time and use them. Ask for help if you have to. This week is also about taking charge of your life and getting focused on your goals. It is about striking a balance in life. Your moods and emotions may distract you but if you keep your eyes on the prize, you will make plenty of progress. Speaking of balance, moderation is the key this week. Do not overdo anything. Patience will also help. If you are planning a trip somewhere, take care of your money and belongings. Avoid overspending.

Divine Reminder: Have Confidence, Archers! Do not underestimate yourself and focus on what you are good at. Fear of failure could be keeping you from success.


Capris, this week is about making a decision and doing all that you can to stick to it. A lot could be going on your mind at this time. You may have various options and choices to choose from and this could be creating confusion and stasis in your life. This week, quit procrastination and daydreaming and take charge of your life. Attend to all those tasks that need your attention. Stop postponement. You have much inspiration and energy to tap into that will give you the drive to excel. Your personal charisma can win you many compliments and benefits. A highly energetic, confident, and fiery personality may also come to your aid this week.

Divine Reminder: The law of attraction is playing out quite strongly in your life, Capricorns. Whatever you are giving your energy to is creating the script of your life. This week, the Angels are guiding you to be very clear about what you wish to manifest in your life. Give energy and attention to only those things that you truly want.


Aquarians, what change are you resisting in your life? This week is about taking a reality check to see if you are coming in your own way of success. It is possible that a massive change is the answer to your freedom and growth. But change can be a scary thing, sometimes. Do not hold on too tightly. Your energy levels will be high this week and by projecting your energy outward, you can make the best of this week. Your confidence levels may also need a little boost. Motivate yourself. A pleasant news or event will also mark this week.

Divine Reminder: The Angels bring you the guidance to put your complete focus on how you can be of service to others, this week. Do not worry about the end results. Just put your energy into joyfully being of service everyone who you encounter and the outcome will take care of itself.


Pisceans, this week, you may feel unsettled on an emotional level. A relationship or situation may be failing to bring you what you need and you may decide to temporarily detach or walk away from it. This is not a bad choice as detachment often helps us gain perspective. And if this situation is no longer bringing you joy and comfort, what is the point of hanging on to it? Moving on, what is also important is that you don’t let your emotions overtake your life. Some practical matters will require your attention, too. Attend to these. Try to keep your personal and professional lives, separate making sure that your work or any important matter doesn’t get affected because of how your are feeling. Ground yourself if this seems difficult. You may want to think of inviting the magic of nature into your life which can help bring healing, rest, and rejuvenation.

Divine Reminder: Like some of the other signs this week, the Angels remind you to be very clear about what you want in life. Make time to understand what your heart’s true desires are. Ask yourself if what you are focusing on is something you really want. You create what you think and give your energy to, Pisceans. And the beauty of this is that you get to choose.


I hope these messages bring you insights and guidance that can assist you in the upcoming week, lovelies. Thank you for being here and for giving your time to this post.

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Angel Blessings


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