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Solar Eclipse – New Moon Reading

Greetings Beautiful Souls,

Today is a special day! Today, we are under the influence of a powerful Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo and we also have a New Moon. This is a time of significant shifts and changes not only on a personal level for all of us but also on a collective level, all around the world.

Leo is a dramatic, magnanimous, generous, and an egoistic sign. Leo loves to shine. This solar eclipse brings you the chance to identify where you want to shine in your life. It will help you connect with all those aspects of your life where you feel ignored or undermined. If you have had trouble connecting with your inner power, now is a time to dig deeper into your emotions to discover the cause of this lack of trust in yourself and release it.

In the reading I did today for us all, emotional healing is coming up strongly. Your sensitivity levels may feel heightened at the moment and you can take advantage of this by getting in touch with your feelings and addressing what is creating a lack of trust within you. This is an excellent day to connect with the divine higher wisdom and channel healing and guidance into your life.

Let me start with the topic of Trust, which is one of our guidance messages for today. Trust is a fragile quality. It can be easily broken and may even leave one feeling bitter, mistrusting, and hurt. When your trust in yourself or an area of life is betrayed, you find it hard to fully function in that area. This is why some of us find it difficult to get into intimate relationships, take the big leap in our life that can lead us to beautiful adventures, and even trust our own inner voice. We hold onto one bad experience so tightly that we create more of such experiences by constantly playing them in our minds and eagerly expecting something similar to happen with us in future.

Your lack of trust in an area or a situation may be interfering with your joy and happiness at this time. Take this day, this new moon cycle to release all issues involving trust. Even though the Sun will be eclipsed for a period of time today, we know and believe that it will not remain that way forever. We know that it will shine again. We know that it will continue to nourish this beautiful earth tomorrow. You may have experienced setbacks in your life (we all do) but don’t allow its power to continue to wreck more havoc. Whether this is a relationship or your trust in yourself, make peace with it and let it go.

The Dragonfly has come up as a totem for us right now which is amazing because it stands for transformation, adaptability, joy, and lightness. A dragonfly starts it’s life in the water and then grows up and takes flight. Your emotions, your subconscious patterns, and feelings hold the answers and are in need of reprogramming in order to help you fly. Transform your emotions. Be adaptable and bring more fun and laughter in your life.

Today, create a sacred space if you can. A space where you can feel safe to be with yourself and engage in quiet contemplation. Sit here and relax. Allow all troubling emotions to rise to the surface. Collect them all in an imaginary basket until your basket is full. Make conscious contact with the Divine, your Angels, and the Ascended Masters and hand this basket over to them. See these troubling thoughts and beliefs as separate from you and let them go.

The Four of Cups as our card of the day is telling us that we need to be more welcoming of new opportunities. We may have plenty of ideas to improve our lives. But what is the point if we fail to take action on them? What do you do when you get hit by a brilliant idea or vision? What happens when an opportunity comes knocking on your door? Do you spend too much time contemplating and procrastinating until that offer is gone? Or do you start reflecting on past failures and find it hard to trust what is now being given to you?

Take the time today to contemplate what is being offered to you in life right now. What are your gifts that you are withholding from the world? What memories or painful emotions are you keeping and re-living within you that are making you oblivious and apathetic towards change and a better life?

Don’t forget! It is also the New Moon, tonight. A cosmic moment when you get the chance to release and create something new. The Moon affects our emotions and the 4 of cups is the Moon in Cancer (the moon was in cancer a few days ago). In order to shine like the magnificent and bold Leo, you first need to deal with your emotional challenges. Come into your power, today. Feel safe in this power. The Moon will enter Virgo on the 22nd and this phase will give you the time to get to the nitty-gritty of your plans and newly set intentions. For now, just trust, embrace your power, transform your emotions and heal.

I hope this reading resonates and inspires you to take divinely directed action. I also hope that you find the strength to overcome your challenges and finally come out of your shell and shine your light into the world.

Blessed Solar Eclipse and the New Moon, spiritual homies.


If you need a reading on any topic, I am available from Monday to Saturday for e-mail, skype, and phone (in India only) readings. You can get all the deets by sending me an e-mail to [email protected] or a PM on my Facebook page.

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