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Lunar Guidance – Moon in Aquarius

Beautiful Souls,

The Moon has moved into the inventive sign of Aquarius, today. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn (old association). Uranus contributes to its rebellious nature while Saturn, which is often known to lay restrictions on our path, pushes Aquarians to break out of old, mundane routines and seek newer ways of doing things. This is a sign that loves independence, so don’t be surprised if dogma and limitations start frustrating you during this phase.

We tend to look at the bigger picture of our lives when Moon passes through Aquarius and love everyone and everything around us in a detached way. The Humanitarian side to you often comes to the surface during this phase. It is also said that Aquarian Moon phases favor group activities but some of you may find solitude to be your cup ‘o’ tea. Yup, don’t be surprised by the unpredictable nature of this phase.

So without further ado, let’s check out the cards that want to bring us guidance and messages for this Moon phase.

And, we have received the Ace of Cups card in reverse along with the message, Letting Go. Hmm, this feels to me like a phase where our focus is best placed on releasing all our emotional and creative blocks. This phase may also not favor starting new ventures. There could be delays or situations may not work out as per our expectations. This does make sense because we are still in the clutches of Mercury retrograde which will finally end on the 5th. I feel that our message here is to wait until this retrograde cycle is over and then begin any new projects, businesses, launch of products, and relationships.

Interestingly, what is also speaking to me through our cards is the need to first fill our own cups before we decide to share or give to others. I know this line sounds so cliched by now but you cannot love another without having enough love within yourself and for yourself. Because if you are empty, you are constantly going to seek someone who is going to complete or fill you up. But guess what? Nobody can fill you up but YOU. When we are empty or lack self-love, we tend to attract partners and people who are also vibrationally on the same level. How can two empty people make promises to fill each other up? But on the other hand, if you are content and whole within yourself, then you attract similar people and experiences into your lives. And when love and sharing come from a place of giving for the joy of giving and not giving for the sake of desperately receiving, it makes for an enriching relationship and experience.

This is where our next message comes to play – Letting Go. From the beautiful Mystical Wisdom Oracle cards comes the message, Learn to let go. This Aquarian Moon can give you the detachment and distance from situations so that you can take inventory of your relationships and emotional investments. What are you ready to release? In other words, when you look at the Ace of Cups reversed, think of it as emptying stagnant water so that you can refill your cup with fresh, usable, life-bringing water.

And so, take time over the next two days to review and release all stagnant emotions, situations, and relationships from your life. Think of this as a time for emotional detoxing. Use the rebellious nature of Aquarius to break free from limitations and all unhelpful patterns and energies in your life. Empty out the old emotional closet to make space for new emotional experiences. And most importantly, if possible, postpone all new ventures until the 6th (to be on a safer side). We are almost done with Mercury retrograde. FINALLY!

Before I sign off, we are having a Full Moon on the 6th in the watery sign of Pisces. Looks like soon we will be entering a period of heightened awareness and emotional sensitivity. More on that in the next few days. Until then, much love to All. Thank you for all the Love.

Sonnyaa Siingh


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