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Hey beautiful people, here are your monthly Tarotscopes for September. I don’t claim that these are predictions but insights that I have drawn from the cards for anybody who will be lead to reading this post. Please take the health and well-being section lightly and always consult a medical practitioner for health related situations. I hope that these messages bring you important insights on your journey. Thank you for your love and support.


Beautiful Ariens,

September’s energy is likely to leave you spoiled for choice. You may feel like doing a whole lot of things and your mind could be drawn in too many directions. There are choices to make yet you have to be careful what you pick and choose. Before you even think of picking and choosing something, spirit is guiding you to finish any and all pending tasks first. Something in your life is seeking completion and closure. Do not abandon this unfinished symphony before you plan on taking new responsibilities. There are some projects, situations, and people that you will need to walk away from this month. If you know deep down that your purpose with this situation, project or person is served, do not hang onto it for emotional reasons. Detach and walk towards greener pastures. Even if you do not find what you are looking for anytime soon, you are sure to gain some wisdom and understanding in the process which will aid you in future.

This month brings you the chance to start something new on both personal and professional levels. Personally, you may start a new relationship or friendship. You may get serious towards making things work in your personal life. Your business and career also bring in fresh opportunities. A lucrative offer could be up for grabs. Pay attention to your guidance and take the necessary steps.

When it comes to your health and well-being, trust what you feel as you are likely to be more in tune with your body and senses. If something doesn’t feel right, trust and take the necessary precautions. A female practitioner can be of most help to some of you. Women may need to especially take good care of themselves as there could be issues surrounding hormones, menstruation, and fertility.

Need a second opinion? Approach qualified professionals or trusted friends to guide you forward. You will immensely benefit from chakra clearing as well.

Archangels Azrael and Metatron are showing up as your go-to Angels this month. Do not hesitate to bring in some Angel Magic into your life.


Dear Taureans,

September could be marked by stress, confusion, and a sense of losing direction for most of you. But, despite all this confusion and lack of clarity, spirit is guiding you to trust that victory is in store for you. Put a leash on your impulses as they may lead you into doing and saying things that you may not favor in the long run. You may feel like taking action in many places, yet, a cautious and thorough approach is needed. Your intuition will be heightened. So if you have a strong instinct about something, dig deeper.

On a personal level, you have to take the reigns of your emotions, Taureans. Else, you stand the risk of being misguided and misdirected. It may be time to put the past behind and embrace a new path. It may also be a time to focus on your personal goals and cut away distractions. Do what you need to do and know that you are in charge of your life, not your emotions or other people.

Professionally, this month is about reaping what you sowed. In short, your past efforts are likely to be rewarded. If you are unhappy on a professional level, it may be time to reevaluate your goals, behaviors, actions, and beliefs. How did you end up wherever you are? What can you change or reinforce to get to where you want to? Some of are about to unravel your calling which may lead you toward new territories.

When it comes to your health and well-being, discipline may be called for this month. It is time to bring a sense of order in your life. At the same time, avoid burning the candle at both ends, Taureans. Some rest and play wouldn’t hurt and will help you stay rejuvenation. Headaches may be more frequent for some of you due to stress. Loosen up a little and learn to relax.

Your divine reminder this month is to be patient and have faith in the process. Even when it feels like no progress is taking place, know that situations are transpiring in your favor. Victory is in sight. You may choose to invite Archangel Sandalphon’s assistance as well.


Gorgeous Gemstars,

The energy of September brings stability, success and structure into your lives. You may be celebrating the success of a past goal, too this month. Having said that, there are still a few hiccups on your path that may throw you off a bit. There is this energy of conflict in your environment which could lead to some bitter and unpleasant experiences. You may find that others around you are driven by greed and selfishness and may even try to take advantage of your position. Play your cards right and be alert of hidden agendas. Do your best to maintain peace and harmony. This month gives you the chance to do some long-term planning as well. Spend time developing a vision for the future. Explore the possibilities and opportunities available to you.

On a personal level, September brings you oodles of inspiration and good vibes. Passion and attraction may be running high. A short vacation away from the hustle’n’bustle of the city may be in store and could do you a world of good. Single and on the lookout? Your chances of finding someone are high this month but don’t pin your hopes on anyone just yet.

There could be a few bumps to pass in your professional life this month. Disappointment could be in store but know that it is not a big deal and this too shall pass. Remember how I was saying earlier that there could be people around you who may be operating on hidden agendas? These people and situations may crop up at work so watch your back and do not reveal too many secrets or place your complete trust in someone on impulse.

When it comes to your health and well-being, keep up with your routine. You are doing well. If you are not taking your health and well-being seriously, this may be a time to join a community or group of people who support and help you achieve those health goals. Get a personal trainer or learn from example. Do what is needed to reach stay fit and healthy.

Archangel Michael is your go-to Angel of the month and he brings the message of protection and courage. If you ask, Michael can help shield you from negative influences and give you the strength to make the right decisions and choices.


Dear Cancerians,

September may give you a jolt of reality as many situations and areas in your life are likely to undergo change, restructuring, and transformation.

Deal with your anger in a responsible way. If you have bottled up any emotions inside, they are more likely to come out this month, at times in an unpredictable manner. Keep your interactions peaceful and your attitude that of compassion and understanding. Give and be open to receiving love and kindness. This month you will have the chance to contemplate on your choices. Weigh the pros and cons of every situation and choose wisely.

In your personal life, there is security and stability. But on a negative side, there could also be stagnancy and stubbornness. Review your beliefs and attitude ensuring that you don’t stick to methods that are damaging your relationships. Focus on creating a nourishing environment for yourself and others.

Success is seen on the work front. Or at least you will feel content and well-taken care of for now with where you are. Do not get too comfortable with your current level of success, though. You are also reminded to take the time to look after your own well-being both online and off-line. Work while you work but be sure to make time for some play, too. A goal is about to reach completion.

Coming to your health and well-being, it will be important to not take any risks right now. Lack of care and precaution can lead to challenges and unpleasant outcome. Do not push your limits. Some of you are also likely to recover fully from a malady or health challenge, ready to start afresh.

Spirit brings you encouragement by letting you know that faith is an important part of your manifestation process. Know that what you have asked for will be provided to you. Do not dictate the way your prayers ought to be answered, according to you. Instead, let spirit surprise you.


Dear Leos,

An intense month may be in store for you roaring Lions. A soul lesson may unravel this month which will put your inner strength to test. You may find yourself in situations that demand perseverance. Avoid aggression at any cost unless necessary as a compassionate and understanding attitude is more likely to serve you well.

Your interactions with others need special attention in September, Lions. Misunderstandings and arguments could create conflict. Your need to win at any cost may cost you your relationships with others. Work out a win-win solution for all, instead. You will also need to watch your back as some people may stir up unwanted drama in your lives. Redirect your focus on nurturing yourself, your relationships and your wealth. Make careful decisions when it comes to your finances.

You may have to face some challenges in your personal life this month. The truth of a situation may come to light which could lead to shock and maybe even confrontation. Pick your battles wisely. Clarity will come but you may not like the answers. Nevertheless, focus on the facts and do not allow your emotions to become your weaknesses.

This is not the right time to gamble with decision-making at work. Instead, withdraw and regroup. Lay low until things turn crystal clear. Delays and dissatisfaction could lead to bad moods. Be aware that what you may be experiencing is only a cycle which will pass. And when the coast is clear, you will know what to do. Trust your intuition.

When it comes to your health and well-being, be careful not to overdo taking shortcuts and making exceptions. Repeatedly giving into temptations will lead to unpleasant consequences. Get serious about your well-being and steer clear of negative influences.

Archangel Michael wants you to know that you hold the power to manifest your destiny, Leos. Whatever is going on with you right now is a result of your own choices and actions. If you are unhappy being where you are, then know that you also have the power to change the situation. Use this power more consciously and keep a positive attitude. Negative feelings don’t lead to happy results.


Happy Birthday, dear Virgos,

September energy is about making a transition from where you are to where you want to be. Many of you are likely to leave a stressful situation behind in the pursuit of happiness, peace, and a fresh start. Take all the help you can get. Take all the lessons you can and be on your way. There is no point hanging onto stuff that is making your miserable.

This is also a good month to plan a trip and travel around. You are sure to feel rejuvenated after some time away from the familiar. Follow your creative spark. A steady opportunity of growth and abundance is also likely to come your way.

In your personal life, there could be some conflict and tension this month, Virgo. Harsh behavior of others may leave you in surprised and hurtful. It is best to take a break or a breather from relationships and situations which are creating stress in your life. Or if you know deep within that a relationship or connection has served its purpose, it may also be time to walk away.

As I was saying earlier, this month some new and steady opportunities may come your way and this energy can reflect on your business. You have worked hard to be where you are, Virgos. Protect what you have created. Do not let work and important projects take a backseat. Avoid risky business.

When it comes to your health and well-being, you may lack motivation or feel tiny bouts of depression this month, Virgo. The best person to motivate yourself is YOU. Don’t let the blues get the best of you. Focus more on activities that involve meditating, resting, and rejuvenating. Your body and mind could use temporary disconnection from all the noise from time to time.

Your divine reminder this month is to follow your intuition, Virgos. Do not ignore the signs and second-guess your instincts. Spirit is communicating with you quite strongly and by listening to your inner truth, there is no way you can wrong.


Dear Librans,

September’s energy is about finding your intuitive and creative spark. It is about tuning into your artistic side and allowing your inspiration to help you create something new. It is also about making new connections and enriching the ones you have with your guides and angels.

Family matters and finances will need your attention this month, Librans. Take the time to invest in your family’s and love one’s long-term goals and future. Resolve any familial conflict and contemplate on what more you can do to set a stronger and secure foundation for your future.

In your personal lives, a lot of things may need a good shakedown. I feel that a lot of pent up energy wants to come out and often, not in a pleasant way. Nurture all close bonds and allow the un-serving ones to fall apart. Watch out for anger or impulsive actions as it can lead to a lot of damage.

Things are looking up in your career and business sector. A long-awaited dream may come true. You may receive a happy news that put you in a happy place. If you are not in a happy place at work, it may be time to look out for opportunities that don’t just satisfy your material needs but also fulfill your emotional ones.

This is a positive month for your health and well-being as well. It may feel as though a fresh burst of energy just swept you over. Many of your Librans are likely to overcome any previous health challenges. Act on your inspiration and motivate yourself to do what it takes to get fit, healthier, and happier.

Your divine reminder this month speaks of visualizing abundance in all forms, Librans. There are many wonderful opportunities that surround you which can make way for abundance to flow into your life. Tap into these.


Dear Scorpios,

A lot of mental activity is seen in your cards for September. You could be mainly dealing with situations related to your thoughts and of the mind. The very first thing that strikes me is that there could be unforeseen delays when it comes to traveling. On a mental level, you may be ready to leave all the stress behind and start afresh, but your transitory journey is going to take a while. Some obstacles and challenges may halt your progress.

Clarity of thought is very important this month, Scorpios. So if you find yourself in a pickle over a decision or are confused about making important life changes or simply gaining perspective of your current situation, it will help to seek guidance from a mentor or qualified professional. Seek advice from someone who is emotionally detached from your situation and therefore can offer an objective point of view.

Speaking of decisions, it is important to take action but it is even more important to take the right action step.

Personal life could also bring up some challenges, dear Scorpio. There could be a sense of detachment or depression over relationships. Many of you many feel confused the direction your personal lives and relationships are taking. All may not be as it appears on the surface so take your time with getting to know people and avoid jumping to conclusions.

At work, a fresh approach may be needed. Doing the same old things over and over again could lead to boredom and monotony. Try to bring positive shifts into your business and work. This may also be the time to question the status quo and not just go by the books.

When it comes to your health and well-being, try not to take shortcuts to your goals. Making exceptions may not seem harmless now but can lead to unpleasant consequences later on. So, avoid giving into temptations and cheating on your diet or health goals to ensure a fuller and quicker recovery and well-being.

Your divine reminder speaks of spiritual growth, Scorpios. The cards do point towards a challenging month but these challenges are directly linked to your personal and spiritual growth and may even be karmic lessons that you are here to learn. Find the light in each experience and add to your inner wisdom.


Dear Archers,

There is plenty of emotional energy showing up for you guys this month. You may be wearing your hearts on your sleeves and may even feel more romantic, poetic, and emotional than usual. But, remember that balance is the key to life. You will need to bring in some practicality into your lives and not just trust your emotions blindly.

In your personal lives, you stand the risk of being taken advantage of if you place your trust in the wrong people and places. Watch your back. There could be some conflict in the air. Take a moment to review your own attitude to see that you are not hurting others for a momentary pleasure or gain. In relationships, one partner may act selfish and this could create an uneasy situation. If you are the one acting selfishly, choose your battles wisely. If your partner or the other person is the one demanding too much, use your judgement wisely to make the right decisions.

Work stress could shoot up this month, Archers. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Some disappointments may come up at work and business. There could be many backstabbers out there trying to gain advantage of you. Once again, careful who you trust and share your secrets with. If your job involves sitting on a chair for long hours, pay attention to your posture and take frequent walks or breaks if you can. A situation is coming to an end at work and though it may not turn out to be what you had hoped for, at least it will be an eye opener and you will be able to start afresh.

It is a very dicey month when it comes to health and well-being, Archers. Major transformations are foreseen. Something is dying in your life. This could be an old pattern, a belief, or a way of doing things. Use this month to give birth to new patterns and create positive shifts in your life.

Bobby McFerrin’s song sums up your divine reminder for the month – Don’t worry, Be happy. Life is meant to be a roller coaster ride. But no matter what happens, remember to smile at the end of the day and know tomorrow will get better.


Dear Capricornians,

You are doing so well for yourself and you will continue to in September. This doesn’t mean there won’t be tiny hiccups along the way. But guess what? You are very well-equipped to handle these by now. Do remember to not let small problems turn into bigger ones. Nip these problems or seeming challenges at the bud.

You may even have some competition to face, Cappys, but like I was saying earlier, you have the inner strength and the power to rise from competition and outdo and outsmart your adversaries. Whatever you do, do it honestly.

Legal matters and contracts will need your attention this month. It is also important to be fair in all your dealings. Karma will be closely watching you. This month also brings with some really wonderful, stable opportunities for you, Cappys. Keep an eye out.

When it comes to your personal life, you are guided to leave a stressful situation behind. Sometimes, we hang onto a situation much longer than we should, especially when this situation is the very cause of unhappiness in our lives. If you are surrounded by a similar situation this month, it is time to bid adieu. Some of you Cappys may also want to plan a trip this month. It can really help your relationships if you get away from the noisy, hustle and bustle of a city life and carve out some time only for you and your sweetheart.

Work opportunities are immense this month and chances are, you will have more than one direction or prospect to look into. Choose wisely. Your past efforts are also likely to bear fruits. Some of you Cappys may also have the chance to travel long-distance for work or take your business to the next level by reaching out to many people from a foreign land. Expansion is a good thing to focus on this month.

Your health shows much improvement, Cappys, and you thrive in supportive environment. This support can come from a partner, a friend, or a loved one. Healing is on the cards for you.

Your divine reminder this month is about facing your fears and not letting it control you. You may have hidden fears and illusions which could be keeping you from moving forward. Spirit wants you to know that you have the power to overcome these fears and they are an unnecessary obstacle on your path. So, instead of letting fear control you, face it. You really have nothing to lose dear Capricorns.


Dear Aquarians,

September is a busy month for you folks. There could be a lot on your plate and if you don’t prioritize your work, you may end up expending your energy on too many, possibly, unimportant stuff. When things get too heavy, remember to ask for help. Communicate your needs to others, clearly. Communication will play an important role and you will need to take care to see that you don’t come across as defensive or harsh to others.

Some self-limited beliefs and thinking could keep you stuck in a place you don’t enjoy being at. You have so much to do and attain. Don’t let negative thoughts keep you from your goals. A positive approach is very much needed in order for you to move forward.

Your personal life could be marked by nostalgia this month. You may spend too much time thinking about the past. Someone from your past may also make a comeback. Reunions could be on the cards with friends and may be even a partner. Again, focusing on what I mentioned earlier, you also need to remain open to accepting help this month. So when someone offers to assist, graciously accept it.

Your professional life will require clear-thinking. Put your intellectual power to good use and carefully weigh each and every decision you make, keeping emotional influences aside. Yes, it is important to stay practical and detached when it comes to your professional life. You may even be involved in work that requires plenty of mental activity to try to not to allow stress or fear to weigh you down. Use the knowledge you have accumulated to lead the way. Your superiors in your work environment may be expecting a lot from you, as well.

There is a lot of improvement seen in your health and well-being, Aquarians. And most of this healing can come to you from nature and by sticking to a natural diet. You will need to avoid being overindulgent, especially if you are watching your weight. Pamper yourself but know the limits. This month is also good for matters surrounding fertility.

Your divine reminder this month, Aquarians, is to adopt an abundance state of mind. There are many opportunities available to you that allow for greater riches to flow into your life. Are you using your full potential to tap into these opportunities? If not, you better start doing as money wants to come to you but you will need to find the way to it.


Dear Pisceans,

This month will test your strength and put your skills to test. You may find yourself in a highly competitive environment or surrounded by people who are after the same piece of the pie as you. But the good news is, you are blessed with the inner strength, the ideas and the vision to succeed. What is important is that you don’t lose faith in yourself in the face ,of a challenge. Take it as an opportunity to grow and get better, instead.

Pisceans, you will also need to avoid getting too lost in dreams and fantasies this month. Action is needed. There could be a whole bunch of things going on your mind. You may have a bunch of ideas and goals to accomplish. But make sure you do your research and convert these ideas into action. Procrastination should be avoided at all costs.

Also watch out for defensiveness. This could be one of those months where you feel like everyone wants to get you, everyone has an agenda and wants to hurt you. But take a step back and do not buy into illusory thinking as this may lead to unnecessary conflict.

Moving onto your personal life, Pisceans, this month brings a huge shift in your life. Progress is seen and you maybe finishing one chapter or a phase and moving into the next. If things have been a bit dull in your relationships, expect a positive shift. If things have been really great so far, then expect some minor challenges that will put you and your relationships to test. The energies are pushing you forward this month and bringing in a change of scenery in your personal life, whether you like it or not.

Your career and professional life brings new opportunities. You may be presented with a choice this month. Look at the bigger picture and work towards expansion. As I was saying earlier, put your plans into action, don’t just dream and scheme. For some of you, your work may require travel to another city or even country.

When it comes to your health and well-being, you will really need to pay attention this month. Your body and mind may need a break from time to time. Do not push yourself to the extreme. Common cold or flu are most likely to bring some delays so take extremely good care of yourself. Also watch out for nervous exhaustion.

Your divine reminder this month asks you to connect with the healing and playful energy of the animal kingdom. Animals can bring you much comfort, wisdom, and joy. You may want to look into supporting a cause that involves animals this month, if you are guided to. Some of you may even bring home a pet. Notice what animals show up in your life and dreams as they may be carrying a message for you.

Blessed Be


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