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Weekly Guidance Messages for September 11th to 17th 2017

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Here are your weekly guidance messages and this week, I felt guided to draw cards for some important aspects of our life. My intention is that these messages resonate and bring guidance to every soul who is and will be reading this post. So whether it is the entire reading or just an aspect that you connect with, I hope you walk away taking some useful information from here. Also remember, these are general readings. For a more personalized reading, please feel free to reach out and book your readings. You can write to me at [email protected].

Okay, so let us start by taking a look at our theme card for the upcoming week.

Our theme card for the upcoming week is the Queen of Wands. I love this Queen the most amongst the Tarot Queens because she is oozing with confidence, passion and is a go-getter. She knows how to make good use of her resources. Her message for us for the upcoming week is to step into our power. You will need to work on raising your confidence levels and self-esteem. Notice how her face is turned towards the future. She is more interested in what is ahead and has very little time to focus on her past and cry over spilled milk. She reminds you to direct your focus on the future, on the possibilities, and to explore your options. Do not be weighed down by past setbacks.

It will also help to engage in social interactions with others and attend events and gatherings that offer you the chance to meet new people, especially for business purposes. Your energy can be contagious and may draw much attention and admiration from others. Therefore, it will be wise to learn to protect your energy and not end up getting drained.

Remember, you have the power to achieve your goals and take charge of your situations. Your circumstances do not dictate who you are rather, you get to decide what you want and how you want it. Don’t give away your power to outside influences.


This week’s energy is about moving away from an unpleasant situation at work. This move could be referring to a permanent one where you are being guided to leave a situation at work or even the job behind for something new or it may be indicating that some of us need to let go of control over a matter that is beyond our control.

Sometimes, it is best to stop fighting for something that clearly isn’t leading you towards a productive solution. If you are leaving a job behind, this can be a difficult time for you. You may question what next with the fear of uncertainty looming over your head.

Unfortunately, this is a phase that you will need to pass through. But remember that nothing is permanent. Your situation will ease in the days to come. For now, keep releasing worries, concerns, and fears and adopt a courageous attitude. Like the Queen of wands, focus on where you are headed and stay optimistic about the future instead of letting your past control your thoughts.


Your ability to attract and maintain your abundance depends upon the words you use to describe or talk about your financial situation. Pay careful attention to what you say about your money situation because words have power.

When you constantly keep affirming something and believe it to be true, you create a thought form which becomes part of your reality. It may sound silly to say – All my needs are met. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly now – when experiencing a lack of funds or worrying about how you will pay the bills. But, the Universe loves a stubborn heart, like they say. Your faith and refusal to give up will open new doors and avenues for you to receive as indicated by the Page of Pentacles.

This week, your needs will be met. You will have enough to take care of yourself and your loved ones. In addition to this, it will also help to adopt a prudent attitude when it comes to your resources. Spend money sparingly. Draw some healthy boundaries and avoid the temptation to indulge or spend money on stuff that does not fall under the ‘’need’’ category. Hold off on investments for sometimes.

Mercury enters the nit-picky sign Virgo on the 9th and this placement advises that we notice the details and bring our inner critic out. Do your research. Read up or learn more about where you want to invest your funds. Sit tight for now.

A new opportunity may show up for some of us this week that will require patience and resourcefulness. Welcome the new but don’t let the details go past you.

This is an ideal week to spend money on courses, training, or any new endeavor that helps you learn something of value.


 One of the most important aspects of our lives is our relationships. And this week, the Romance Angels are guiding us to pay attention to the people we are drawn to.

Do you recall that feeling when you inexplicably feel a strong attraction towards someone? Sometimes, it takes less than a week or just a few days until you have met someone and you start feeling a strong connection to that person. Chances are, this person and you share a deeper bond which may go back to other lifetimes. You may have shared an intimate bond with this individual in a past life or you two could even be soul-mates. This week may be special in that you may feel a strong pull towards someone.

If you are single, you may come across someone with whom you share a strong connection. If you pick on a positive vibe, go ahead and explore this connection.

Not all past life relationships ended in a pleasant manner. Sometimes, these relationships teach you some unforgettable lessons which are marked by pain, sorrow, and separation. If you identify a connection like this in your life, it may be time to work on releasing this bond by acknowledging the lessons. Or, you may have an important lesson to master in this lifetime and once you know what this is, you can find greater joy and understanding in your relationship. A past life reading or past life regression therapy is a good place to start exploring this bond.

Now, on a more practical note, this week could bring some confusing moments in your love life. If you are single, chances are that you may have a couple of options to pick and choose from. Be careful what or rather, who you choose. Sometimes, all that glitters is not gold and you may discover that what looked appealing and attractive on the surface fails to bring you lasting joy.

If inviting romance is part of your goal, then this week you have a reminder to stop dreaming and start taking action. We often spend too much time dreaming away, living in fantasies but barely take realistic steps towards finding love. If this is you, then your guidance involves taking action-steps. This action-step, for instance, may include going out and interacting with people and not just sitting at home and wishing your life away.

Some of us also need to check in with our thoughts and relationship expectations this week. Is what you are asking for or expecting out of a lover, even realistic? Have you set too many criteria and barrier in your love life which is making it impossible for a potential partner to even get close to you?

Give your relationships a chance. Work on overcoming doubts and insecurities to help your relationship grow. Know that every soul who is part of your


Archangel Raphael is showing us that our relationships will directly impact our well-being this week. So nurture them. It is possible that you may be healing from a heartbreak or perhaps, some misunderstandings in your relationships with others may be the cause of stress in your life.

Forgiveness, the true meaning of which is to detach from the pain and drama of a situation and not necessarily condone the actions of someone, is key to your well-being. Give yourself the permission to let go of a hurtful experience. Focus on how you can resolve the conflict in your relationships. Be honest with yourself. If you are the one who needs to make some adjustments, be willing to do so if the relationship is worth salvaging. Create harmony in all your relationships and cut away toxic bonds.

If you feel like you have exhausted all your options, do not hesitate to seek outside help. Couple counseling will be beneficial to gain perspective when dealing with issues in your romantic relationships. Reach out to a qualified professional to assist you.

If you are feeling confused about your next step in a relationship, put off impulsive decision-making. Make it a goal to first seek clarity and then act.

I also feel that this week many of us will need to work on getting focused. You may have a lot going on your mind and this can prevent you from getting an accurate picture of a situation. You may find it hard to understand what lies in your best interest. When in doubt, ask. Seek answers. Don’t just blindly agree to something because you are uncertain of what is right for you. There are people and sources that can help you reach the right conclusion when it comes to both your health and well-being.

Much Love

Sonnyaa Siingh 

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