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Lunar Guidance for Moon in Gemini – 11th to 13th September 2017

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Moon makes its way into curious and chatty Gemini, Today. This period will be heavily influenced by Mercury, which after going direct is now passing through the sign of Virgo, its ruler.

Mercury rules our communication, self-expression, short distance travel, and quick exchange of messages. Our interests are usually piqued during this phase and we are mostly busy learning something new or gathering information.

This period is often marked by restlessness and an anxious state of mind. We constantly feel as though something is going to happen or find it hard to concentrate on one task at a time. It can be difficult to firmly plant your feet on the ground and not be pulled in different directions. So if you are feeling unsettled in general, blame it on trickster Mercury.

Watch out for mood swings and do not rush into taking action as fickle-mindedness is also a characteristic that catches on during this Moon cycle.

Add a dash of Virgo to this planetary mix and criticism, eye for detail, and organization becomes important. Communication is such a huge part of our everyday lives and this is not the right time to be too casual with your words.

Those are some general insights on Moon’s transit in Gemini and how Mercury typically reacts in Virgo. Let’s draw some cards to understand what we can expect during this phase.

6 of wands & Finish what you’ve started

Ooh! Interesting cards. So our guidance for this phase is to focus on finishing what we started and to not give up on our current goals. As we were learning earlier, Moon is Gemini is a capricious phase where it can be hard to stick to one thing for long. We want to get a whole bunch of stuff done, all at the same time. But the key to your success lies in ensuring that you don’t give up on what you’re working, halfway.

On a more mundane level, make sure you keep your word and attend to your commitments. Don’t make false promises or let overconfidence get to you.

Since short-distance travel is often on the cards during this lunar phase, expect your travel plans to go successfully and even if you are facing some difficulty planning for a trip, trust that things will go smoothly. Just make sure you check on your dates, update your schedule, and look for some exciting deals and offers too before you plan or book something.

The 6 of wands is also a card of victory. So expect to win and achieve. Your hard work can really pay off during this phase so keep pushing yourself to do your best. Motivate yourself and keep going. Remember, sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh 


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