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Lunar Guidance for Moon in Cancer for 14th to 16th September 2017

After restless Gemini, Moon has come home to Cancer and will stay there until the 16th. The sign of Cancer is ruled by Moon itself thereby making this transit an intense one. Our need to feel safe, protected, and be at home is heightened. Our emotions are on an upswing making this both a highly intuitive phase as well a sensitive one.

Some of us may feel drawn to our past too strongly right now. Repressed emotions may rise to the surface. This makes it an excellent time to undergo healing and closure. Get in touch with your feelings and understand what it is that you need to release.

Home is where our heart is, right? The next few days are good to focus on your home, family and loved ones. Some of us are naturally going to feel like withdrawing and spending more in a comfortable environment. Honor this need. Being in crowded places can be overwhelming.

This morning, I received the message to spend more time outdoors breathing in the fresh air. You too can benefit from the healing effects of nature. Animals, plants, trees, flowers, the mountains, the ocean, and children can all have a soothing effect on us right now. Nature is full of magic.

These are some general things that we are likely to experience during this phase. I also drew two cards for a more specific guidance for us all as a collective and received the 10 of cups and the message of Receptivity. I am quite thrilled to see these cards because they resonate so very well with the feminine energy of this moon transit.

The 10 of cups is our message to spend more time with our loved ones and pay attention to all things related to our family and loved ones. When was the last time you did something memorable with your family members? If you can’t recall, then now will be a good time to give your loved ones the attention they need. You may also want to focus on your long-term family goals.

This moon transit is highly supportive of endeavors that have to do with beautifying your living space. So if you suddenly feel this splash of inspiration to redecorate or add new furniture to your living area, the timing is perfect. Also, notice what needs fixing in your house and fix it.

The crab symbolically brings us the guidance to protect our energies. It will be common for many sensitive souls to feel the need to retreat and get back into their shells. If you or someone close to you asks for some space right now, respect and honor this need.

As sensitive souls, we need to be mindful of what and where we expend our energy. Like a sponge, we often tend to absorb a lot from other people and our environment. If you don’t know where to draw the lines, you may end up feeling teary eyed, sentimental, and moody. Take good care of your energy. Long baths with rock salt and essential oils can work wonders for you, right now. So will being close to an ocean, a beach, or a lake.

Goddess Hathor is the perfect deity to have brought us the message of receptivity. She is an Egyptian Goddess who is depicted with the head of a cow and we can see the life-giving milk flowing from her breasts. She brings us nurturing, protection, care and her message for us is to be open to receiving.

When we are receptive, we allow information, healing, guidance, help, and abundance to flow into our lives. But so many of us feel guilty about receiving something. We are very good with giving, caring, and nurturing others but when it comes to us, we find it hard to accept others generosity and assistance. This blocks the flow dear ones.

So starting this moon cycle, work on your ability to receive. Learn to say YES when someone offers to help. Say ‘’Thank You’’ when someone offers you a compliment instead of feeling like you don’t deserve this compliment. Open your arms wide and give a shout out to the Universe and say that you are open to receiving all the goodness that wants to come your way. Be open to signs and synchronicity and you will see them occurring in your life. It is absolutely fine and, as a matter of fact, crucial to balance your ability to give and take.

Last but not the least, this is a good phase to give birth to a new idea or project. The New Moon on the 20th will be an ideal time to begin something new but you can start laying the foundations and do the planning now. This is also a good time to do family planning, conceive a child, and deal with matters related to fertility and childbirth.

Let your intuition guide you towards what is best for you!

Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh


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