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Weekly Guidance Messages for 18th to 24th September 2017

Beautiful Souls,

We start this week off with a Virgo Moon and our theme/guidance card of the week is ‘’The Hierophant’’. I view the Hierophant as the wise teacher, the guide, the counselor, and the mentor. There are times in our lives where we benefit most and make best decisions under the supervision or from the guidance of another. This week’s reminder for us is to do the same. Especially at the beginning of the week when Moon is going to be in the analytical and detail-oriented Virgo, it will help to slow down, gather all the facts and advice from qualified sources before we proceed.

Many of us are going to work closely with an authoritative body or a figure this week. One important thing to keep in mind is that you choose the one to guide you, mindfully. Just because someone is the position of leadership, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the right ones to lead us.

Knowledge has a beginning but no end. We are constantly learning through books, examples set by others or through our very own life experiences. This week, some of us beautiful souls may have the opportunity to begin a formal education or learn something new which can have a huge impact on our lives. Invite and embrace all opportunities to learn and gather more knowledge.

The Hierophant also teaches us to respect conventionality. So many of us are rebels and hate conformity. But there are times when going by the books is in our best interest than breaking the rules and structure. This week, be mindful of this. Respect dogma as it may just be the key to get you through your current life situation. Rely more upon tried and tested methods. Learn from the experiences of others.

And last but not the least, respect whoever shows up to teach and guide you through your life at this time. This could be a teacher, a qualified practitioner, or an elder who has much wisdom and knowledge to share with you. Allow the teachings and guidance of others to serve you well at this time.


This is a bright and positive week for our work, career, business, and creative projects, shiny souls. It looks like a time when we are at a lot more peace at work and are filled with the vitality to go after our dreams and goals. The Sun always shines after a dark night and in the Tarot system, this card follows The Moon, a card that oftentimes indicates navigating through a dark and mysterious phase filled with confusion and a slight tinge of even melancholia.  Well, all that is about to change this week. Last week’s message showed us navigating through a transitional phase and leaving things behind. But this week, we have surely made a lot of progress and things are beginning to look up again.

Archangel Gabriel brings us an important reminder though and it speaks of Time Management. Many of us often sigh telling ourselves, ‘if only there were more hours in a day to get all that work done’. Well, this week may feel that way for some of us. But, you can surely get to all your tasks on your to-do list by prioritizing what is important for you and cutting away all distractions. Do not put important goals on the back burner. Do what needs to be done and do it now (or at least take the first step towards it at the earliest).

Some of us may relatively feel more relaxed and in the mood for some fun with respect to our jobs. Past success may put us in a happy and confident place. But don’t let this stop you from undermining your priorities. Things can pile up and become difficult to tackle later on. Also be mindful of who you give your time and attention to this week and leave personal distractions away from coming in the way of your professional goals and success.


Money is the currency our world operates with and there is nothing shameful about being ambitious and desiring for more. The Angels of Abundance are showing us that our attitude and beliefs towards money and abundance in all its forms, may need some tweaking this week.

This week’s message is about severing or cutting away all vows of poverty. The vision we hold about our financial future, whether positive or one based on fears, manifests. So many of us worry, fear, and suffer from paranoia when it comes to our financial situation, wondering if we will be able to sustain and last in the long haul.

This week, gorgeous souls, is about healing your relationship with money. It is about seeing yourself doing well and entering into a healthy partnership with the Universe/God and the Angels of Abundance in inviting prosperity into your life.

We sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, make vows of poverty. Just because we feel our dreams have not come true, we deny and even despise financial freedom by believing that it is something that will always elude us. Time to cut those thoughts out of your life and adopt a more positive and generous way of viewing abundance. You can do it right now by affirming – I hereby sever and release any vows of poverty, self-denial, self-sacrifice, or chastity that I may have made in any lifetime, and I ask that all effects of those vows be forever undone in all directions of time for everyone involved. So be it.

Be open to how abundance makes its way into your life. It could be through partnership or assistance from another. Some of you may receive a new contract or job offer that makes you happy. Also, pay attention to your joint resources.

And most importantly, remember to release all negative affirmations and thoughts about your relationship with money and how you view abundance.



This is a positive week for our romantic lives. Whether you are single or taken, the Romance Angels bring you a sweet reminder to spend time getting to know your partner (or potential partner) and revealing your true self to the other.

Often, many misunderstandings are created due to lack of communication and also because we are not very open to reveal what’s in our hearts. We think that the other person can guess what we need, how we feel, or what we are thinking and this only leads to disastrous situations where one ends up feeling unappreciated. We never say what we need to say probably because we fear we would end up upsetting the other.

This week is about keeping your communication open and honest. Talk to your partner and truthfully share what’s in your heart. If you just met someone, lay the foundation of your new relationship based on honesty and open communication. Take some time in getting to know the other person as well without rushing into things. This will either deepen your bond or set the expectations straight, allowing you to take the right call.

You may also learn a lot many new things about someone you are interested in, this week. Listen and pay heed. Whether these are red flags or admirable traits, these revelations will be important and will speak volumes about this person.

If you are single, there is a chance of meeting someone interesting at an event, a gathering or a celebration, or even during a vacation. Keep your eyes wide open and know that the Cupid is watching. Of course, in order for this chance to come upon you, you will need to be willing to go out and display a more extroverted attitude this week.

Some time away with your sweetheart can help your relationship immensely. Try to get away from the hustle and bustle, if possible. This will also give you the chance to connect more deeply with each other.

Wedding or engagement bells may also be on the cards for some of you. Congratulations!


Archangel Raphael brings us a very important reminder this week, Lovelies and it is to exercise. Your body could use and benefit from a form of workout and if you have been giving exercise a serious thought, this is the week to GO DO IT! The only real obstacle that could be coming in the way of your well-being is your mind. Do not give up and feel hopeless about your health goals.

The 8 of swords isn’t a happy card. It speaks of self-restricting beliefs and the reluctance to explore your options. This week, beautiful souls, notice what limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck in life. In what way are you hindering yourself from making progress when it comes to your health and well-being.

Some of us need to pay attention to our mental health, this week. And this may have to do with how you view yourself. Anxiety, feeling like a victim, and viewing life with a limiting lens could be negatively manifesting in your physical reality. There is so much you can do, but are you even giving yourself a chance?

As we will all benefit from a wise teacher or guide this week, do not be afraid to seek help. In this case, perhaps a counselor, a psychologist, or someone who has your best interests in mind and can offer you objective and helpful advice, can really help you make some huge breakthroughs. Change the way you view life and your circumstances. Know that nothing is impossible and there is always a way out.

I hope these messages, whether fully or just a part of it, help you positively navigate through the week and empower you. Thank you for being here!

To book your private readings, you can reach me at [email protected]. I offer E-mail, phone, and Skype sessions (Skype only to a selective few) and will be happy to be of service.

Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh

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