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New Moon in Virgo Guidance Messages

Hello, Spirit Junkies,

Today, we have a New Moon in the sign of Virgo! Virgo energy has been in the air much, lately and Moon representing our minds, emotions, and instincts will be flavored with the themes that Virgo is known for. So, let’s first take a look at these themes.

New Moon is literally the time to start new things. This is your cosmic gateway to entering into a new cycle, a new phase where you can wipe the slate clean.

Virgo is a very intelligent, practical, and analytical sign. When a New Moon occurs in the zodiac sign of Virgo, we can bring some of the Virgoan traits under the light and observe how these can serve as well.

Getting organized is one of the things you may want to focus on. Think about what needs sorting out in your life right now and don’t even think of doing a choppy work. Clean up all the clutter in both your personal space, as well as your life. A Virgo New Moon phase is the perfect time to take inventory of your life and set new goals.

One of Virgo’s traits is having an eye for detail. You may notice yourself or others around you being too picky and even obnoxious when it comes to the details.

Because of the nit-picky nature of Virgo, it is also important that we look at where we are being too critical in our lives at this time. Are we constantly finding faults in our partners, relationships, situations in general and even ourselves? If so, it will help to stop being a perfectionist and too harsh on yourself and others. Nobody is perfect! Cut everyone, including yourself, some slack.

Virgoan New Moon strongly emphasizes that we pay attention to our diet and health. Earlier this week when I wrote the weekly guidance post, the message to exercise came up for us all. This is an excellent time to pay attention to your health and diet and take proper precautions and care.

Virgo rules the nervous system, the stomach, and the intestines. Some common issues that may arise during this time are headaches, stomach upsets, and digestive problems. Not only is it important that you eat mindfully but it is also important to stop overthinking and take on too much stress. Exercise is extremely important so if you have not exercised before or are taking a break, this will be a good time to start back up. Choose a form of workout that you are comfortable with. Even something as simple as taking a walk each day can make a huge difference to your well-being.

A Virgo New Moon is also a good time to take up a new hobby. So get started with whatever it is that you have been wanting to do for a while, but never found the time before.

And last but not the least, Virgo loves being of service. This New Moon, don’t just focus on manifesting something for yourself but also think about how you can serve the world and others.

And now, let’s take a look at what messages are coming through for us from the cards.

The questions I asked for us all as a collective for this New Moon are:

  • What are we ready to release this New Moon?
  • What are ready to receive this New Moon? And
  • What will help us during this New Moon cycle?

    The messages below are general. So please apply these to your life as you see fit. Take what resonates and leave the rest out. It may be of significance to you during the course of this New Moon cycle and reveal itself later on.

    The cards I have drawn are the Queen of wands (yay, my favorite Tarot queen), Three of Swords, and the Two of Pentacles.

    So what are we ready to release, guys? Virgo is an earthy sign that relies on facts and has a very practical bent of mind. The Queen of wands is buzzing with passion, ideas, confidence, and creativity. But, she may encounter some trouble giving form and shape to her inspiration.

    This New Moon is guiding us to stop saying and start doing. It is important to get off that throne where we may have gotten a little overconfident, chatty, showy, and even a bit dramatic and start becoming more practical and useful. This may be a time to turn your focus inwards.

    I also feel that there is a message for some of us to release the negative effects of our ego along with anger issues.

    That being said, we are all ready and open to receiving healing as well, lovelies. And this is not just healing from a heartbreak, but any situation that has put our minds on an overdrive and lead to a high amount of stress. Put all your past disappointments in the past and focus this New Moon on the aspect of your life that you want to heal. Set your intention mainly on having peace of mind and then doing things that help you bring this peace.

    What will help us? The two of pentacles is screaming of flexibility to me. Going with the flow and being open to adjustments will help. Our journey has many twists and turns. If you have a rigid set of beliefs, you may miss the richness of this journey and miss out on some lessons as well as fun. So start becoming more open to alternatives and let go of stubborn beliefs.

    Because Virgo is an earthy sign, I feel that using our resources wisely will really help us in the next few days and weeks. The two of pentacles advises you to adopt a frugal attitude so that you don’t suffer from anxiety later on because of shortage or mismanagement of your finances. Avoid debts. Also, try and avoid spending everything that you make without much concern for the future.

    Remember to not juggle between too many things in one go. Take one step and one task at a time. Learn to strike a balance in your life and you will have a smooth sail.

    I hope these messages serve you all well. Thank you for being here and wishing everyone a wonderful New Moon experience. Go ahead and shut the door on all the junk from your past and prepare to start a positive and new cycle.

    Sonnyaa Siingh


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