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Lunar Guidance for Transit Moon in Scorpio – 22nd to 24th September 2017


The Moon enters the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio, today. If this phase is to be described in one word, it would be ‘’intense’’. Your feelings and emotions are intensified in whichever area you are focused on right now. This is my least favorite of phases because I have noticed on multiple occasions how hard it is for me to get out of bed and engage in day to day activities. My dreams become way too intense and my head grows heavy. Well, you won’t necessarily feel this way. We are all unique and our birth charts determine how planets, cycles, transits, and aspects impact us on an individual level.

So, is there something positive about this phase? Hell Yes! This is the time where we, on a deep soul level, are prepared to do away with things. We can use the energy of this phase to delve into research-based work or get to the bottom of something.

Scorpio and the 8th house in astrology are also associated with sex and sensual pleasure. This can be a passionate phase for many. Your sexual experiences may be intense or you may want to dive deeper into your sexuality.

Passion is not always synonymous with sex. Your passion could be a hobby, your career, your creative projects, or something else close to your heart. This phase offers you the motivation and dedication to immerse yourself deeply into any work that is meaningful to you.

Shared finances such as debts, salaries, mortgage, loans, and joint ventures may be highlighted now.

However the energy of Scorpio Moon may choose to manifest in your life for the next 2 to 2.5 days, your life can be anything but dull. This is a good time to face your fears, get to the root of matters, gain a deeper understanding of a subject and make way for profound healing to take place by means of purging old emotions and releasing limitations.

Time now to sling some cards and tune into our collective guidance for this Lunar cycle. Since we’re dealing with a dark, mysterious, and intense phase, I thought of using the Zombie Tarot deck for this reading (the zombies in this deck are fun in a cheeky way) and the Earth Magic Oracle cards.

Two cards, Queen of Cups & 7 of cups, and the Oracle card message of Love (Compassion) is what the cosmos wants us to receive for this phase.

The Queen of Cups is a sensitive, nurturing, emotional and intuitive personality. But on the flip side, she can be manipulative, jealous, and turn maudlin. Our emotions need to be balanced and this can be a challenge right now. Our sensitivity levels may soar sky high, too, and those of you who embody qualities of an empath know how that can feel.

Time to relax and breathe, lovelies. If you are feeling hyper, restless, or negative, try not to make impulsive decisions. Take a deep breath or put the situation on the backburner, for a little while. Or, like our zombie queen, you may want to grab a snack (not human brain, please) and chill by the ocean, a beach, or even a swimming pool. The idea here is to nurture yourself and give yourself the time to absorb information and let it settle before you take any big action step. At the same time, if unpleasant and discouraging thoughts show up, learn to see this emotion with love, extract it’s lesson and then let it go.

This may be a time when decision-making will need to be stalled or paused until you gain clarity of mind. The 7 of cups suggests that too many choices could befuddle your mind. Your judgment may not be sound. Hence, Scorpio Moon cycles are best to dig in deeper and do more research. Yes, you have some decisions and perhaps, even a choice to make, but how can you tell the one best for you? The answer is a combination of your intuition + research. Just don’t let others persuade you or maybe even charm you into doing things that don’t sit well with you and goes against your integrity.

Avoid melodramatic episodes and be patient and kind towards those who may have a difficult time managing their emotions and resist the urge to be driven on impulse without investigating into matters.

I did mention finances and other people’s money earlier, right? Take care to see you don’t enter any shady deals and avoidable debts. Manage your money wisely. On the other hand, if you have been relying on an outside source for financial help, you can use this phase to your benefit.

Finally, there is this beautiful message of Love and Compassion that spirit has sent us to wrap up this reading. This is the tip to navigate through this phase. Being compassionate toward others and also yourself. It is possible that many of us on a collective level are yet to master this lesson and that’s why Spirit is directing our focusing here, right now. Compassion sounds easy but can be the hardest thing to practice, right?

It is common for deep, suppressed emotions to surface during this phase. Sometimes, these are memories and experiences which have been painful or even traumatic. Nobody enjoys digging up old, painful skeletons from the closet, but if you do uncover an old memory that you are not too fond of or someone from your past shows up who may have hurt you, surround this situation and person with love and let it go. Work on your heart chakra, guys. There is no benefit in holding onto sorrow, hurt, and revenge too tightly. You may, instead, free yourself from the shackles of these energies and take a deep and refreshing breath, soaking in the goodness and radiance of the cosmos that is constantly willing to work with you. You may even wish to keep Archangels Raphael and Chamuel in your thoughts and seek their assistance in helping you overcome any bitterness and invite healing into your hearts.

Also remember, it can be easy to be compassionate with strangers or people on the outside. And especially difficult to showcase love and forgiveness to those who are living with you or are much closer to you. It is said charity starts at home. Be kind and considerate towards your loved ones, as well.

Hope this Lunar phase brings blessings, healing, and profound insights to help you on your paths, Shiny Souls.

Angel Blessings

Sonnyaa Siingh


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